Prepositions after "wrong"

wrong with, in, about, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases wrong with is used

There's nothing wrong with that.


There was nothing wrong with me.

There was nothing inherently wrong with the individual presented as governor general.

ARTHUR: But what was wrong with your planet? CAPTAIN: Well it was doomed - as I said.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the game for the magazines target audience.

The hallmark of all that's wrong with the United States and the final cause of its nemesis unless it realises this.

For the record, they never did tell me what was wrong with the player; I am just glad we have a functioning player.

There's a lot wrong with the tax system, no doubt about that, but the principle of cross-subsidy isn't one of them.

There is something drastically wrong with this picture, there should in fact be no jobs unfilled, there are about 4.

In 13% of cases wrong in is used

There is no wrong in being gay.

I was 100% wrong in what I did.

Something has gone wrong inside.

All factors considered, Raila is clearly wrong in the manner of meting this punishment.

However, if a young man or woman does decide to get married, there is no wrong in that.

As a Catholic, I acknowledge the Church is wrong in the way it has handled this matter.


Nevertheless, Christians believe that what God decreed was morally wrong in the OT did not change at the crucifixion.

They are supporting devolution because they ignorantly believe that it is a panacea to everything wrong in the world.

Hinshaw forgot to mention what specifically he finds wrong in the waterfront design, and what he'd replace them with.

In 7% of cases wrong about is used

He's just flat wrong about that.

Oh no! Wrong about the last one.

You are wrong about the science.

Operator B2 said that it seemed as if there was something wrong about the situation.

What concerns me is that the democrats refuse to admit anything wrong about the guy.

Perhaps you believe that I am wrong about the basic nature of the proud conservative.

IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?? Posted by: Grace October 5, 2012, 10:04 am 10:04 am Wrong about that and wrong for America.

At least that tendentious windbag Michael Beschloss had the decency to stick to being only wrong about Presidents.

Now maybe the scientists and biologists and the folk who study the oceans are wrong about the cause of the problem.

If I am wrong about this -- then I unreservedly apologise to JW and thank ' Gojam for drawing my attention to this.

In 6% of cases wrong for is used

Smith is all wrong for the part.

Eric Bana was wrong for the role.

Wrong for a number of reasons: 1.

It is wrong for the county to expect people to lose what they have to serve on a jury.

If this is any indication of how he would react as President, he is wrong for the job.

This means that if you have selected wrong for the map/game mode then you are stuck with them until after the match.

I can't be bothered to investigate further at this point, because the 240W/m2 is wrong for a grey-body Earth anyway.

Please tell me if I am wrong for my feelings? I had a wonderful birth but suffered badly from post-natal depression.

Whereas HE, Krishna was bent on righting the wrong for the sake of Dharma for the sake of the avenging the Draupadi.

In 4% of cases wrong on is used

Yes, I was wrong on that point.

Its just wrong on other levels.

It was wrong on so many levels.

Take a potent multi-vitamin - Acne can be a sign that something is wrong on the inside.

I refuted it and you said I was wrong: the above poster is (as usual) wrong on the law.

You can check out IBM's take on what went wrong on the company's A Smarter Planet blog.

As if the latter were the intractable enemy, and the former wanted to reach consensus with him (wrong on both points).

Wrong on so many levels! Bill -- seems pretty clear that Hodgson made NO effort at all to talk to Richards or Carrick.

Granted, I haven't read absolutely every discussion on the matter around the interwebs, so I may be wrong on this one.

Just a factual point, MrPikeBishop (and those who quote him) has got the figures wrong on household income for poverty.

In 1% of cases wrong at is used

Nothing seem wrong at that time.

I was wrong at the age of eight.

Lo! I was so wrong at that moment.

One clue to where the Think Tank might have gone wrong at the start is in the foreword.

There is nothing wrong at all with wanting to stay home and be with your children 24/7.

She too resisted a proper inquiry and failed to realise anything was wrong at Stafford.

I repeat, this has NOTHING to do with Barack Obama, but there is clearly something wrong at Trinity Church in Chicago.

They got it plain wrong at every step along the way and I say to every Labour member and campaigner across the country.

But as we have just seen, instead we should be concerned with right and wrong at the point of the source of our values.

In 1% of cases wrong by is used

This is wrong by all standards.

So, I could be wrong by all means.

How is this considered wrong by Mr.

Besides, they do not necessarily believe her parents did anything wrong by killing her.

He said Najib must now prove Mahathir wrong by stopping the demonisation of non-Malays.

You learn right from wrong by doing things, and if you don't get it right, you try again.

It is to say that journalists as a class are fundamentally getting the facts wrong by not understanding compensation.

C can be proven wrong by scientific methods (incremental impact in relation to observed historical climate change) F.

I don't think either are wrong by the way and of course it's my perception which will be different to that of others.

In 1% of cases wrong of is used

It was wrong of him to eat so much.

I agree it was wrong of them to do so.

How wrong, how wrong of a comment indeed.

Ana Wow! It is the best answer, i never been wrong of having selected you as my agency.

Hon Kabwe, I see nothing wrong of the govt re-examining or going through these contracts.

This is being mentioned as a matter of fact, without comment on the right and wrong of it.

In my research of YESHUA, I've found that the artists interpretations &; the media are very wrong of the real YESHUA.

It is wrong of so-called news organizations to broadcast information which will help those with whom we are fighting.

Another Sena leader said it was wrong of the Sainiks to vandalise a clinic belonging to an uncle of one of the girls.

And that is why I thought it was wrong of Tony Abbott and the Liberal party to bring his wife into the political fray.

In 1% of cases wrong to is used

They didn't do any wrong to us.

That seems totally wrong to me.

She did completely wrong to me.

It seems very wrong to me that workers doing valuable community jobs are paid so badly.

As an American who grew up on British children's books, signaling looks wrong to me vs.

I did nothing wrong to him so I just don't understand why he would start yelling at me.

Have NEVER done anything wrong to Americans, blended in to society and actually done a heck of a lot for tourism etc.

But far from it -- prophets have, in the past, cared about these things, and they are not necessarily wrong to do so.

No matter how pretty the case, there is always that weird transition between case and display that looks wrong to me.

What you would achieve the most from is by forgiving others if they one way or the other have done some wrong to you.

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