Prepositions after "young"

young of, in, for, at or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases young of is used

They will take the young of birds.

Teach the youngest of the young.

And Soe the Youngest of my Stock.

Derrick Smith, kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule, Larry Christopher, Dr.

If you don't get that young of a gerbil, you absolutely must use the split tank method.

The only time the young of Signal Falia break out into a smile is when they talk cricket.

Like the young of that species, however, they double their birth weight before they are weaned (an astonishing rate).

I just concluded that they would never take me seriously, and that I was going to die young of something undiagnosed.

The young of bees and of drones is white, and from the young come the grubs; and the grubs grow into bees and drones.

The youngest of the nine, the favorite, and by far the most controversial, Aisha was haunted by her childlessness.

In 18% of cases young in is used

It is very young in all senses.

I was the youngest in the group.

I am the youngest in the family.

When I was younger in pre-season she used to take me out running and doing press-ups.

I am also the youngest in the family and that I can relate to what you have written.

I suppose all that means is that not many white females die young in the USA at present.

Nevertheless I still feel young in many ways, so Young Mitch says that I aspire to be a Master -- a Grand Master even.

We made the decision not to send her to school last year when she would have been one of the youngest in her class.

One that puts Young in immediate and direct peril, and possibly puts puts him into a crisis of existential proportions.

The youngest in the middle is the trapper -- the boy responsible for opening and closing the trap doors underground.

In 14% of cases young for is used

I was too young for the butler.

Rama was too young for the job.

Way too young for the onslaught.

Once agile active young for it was damaged Ford that world has it looked truncated as.

UPDATE: Orin points out that the questioner seems too young for the CodePink official.

Our other woman is Elena Sanchez, played by a Salma Hayek who looked a little young for the role she was shoved into.

He seems shifty, disreputable, and (dare I say it) a tad too DAMN YOUNG for the high office to which you promoted him.

I assumed she was too young for it (shows how little I know of other children) and didn't bother to teach her at first.

In 12% of cases young at is used

Some young, some young at heart.

Some are young and young at heart.

We ignore the young at their peril.

I was young at the time and over the years i had developed trust with the shop keepers.

The initial months were very difficult to cope as my child was very young at that time.

I have used it to design and find runs for the youngest at university in New Zealand.

Pat was very young at that stage, probably only 13, but they were willing to travel, they loved the music, says Mary.

Using European countries, younger at the same time complement in it meant canada goose lodge jacket men for ride on.

According to the IRS, a child must be your dependent, age 16 or younger at the end of the year and have lived w www.

Firstly many of the participants were young at the time, under thirty, and their memories have ' frozen ' as a result.

In 7% of cases young to is used

From the very young to the very old.

This urges the young to masturbation.

Best scam ever invented for the Young to.

This would allow the eldest child to complete University and the youngest to Matric.

As he is not showing any respect his brothers younger to him never show any obedience.

You youngsters (meaning everyone who is too young to remenber WWII) deserve what you get.

Solutions can now be transferred from the poor to the rich, men to women, the young to the old, military to civilian.

They're too young to -understand that all the wishful -thinking in the world won't bring their parents back together.

And if you have children who are too young to cycle themselves, have a look at a Croozer bike trailer at Action-kids.

Health Benefits of Dancing Start dancing can be virtually any age from very young to quite respectable and respected.

In 6% of cases young with is used

All humans feed their young with milk.

All mammals feed their young with milk.

I had a good time younger with girls.

They enjoy a dreadlock holiday and think they are getting younger with a young man.

The Brazilian population is predominately young with 62 percent under 29 years of age.

Krim would take the two oldest children out with her, leaving the youngest with Ms.

Young and O? Neil corner Santino and have the match well in-hand before Santino surprises Young with a roll-up pin.

If anything, the young with children will have to decamp in able to afford anything more than a condo or apartment.

I would like ONE midfield signing (young with solid potential) but have cooled to the idea of a Sneijder-fix-it-all.

The woman with whom he was arguing, a woman some-what younger with expensively dyed blonde hair, was Sybil Teague.

In 3% of cases young by is used

He has become now young by treatment.

Their teacher looks young by the way.

We were younger by almost ten years.

I lived in a single parent family from the time I was 5, I'd the youngest by 8 years.

Work wise I was told this great advice when much younger by an expressed office manager.

Victoria's lignite deposits are young by comparison, formed less than 45 million years ago.

Jeremy Paxman is in very good shape for a 62-year-old -- but he doesn't look any younger by trying to dress younger.

Although the University is relatively young by UK standards, I have been pleasantly surprised by the resources on offer.

It was also ranked the #2 Place to Retire Young by Money Mag in 2007, ranked America's Best Place to Live by bestplaces.

But it's all a matter of creativity and education -- starting kids young by not getting them used to artificial flavors.

In 3% of cases young on is used

You can be forever young on a bike.

Our species is young on this planet.

He even gets younger on his videos.

You must be very young on the field of very optimistic about what we, doctors shoud do.

I had one or two lessons when I was younger on how to bake sugary cakes and that's it.

I think it's important to start ' em young on food appreciation, from cooking to dining.

God had been ' carrying ' his people just as an eagle lifts its young on its wings towards Mount Sinai in the desert.

AYF is a real testimony to what can be achieved if someone just takes the lead to focus our young on positive things.

The virgin Neith was represented by that bird of blood, the vulture, who was said to nurse her young on her own blood.

No doubt there is a significant generational divide between the elderly and the young on a variety of political issues.

In 2% of cases young as is used

Under 26 years young as a team.

And I look young as well as posh.

She was also young as opposed to old.

Anyone who is 30 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2013, is eligible to enter.

It's more common, though, to refer to a woman who is no longer young as no spring chicken.

She is the second youngest as another finalist Alicia was 16, proving youth did matter.

Kenneth Clarke is fighting hard to avoid a demotion from justice secretary to replace Young as leader of the Commons.

National seems to regard our young as a burden rather than our future, while Labour fails to practice what it preaches.

After two months I sent him back to the youth-team because he didn't have this education as he was young as a footballer.

Throughout the trial, the defense has attempted to portray Young as an opportunist, who profited off his former boss's affair.

In 2% of cases young from is used

She should show that she is young from ideas.

Tradition of brainwashing the young from day 1 of birth.

It is handed down to the young from the older's ' memories '.

Most of the people my dad worked with died rather young from all kinds of odd causes.

Pick up youngest from school, afternoon tea together then give 5 more piano lessons.

They are gerontocrats, where the old rule the young from a position of entrenched power.

The number brought back memories of We Are Young from Season 3 which was nearly a year ago! The number was awesome.

Similarly youngsters never used to traipse over to Turkey to celebrate the slaughter of our young from another era.

The second being the behavioural issues that arise from pups that are taken away too young from their litter and dam.

Protecting the Young from Dangers When it comes to protecting their young, animals can be quite vicious and dangerous.

In 1% of cases young about is used

Start to Teach all our Young about Renewable Energy Solar, Wind, and so on.

Always great to be given opportunity to teach our young about the less fortunate.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say to little ones so young about something so big.

It even has an outdoor mini-park that teaches the young about nature via interactive play.

I particularly agree with your comment about educating the young about the loathing of war.

He saw the game, and the controller, and started in on the youngest about how he needs to pick something different.

Every family must take responsibility to educate their young about Indian history and why they have what they have today.

But on the other hand it reminded me a lot of the stories my father told when I was young about life in communist countries.

In 1% of cases young among is used

I was the youngest among them i guess.

He is youngest among his three siblings.

Canada's population remains one of the youngest among the G8.

They have not, do not and will not defend the poor, vulnerable, old, sick and young among us.

She is the youngest among the little girls at Your Sisters Orphanage, at the age of four now.

The youngest among the guys says that Jonathan is no longer his target but a part of his strong alliance with Jeff.

At 61, he is relatively young among the top North Korean hierarchy, which has been filled with people in their 80s and 70s.

The faculty was itself the youngest among much older faculties, in a university college that had been established in 1827.

Das, to the youngest among them all, Subhas Bose, all could see the danger in Gandhi type fusion of spiritualism and politics.

In 1% of cases young into is used

We can not cast our young into the wild existence.

It's always about old, rich men sending the young into battle.

On this page, we've shown how eagles bring their young into the world.

Jesse sends Young into the corner but he flips onto the apron and does a Ric Flair strut.

After two to three days, however, they will not allow strange young into their nesting area.

As they are caught young into these acts, we may lose them forever unless there is divine intervention.

Herring Gulls, for example, may accept tiny young into their nest for a short period after their own eggs have hatched.

It is surely the case that schooling is only one small part of how a culture inducts the young into its canonical ways.

Every day brings new young into adulthood, and every day some enterprising soul finds another way to disguise the MLM reality.

Less formally, members of society are socialized from very young into what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

In 1% of cases young like is used

At the time I was young like you.

Not extremely young like me (32, looking 31).

It has two teats, and suckles its young like a quadruped.

Do you know that children get Type I diabetes when they are very young like 5 - 10 yrs.

The staffs at the entrance were all very young like the crowd in the bus that I rode with.

Oh I know so many girls when I was younger like this, sneaking out and lying to parents.

The way he engaged in conversation with the young like us, was not to impose his ideas forcefully or to condemn us.

Young like the rest of the anus's living in the make believe world of politics in Washington is certainly certifiable.

I like my kids to get a glimpse of what I was like when I was younger like how I got a glimpse of my mum when I read hers.

He is much younger like our new boys, a good investment for the long term plan, versatile and will have a much better sale value.

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