How To Use 100th In A Sentence

  • On the eve of his 100th birthday, Gaston suffered a stroke, but it didn't stop his drive to be ‘to be where the action’ was where the action was.
  • Kieren Fallon, who completed a treble and notched his 100th winner of the season at Chester yesterday, should add to his tally at Bath.
  • Seberger achieved a 40dB reduction in sound, which, because the decibel measurement is logarithmic, means that the pfffft you hear is 1 / 100th that of the unmuffled gunshot.
  • Rose, who is now counting down to her 100th birthday, attributes her longevity to a life-long non-smoking status.
  • Western New Yorkers are so serious about their BBQ Chicken that I will never forget or let anyone else forget! that once, there was a 100th anniversary of Jell-O parade in LeRoy New York, and there was a GIANT grill on wheels with BBQ chicken cooking on it IN THE PARADE! Maria Rodale: Cornell Chicken: The Way-Western New Yorker's BBQ Chicken!
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  • Stanczyk, a married housewife from Rockaway Beach, was walking her terrier, Psotka - Polish for "prankster" - when she wound up in a confrontation with two uniformed officers from the 100th Precinct, Shaun Grossweiler and Richard DeMartino. Ann Stanczyk Claims NYPD Beat Her For Not Picking Up After Her Dog
  • Cottonwoods are a cosmopolitan tree, often overlooked in the wooded eastern states before growing dominant in the open country west of the 100th Meridian.
  • This year is the 100th anniversary of the cub scout movement. The Sun
  • As a peg to hang it on, the tournament had the 100th anniversary of Nehru's birth.
  • Recently it was the 100th anniversary of the floral bottled Belle Epoque champagne, the prestige cuvée of Perrier Jouët (in the same way that Dom Pérignon is Moët's big brother).
  • Laperrieri was disheartened he didn't get his 100th Sunday, but the win lessened the disappointed. - Hockey - Vancouver vs. Colorado
  • A commemorative symposium held in Prague in 1969 marked the 100th anniversary of his death, and his name lives on in several medical eponyms.
  • This summer, she celebrated her 100th birthday, and, yes, shes is "still" painting. Julia Moulden: Work After 50? How About 100?
  • The essential parts of a spectroscope are the slit -- an opening perhaps 1/100th of an inch wide and 1/10th of an inch long -- to admit the light properly; a lens to render the light rays parallel before they fall upon the prism or grating; a prism or grating; a lens to receive the rays after they have been dispersed by the prism or grating and to form an image of the spectrum a short distance in front of the eye, where the eye will see the spectrum or a sensitive dry-plate will photograph it. The Scientific Monthly, October-December 1915
  • Report of the congressional committees investigating the Iran-Contra Affair: With supplemental, minority, and additional views (H.rept./100th Congress, 1st session) OpEdNews - OpEdNews.Com Progressive, Tough Liberal News and Opinion
  • On the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar the streets of York were festooned with innumerable flags floating in the breeze.
  • Unfortunately though, I think it is unlikely that he will be eased out soon, unless of course he calls it a day after his 100th test.
  • A hand full of attacks by a couple of dozen radical islamists who are pissed because we bomb their countries, [email protected] their women, steal their oil, overthrow their governments and otherwise declare war on them means patsy is sh! tting her pants enough to throw out the constitution despite the “real” threat from this being 1/100th of the real threat brought to you by the GOP radicals! Think Progress » Tennessee Mosque Vandalized After Local TV Station Airs Irresponsible Report On ‘Homegrown Jihad’
  • That sense of fun and camaraderie is also one of the reasons Stargate Atlantis is about to hit its 100th episode. Supporting Atlantis: An Interview with Kavan Smith : SF Universe - SF Universe is your Science Fiction central. From SciFi television to movies to books and more. All the latest news, reviews and insights from SciFi experts.
  • She was presented to the Queen Mother during her 100th birthday year.
  • One day there was a 100th Jubilee celebration for the first ever school built in New Zealand or some such other important occasion and Jack was asked to oversee the hangi.
  • The Georgia section, host of the meeting, also celebrated its 100th anniversary with a lively banquet and a jazz combo.
  • Meanwhile, at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Aperture is adding to its celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution and the 200th anniversary of the Mexican Independence Movement with a satellite showing of 20 gravure prints from Strand's 1967 edition of "The Mexican Portfolio. ARTINFO: Paul Strand's Elegant and Unsettling Vision of Mexico Comes to the Bronx
  • Celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight were marred today when an attempt to re-enact the event did not go according to plan.
  • Although less than 1/100th of one percent of the value of all U.S. currency in circulation is reported counterfeit, the $100 note is the most widely circulated and most often counterfeited denomination outside the U.S. New $100 Bill Uses 3D Technology to Stay Ahead of Counterfeiters | Impact Lab
  • German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps had been beaten and driven out of Africa by the time the 100th arrived.
  • The comedian, who celebrated his 100th birthday at his home in Hollywood four weeks ago, was born in the terraced house in Craighton Road, Eltham, on May 29, 1903.
  • Mark your calendars: NBC has announced its season-finale dates — and the airdate for 30 Rock's 100th episode. NBC Announces Season-Finale Dates
  • Several other events are planned to coincide with Edmonton's 100th birthday later this year.
  • The book will be published in October to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Morris's death.
  • As a peg to hang it on, the tournament had the 100th anniversary of Nehru's birth.
  • Unlike past years, few copies remain of the 100th edition of "Pierian," Richmond High School's yearbook. - Local News
  • October sees the 100th anniversary of the death of the reclusive French artist.
  • In connection with the 100th anniversary of national poet Rasul Rza, on May 19th in Baku, Gandzha and Goychay will be organizing a number of events. Today.Az
  • **** Dear megMooch – for the 100th time (I realize facts penetrating your cranium is something novel) but go back and see how EVERY re-count of FLORIDA came out. Think Progress » Harry Reid: No Good Military Options in Iran
  • With the advent of the autochrome process (in its 100th anniversary in 2003), then Kodachrome and Agfacolor in the late 1930s, photographs became colorful but the process was mainly limited to commercial photography.
  • As the High Court celebrates its 100th birthday - we have a chinwag with three of its judges.
  • He came here rated 100th on the tennis computer.
  • Endre Farkas' invitation to celebrate literary lion Pablo Neruda's 100th birthday inspired a series of performative prose-poem vignettes, Proem Cards From Chile.
  • ‘I might have written a poem about the Queen Mother's 100th birthday, but it wouldn't have been at all proper,’ he says with a cheeky wiggle of the eyebrows.
  • His 100th birthday was typically informal, with a dog jumping on top of the cake. Times, Sunday Times
  • In October, visitors can enjoy the view from the 100th floor of the International Commerce Center, Hong Kong's newest landmark.
  • The title celebrates Savannah, and the cookie celebrates the great mood that we are all in this year of the girl, our 100th anniversary," said Amanda Hamaker, manager of product sales for Girl Scouts of the USA. Reuters: Press Release
  • Back in the USA, besides the Super Bowl, one weekend highlight is the multifarious celebration marking what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. Looking ahead: Mubarak and Reagan
  • York Acorn starlet Ryan Gallacher notched his 100th try of the season as his under-8s team beat Eastmoor Dragons by ten tries to two.
  • On the 100th anniversary of the fall, a memorial service will commemorate the lives of the four intrepid climbers who lost their lives on The Pinnacle.
  • Rocket man Steve Bennett has started the countdown to his first manned mission - to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' maiden flight.
  • The magazine, which critics have described as middle-class porn, re-launches with its 100th issue this month, and includes an article on Japan's " of the Steel Penis.
  • Trussell Trust opened its first foodbank in St Michael's community centre, Salisbury, in 1997; this week the 100th opened in Camden Town in London. Bonuses in the City, but elsewhere in the UK foodbanks are booming | Zoe Williams
  • The Stephensons had the dubious honor of being the 100th family to lose their home in the fire.
  • As a peg to hang it on, the tournament had the 100th anniversary of Nehru's birth.
  • Mark Twain impersonator Richard Garey with two sets of Tom Sawyers and Becky Thatchers in Hannibal, Mo., to mark the 100th anniversary of the author's death on April 21. Mark Twain's celebrated Missouri hometown is jumping again
  • A statue has been built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poet's birthday.
  • The magazine, which critics have described as middle-class porn, re-launches with its 100th issue this month, and includes an article on Japan's "Festival of the Steel Penis.
  • The Eos Orchestra has taped a special for PBS celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the composer.
  • Residents in Sabden are celebrating a special centenary today - the 100th anniversary of their small village achieving its ‘independence’.
  • Marconi's first transatlantic wireless signal was recreated yesterday to mark the 100th anniversary of the historic transmission.
  • The year marks the bicentenary of the running of the world's first steam locomotive - the Penydarren - as well as the 100th anniversary of the first 100 mph run.
  • A statue has been built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poet's birthday.
  • Mika, celebrating his 100th grand prix start, lapped in 1m18.234 and I was just marginally slower at 1:18.292.
  • Chapman magazine, founded in 1970, is hirpling toward its 100th issue.
  • The sad fact is that if the Democrats had tried to make a big issue of the matter the press would have criticized them unmercifully for spoiling the 100th birthday celebrations of a great man with their petty partisan politics.
  • He was injured last season, so we had to wait over a year before this elusive 100th was achieved!
  • Arts market, some writing, failed submissions to an open exhibition, our joint 100th birthday, family stuff, loads of photography (like this crescent moon - click on it for full size to see the craters) and a UK premier of a film to organise plus two other screenings for the science festival but the main culprit is the return to full time day job for pension reasons! Archive 2008-04-01
  • A statue has been built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poet's birthday.
  • As a peg to hang it on, the tournament had the 100th anniversary of Nehru's birth.
  • Soon she had music commissions ranging from after-school dance groups to composing a song for the 100th anniversary of her local park. Lifelong learning is the secret to happiness in old age
  • Churchill and many other arctophiles - people who collect teddy bears - are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the furry toy worldwide.
  • Under his management the 100th volume was issued in 1938.

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