How To Use A cappella In A Sentence

  • This is the pussiest form of political protest since Sinead O'Connor ripped up that photo of the Pope on "Saturday Night Live" after singing an a cappella version of Bob Marley's "War. The Gang Of Six: Dickipedia
  • For, though it may appear on the surface to be a specialist disc, of somewhat recherché material, it cannot fail to delight anyone who loves the sound of a cappella singing at its finest.
  • From the late 1580s onwards, the ‘craze’ for the madrigal, scored for a cappella voices or accompanied by one or more lutes, almost exactly mirrored the contemporary enthusiasm for the sonnet.
  • Stewart introduces the great Tony Bennett, who sings "America" a cappella, which is pretty extraordinary, gotta say. How it unfolded: 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear'
  • they performed a cappella
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  • Se si dà quell'inno ad un maestro di cappella per metterlo in musica concertata ed in _battuta sensibile_, verrà subito distrutto il _ritmo_, e se la cantilena della cappella pontif. si scrive in battuta, si vedranno cadere nel _battere_ alcune sillabe brevi, senza pregiudizio della loro quantità". The Ceremonies of the Holy-Week at Rome
  • They sing a cappella, circling the pews as congregants trickle in and join the singing.
  • Last year the label debuted with a collection of a cappella singing by Kentucky coal miner Chicago Reader
  • Each group includes different combinations of instruments; a newly formed a cappella vocal jazz ensemble will also be featured.
  • The a cappella style of vocals that sit on top of each other is like listening to a band whose main musical influences are the playground rhymes and infant school rounds rather than actual songs.
  • Afterwards, all three put on a jaw-dropping a cappella gospel medley that left everyone's spine tingling with pleasure.
  • Bargain hunters were able to shop and bop until they dropped as the sweet sound of a 100-voice choir singing a cappella filled The Lowry Designer Outlet at Salford Quays.
  • Most of their debut album is sung a cappella, voices intertwined with telepathic understanding. The Sun
  • With their aching melancholy, these a cappella numbers for three voices are the perfect accompaniment to the understated drama unfolding in this dusty terrain.
  • The music, meanwhile, is especially good, with jaunty a cappella tunes featuring nonsense singing and vocal percussion.
  • Together the chorale perform a wide repertoire of classical music from Bach, Handel and Vivaldi as well as traditional spiritual and Filipino pieces, several a cappella works and well known songs of praise.
  • But a cappella is enjoying an explosion on all manner of campuses, with new groups popping up every year, burgeoning national a cappella competitions and, for the first time in about half a century, a high profile in the popular culture. The nerd turns: A cappella singers suddenly the popular kids on campus
  • The action is interspersed and moved along by A Cappella songs, beautifully sung, for the most part unaccompanied, by the company on a bare stage.
  • Questa settimana sono andata a due talk molto interessanti, di cui scrivero' a parte perche' mi hanno dato molto a pensare argomenti - il concetto di razza nel Rinascimento, e i problemi delle donne nelle scienze - come vedete alcune fisse non scompaiono mai, e l'altra sera c'erano i vespri jazz alla cappella dell'universita, che come vedete e' piuttosto spettacolare. Embrace the Princetonness
  • You will need some mixing software, turntables, and lots of imagination and an a cappella vocal track.
  • Two people were asked to perform one song each before Dr. King's closing remarks: the brilliant opera singer Marian Anderson, who did "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," and Mahalia Jackson, the glorious gospel legend, who came outwearing a grand, flower-covered hat and sang this soaring a cappella version of the old slave spiritual "I Been 'Buked and I Been Scorned" (a song Dylan and I both knew because it was on Odetta's first album, a record each of us had learned by heart as soon as it was released). Stand And Be Counted
  • After struggling to decide whether to stay silent or risk backlash by protesting, she eventually sent the other a cappella presidents a message detailing the ways "we'd been kind of discriminated against. Black in the Age of Obama
  • I was listening to the UNC Clefhangers 'version of "Impression" today (college a cappella is my guilty pleasure), which was why it came to mind. Nothing rhymes with "depth"
  • The multilayered a cappella songs are terse fragments of introspective poetry. Times, Sunday Times
  • From barbershop quartets to gospel close-harmony groups to doo-wop to the kooky a cappella experiments, vocals-only pop music has a long history.
  • Tour: Rockapella rolls through Korea CONCERT Rockapella: This five-man group, which performs a cappella but with a vocal "percussionist," got its break at home in the U.S. from TV ads for coffee and the theme song to a popular TV show for kids. Time Off
  • The music promises to be superb:James MacMillan has been commissioned to write two pieces: one for choir, organ, brass and timps, the other for choir a cappella. Archive 2009-05-01
  • Music will include funky techno, a cappella singers, dance floor jazz, and chilled house.
  • Pärt has written many a cappella works for several voices or chorus, and this new one, apart from its concision, is typical.
  • Suddenly, a cappella is the hot new thing on campus. The Best Of College A Cappella (WATCH)
  • The songs do have some vocal basslines, nonsense syllables, and a cappella passages, but the harmonies rarely evoke '50s or early '60s doo-wop.
  • Music will include funky techno, a cappella singers, dance floor jazz, and chilled house.
  • In the course of a single song, he can go from soaring a cappella vocals to Bobby McFerrin-esque vocal ticks to gutbucket blues.
  • they sang an a cappella Mass
  • Words are clear, and the hymns, presented in their entirety, are imaginatively varied in terms of solo, a cappella, sectional and tutti singing.
  • Melancholic melody, harmony, subtle dissonance, throat vibrato and asymmetric rhythms make up their choral, ‘a cappella’ style.
  • Among his works, besides piano pieces and songs, are: "A May Song," for women's chorus and piano; six pieces for violin and piano; "Harold," a ballad for male chorus, barytone solo, and orchestra; "Were It Not For Love," composed for male chorus; several sets of male choruses; a motet for mixed chorus a cappella; a berceuse for string orchestra, an introduction and rondo for violin and orchestra; and a "Marche Nuptiale," for grand orchestra. Contemporary American Composers Being a Study of the Music of This Country, Its Present Conditions and Its Future, with Critical Estimates and Biographies of the Principal Living Composers; and an Abundance of Portraits, Fac-simile Musical Autographs, and
  • On top of it all, our a cappella is a registered non-profit in the U. S, which means we must run our own show," says Lita Tandon. The Hindu - Front Page
  • From classic '80s rock to original heartfelt ballads, Tongue Tied A Cappella covers a broad spectrum of previously unattempted a cappella sounds.
  • Besides the Bobs and what they did to a cappella, that is. There'll never be another Beatles
  • They taught everyone to sing a cappella, four-part music, using solfege - reading notes with the set of syllables do, re, mi fa, sol, la and ti, each representing a different tone on a scale. Steven Denlinger: Driving with Joe Overholt
  • For decades, a cappella was a tradition that thrived mainly at Ivy League institutions and small liberal arts schools. The nerd turns: A cappella singers suddenly the popular kids on campus
  • James MacMillan has been commissioned to write two pieces: one for choir, organ, brass and timps, the other for choir a cappella. Update on Some Liturgical Details for the Installation of Archbishop Vincent Nichols
  • In addition to his work at WOI Radio, Compton sings in his church choir, assists with Iowa State's Chamber Singers student chorale and serves as organizer/agent for an a cappella men's vocal group, The Music Men.
  • Singing both solo and a cappella with rich harmonies was also part of the slave heritage.
  • In the room's high windows Diroste's sun sang a cappella in the lemon sky.

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