Prepositions after "yellow"

yellow in, for, with, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases yellow for is used

That's a yellow for the skipper.

A yellow for putting your arms up.

Above: And some yellow for variety.

Roll out a ball of red for the head and cut out a thin rectangle of yellow for the face.

He made some questionable calls like showing Fernando Torres a second yellow for diving.

Mandzukic flies into the tackle and despite minimal contact its a yellow for the Croatian.

QPR also had a man sent off when Diakite saw red after picking up a second yellow for a sliding challenge on Demel.

The Times used blue for Democrats and yellow for Republicans to detail Theodore Roosevelt's 1904 electoral victory.

I still remember: green for sports, blue for work, pink for piano lessons (and practice ), and yellow for homework.

A yellow for that and another later in the game saw him become the first England player to be dismissed at Wembley.

In 21% of cases yellow in is used

There's a streak of yellow in ' em.

They are purple or yellow in color.

These are generally yellow in color.

No noise that I could tell, clear sky, red and yellow in colour with long bright tail.

However, those teas were not yellow in color and are not interesting for our purposes.

The lighting looks yellow in most of the photos, and if I'd lucky I get a whitish-gray.

Typically, the Aspens turn yellow in groups (clones) in the same order and progression as the Spring (May) green-up.

Good quality jackfruit favoured for minimum processing is normally sweet with a thick rind and deep yellow in color.

As quick as they are to bring out the yellow in other situations, it would not have been inappropriate to do so then.

In the past few weeks I have noticed a very slight discharge, yellow in color that shows up occasionally and an odor.

In 15% of cases yellow with is used

Some are yellow with black spots.

They were yellow with green spots.

Groin pale yellow with black spots.

I am the wrong colour, and as a mousy haired person, I fear yellow with all my heart.

The adult flies are about 6 mm in length, and pale green to yellow with dark stripes.

I'd pleased she has joined A Taste of Yellow with her contribution Huevos Estrellados.

Nor will it go yellow with age thanks to a special protective sealant that provides resistance against UV and wear.

Your urine should be a light yellow or clear color; dark yellow with an odor could be a sign that you are dehydrated.

Mildred Tresham is there, and the Spanish monk, yellow with hatred, and Blougram, and Ben Ezra, and the Bishop of St.

At the top there are lighter colours of white, orange, pale pink and yellow with squares, crenellated lines and stripes.

In 10% of cases yellow on is used

They have lots of yellow on them.

Three yellow on top in a diagonal.

Avoid red on green or yellow on blue.

My original thought was to make a tube with denim on one side and yellow on the other.

I love the yellow on Rachel, it contrasts to her brown hair and works with the tan skin.

Lap 79 Wheldon runs fifth until the next round of pit stops during another yellow on lap 79.

Developing on white is pretty hard to get on pure white because they will have tiny pink or yellow on petal borders.

Also avoid red on green or yellow on blue since these combinations may cause problems for people who are colour blind.

A long trailing robe of costly brocade, blue on the left side and yellow on the right, now floated around her tall figure.

In other recent works I've used yellow on the skin and red for the clothes -- this I decided to keep the clothes grayscale.

In 8% of cases yellow to is used

So the source looks yellow to me.

From Blue, Green, Yellow to Grey.

Red card Cannon, yellow to Mealamu.

I think a yellow to both and a last chance was better because it gave utd the advantage.

Step 10: Add a bit of yellow to the middle of the lid for added dimension and blend it out.

Maple, beech, and dogwood trees are many colors in the fall, from yellow to a deeper crimson.

In addition, there is an overall continuum of shading from lightest yellow to darkest khaki across all the categories.

Can there be a thread about Telling That Guy stories? I don't have any, because I'd yellow to the core about Feelings.

I really wanted back in the day Levi and yellow to buck up in a clash so that Levi could deal wid him good and proper.

By and by the water sparkled, and the sea changed colour, turning from black to yellow, and from yellow to lucid green.

In 4% of cases yellow from is used

The ceiling was yellow from nicotine.

My skin was yellow from liver failure.

I'd still in love with the yellow from 2 years ago.

The kids go about with yellow from their noses, coughing and spluttering and in distress.

At my school we don't feed them and you can see their hair turning yellow from malnutrition.

And as you can see, there is no green light but only the yellow from one of our humble lamps.

Diseased leaves turn yellow from the margins, dry up and collapse leaving a skirt of dead leaves draped around the plant.

There are two in yellow from the 1920s, two in green from the 1930s to 1970s, and six in the orange used since the 1970s.

Yellow vs Grey Candy, Ginger and George were all able to discriminate yellow from grey and learned the task quite quickly.

In 3% of cases yellow as is used

I started with yellow as the base.

I do like to use yellow as an accent color.

So each course contains other colours with yellow as the focus.

And out came the big nugget, first-size, yellow as no gold any onlooker had ever seen.

I'll try and ride for the yellow as well as support you when it comes down to a sprint.

Never do that with green or yellow as the flavour profile is wrong and the colour dreadful.

In this PDF of Northstar's plans, it shows skier service areas in yellow as well as where other changes could occur.

The use of the words black, brown or yellow as an adjective where it is attached to a statement which is critical of a person.

I have so much I want to say about this book, but the words are hiding from me so I'll leave you with this: The sun rose yellow as a lemon.

In 3% of cases yellow at is used

I'd getting into yellow at the mo, don't know why.

If he sees yellow at Wigan while scoring twice, so be it.

The statue of Dakshakanyan was yellow at that time and was set on the Kunda.

It should be faintly yellow at this stage, indicating that oxine is present in slight excess.

It is this ethereal place where the trees are white and pour out yellow at the sky and the ground.

The (recommended) time of Asr is until the sun starts to turn yellow at which point it becomes makrooh.

There are still the tall trees turning red and yellow at Easter, dahlias in front gardens and runner beans out the back.

There are still the tall trees turning red and yellow at Easter, dahlias in front gardens, and runner beans out the back.

In the meantime the folk over at Provoke have put together a handy guide to keep the yellow at bay, Hurrah! Check it out below.

The bracts are a brilliant red at the base shading to yellow at the tip with a green edge and resemble in shape a birds curved upper beak.

In 2% of cases yellow by is used

The brave bid for yellow by Hawkins fell agonisingly short of succeeding.

The pair in the orange, for example, are made by neutral sodium, the trio in the yellow by magnesium.

Oppppps, I've just taken the yellow by accident Thats if he is really that much better than what he's showing.

Each piece is reminiscent of an old and faded photograph tinged yellow by time but full of memory and significance.

The colored glaze containing iron oxide is fired yellow by oxidizing flame and then takes on cyan by reducing flame.

On the line, there was a split and I lost a few seconds to second placed rider Sean Lacey -- he was now in yellow by a second.

You distinguish blue and yellow by seeing them, so you distinguish good and bad by what faculty? BERTRAND RUSSELL By my feelings.

Motor's misery was compounded shortly afterwards when Dave Thompson earned himself a yellow by bringing down Lee Elam in the area.

But I have a lily in the top part of my garden and it was getting more yellow by the day, not opening, and I thought the pod was dead.

Yellow by the sun in general from the spring equinox point onwards, each shift by 15 degrees over yellow, go through a cycle count 15 days.

In 2% of cases yellow of is used

It will be in the purple and yellow of Ostermark, the province of choice for my army.

They are predominantly yellow of the bright variety with a bit of pink and blue highlights.

Everywhere was the white, black and yellow of Imperial Germany, everywhere the black eagles spread their wings.

Obviously, he said, the same bright red and yellow of my Canberra Baptist Hockey Club boyhood years were chosen as the ' colours '.

The Swedish vessel Drottning Sophia duly arrived so Boca decided that the club should adopt the blue and yellow of the Swedish flag.

I was surprised to discover that there was quite a bit of the original color -- and by that, I mean the red/brown and yellow of the burst.

When the cyclists finally come into view they are led not by the familiar jerseys of Team GB, but by a man in the blue and yellow of Kazakhstan.

The two countries allowed the firm to combine their colours - the blue and white of Portugal and the red and yellow of Spain, to form the company flag.

They light in four different colors: green for great connection, yellow of okay-ish connection, red for bad connection and black for no connection at all.

But the Dons held on for a point which they were clearly proud of, but Holdsworth, a playing legend in the blue and yellow of Wimbledon in a glittering career,.

In 1% of cases yellow after is used

Stools should start floating in a few days and urine should be yellow after one week.

He is lucky to avoid yellow after bringing downm Andraz Kirm, but he won't be so fortunate next time.

If your toes are yellow after wearing nail polish, it could be fungus and the effects of formaldehyde in your nail polish.

Even if your mucus is thick and yellow after a week, it doesn't necessarily mean you have an infection that needs medicating.

I got one once and after using it to remove a bright yellow nail polish, it tinted my fingertips yellow after every subsequent use.

You'd think he'd at least pretend to be injured! You know who I'd referring to then!! My issue is that sometimes they throw a yellow after the incident has actually cleared itself.

Ireland lost their discipline when Jamie Heaslip received a yellow after three minutes of the half when he illegally dropped a South Africa maul just as they inched closer to the Irish line.

In 1% of cases yellow against is used

Yellow against a neutral background has really fit the bill until now.

This surf lesson created a lovely splash of yellow against the gathering rain clouds.

Known for tolerating poor soils and cold climates, aspens flash yellow against their white bark in an unmistakable sign of coming winter.

Lord knows, he flubbed many calls including what should have been a yellow against one Thai player who booted the ball out after the Mulders ' goal.

Weave through an oak forest, rising to heather moorland scattered with stunning juniper and birch trees, which glow red and yellow against the heather.

The Senegalese centre-back was also shown yellow against Inter, but Mandanda will be ruled out after he was shown a red card late in the clash against the Nerazzurri.

Ever notice that most warning signs are often a combination of yellow against a black background? The yellow and black combination produces the best contrast compared to any other color.

Socially the fabric of America is being torn a part and it's black against black, black against white, white against white, white against black, yellow against brown, brown against yellow.

In 1% of cases yellow like is used

Yellow like the sun that brightens your day.

Um the rendering is quite yellow like a story book for children.

The inside should be yellow like parts of the rest of the building.

It should make the edge more or less yellow like the rest of the building.

One the whole, I just like prancing around wearing plum and yellow like a neo-dandy twat.

My dress was yellow like daffodils, I'd been given contrasting blue stockings and a jacket that matched the dress.

Time to hang my own stuff? Vancouver pictures are all yellow like the aged newspapers you find in the attics in the novels.

The screen itself is stunning -- its bright colors look realistic (not too green or yellow like some AMOLED screens) and vivid.

I was so worried I phoned my doc and he said if there are yellow like pimples (pimples which have a crusty yellow head) it has become infected and would need an antibiotic.

Not gaudy and shockingly yellow like some, but more of a more subtle combination of colours, the wide pure white petals - the perianth -- can make a flower which is over 3in/7.

In 1% of cases yellow over is used

White bags do have this problem of getting yellow over time.

Paper needs to be acid free or it will deteriorate and yellow over time.

Gently run the brush that has been loaded with the yellow over the path.

Bottle 7 in the Aura-Soma system is yellow over green and it is called the Garden of Gethsemanes.

He said the EVA is created to offer high-quality durability and will not bubble or yellow over time.

To ensure the product doesn't go yellow over the years a black tint should be added to the polyurethane coating.

The yellow over the eyes, it's just basically someone who can see something other people can not see or are yet to see.

On the other hand, composite fillings sometimes know as white dental fillings are susceptible to stains, and will darken or turn yellow over time.

The door at the other end was faded and chipped, so that Lindy could see its many layers of paint, a light cream colour over yellow over white over pale green.

I must admitted, that it seemed out of place that in November and December the majority of the days showed the entire eastern United States in the Green, except yellow over our area.

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