Prepositions after "write"

write about, by, in, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases write about is used

Write about each in a blog post.

He also writes about technology.

I plan to write about those later.

I would like you to write about Hair retarders and Ingrown hair prevention products.

Great! Just let us know what you'd like to write about, and we will get back to you.

Be honest and write about what you truly believe, in regards to your blogging niche.

Not that it's his fault, but do realize that the market right now is different than the one he is writing about.

I'd pretty much just writing about this because I really like typing their abbreviated names: K-Stew and R-Patz.

In turn, more people hear/read about this, form their own opinion, and start writing about the industry as well.

I'd not sure what I should write about the previous 72 hours of my life, or even if I should write anything at all.

In 20% of cases write by is used

Obituary written by Mike Crean,.

It was clearly written by a poet.

It is written by Marie-Claire Ross.

It was written by Dermot Morgan of Father Ted fame for the radio show Scrap Saturday.

It is written by Sue Lukes and Sam Lister (CIH) and co-ordinated by John Perry (CIH).

Written by Ashley -- Flagler College A short preview of Target's upcoming Web series.

A lot of the above information was gathered from a booklet called The Case of Leonard Peltier, written by Arthur J.

Nick Was this article written by the dog? After it was shot in the head? Holy cats that's some horrible writing, lol.

The Prajnaparamita is thought to be written by Indian Buddhists, and was a direct inspiration from Shakyamuni Buddha.

Then came Barker portraying some sort of official explaining his plight (beautifully written by him as Gerald Wiley).

In 20% of cases write in is used

Carvin wrote in a recent brief.

As Nate Silver wrote in his blog.

Written in collaboration by Dr.

As I wrote in my blog, the Gmail outage had Microsoft laughing all the way to the bank.

Romney wrote in favor of bankruptcy, which the Obama administration ultimately pursued.

They have a rich oral tradition in their ethnic language, Pashto, but many Pashtuns prefer to read and write in Urdu.

Articles that were neither related to the study objectives nor written in English or German language were excluded.

Written in an engaging, straightforward manner, The Story of the World weaves world history into a storybook format.

Write in a book which is specifically dedicated to this activity and, if possible, has pages which are not loose-leaf.

In 11% of cases write to is used

CLIVE: I wrote to Jim Callaghan.

A lot of my friends wrote to him.

CLIVE: I wrote to Jim Callaghan,.

I see you helping others all the time so i could not stop myself from writing to you.

Now I wrote to you, about a year or so ago asking about this, and I never got an answer.

Fine, all work covered under warranty, but as coming to end of warrany wrote to Peugeot.

I had discovered the joy of words, and wasn't about to be intimidated into single syllables by writing to a Beatle.

Ballad of the Savage Tiger* (written to music) No one attacks it with a long lance, No one plies a strong cross-bow.

Mr Maken had written to the Vice Chancellor yesterday that such episodes were discouraging for young sports persons.

Friedrich Schlegel writes to his brother: ' You will have read about Kleist's strange murder story in the newspapers.

In 8% of cases write for is used

Joe Huizenga, writing for KTAR.

So I decided to write for myself.

She also writes for Corebloggers.

Many of the same people write for the Weekly Worker, Briefing, Chartist, and so forth.

Write For TechInfoLite About Me Ashwani Ahlawat is the CEO &; Founder of TechInfoLite.

In addition to breaking news on the Philly Post, he writes for Foobooz and Philly Mag.

He wrote for Agence France-Presse, the Global Journalist magazine, the Estrella de Arica daily in Arica, Chile, ehow.

According to IMS Health, more than 200 million prescriptions were written for opioids in 2007 in the United States.

Synon, who writes for the Irish Daily Mail, are vehement that thre really is no such thing as an Irish-American vote.

In 8% of cases write on is used

Writing on his blog rickygervais.

Written on 6/18/2012 by Ali Luke.

Never stop to learn is the Principe, active to write on some personal blog and website.

She wrote on the backs of old Christmas cards and odd bits of paper - I never knew why.

It also has 12 foundations with the names of the 12 apostles written on them (21:14).

Though there has been a fair amount of writing on the subject, most of it is for a ' special interest ' readership.

At the beginning if the day, I wrote on the board,? We will play a game if you are well behaved and follow directions.

Thus labelling a variable, with a meaningful name, is the same as writing on the outside of that box what is inside.

On the contrary, every officer would now know that whatever he writes on the file would be subject to public scrutiny.

In 2% of cases write from is used

I am writing from the me-no-blog perspective.

Many on this forum are writing from outside the motherland.

Etruscan writing was phonetic and usually written from right to left.

I think I put too much thought into it sometimes instead of writing from the heart.

In case you don't understand, I am writing from outside the USA and I am not an American.

Dr Manzo Abubakar and Nosa James-Igbinadolor wrote from The Nigerian registered NVS member).

What is particularly interesting is that this timeline is written from his point-of-view, cynical comments and all.

During this change, the relationship with a particular friend or lover fails, and is written from this point of view.

The same goes for poets/critics writing from any cultural perspective that has been or is now suppressed or silenced.

It was written from the heart, and - if you read closely - it will open yours to live life in a different, better way.

In 2% of cases write with is used

Please write with any inquiries.

Stacks are written with their tops to the left.

In interviews and writing with Ralph Griswold (e.

When an absolute length is written without a unit, the unit power is assumed to be zero.

But he learned how to read and write with the help of a friend who taught him the alphabet.

It is written with verve, confidence, and elegance, and it is based on immense scholarship.

Life and Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad has been written with the aim of addressing the mind of the modern man.

Supposedly the worlds most famous pencil giving an experience often referred to as black velvet or writing with butter.

Any number written with 0x at its beginning is interpreted as hexadecimal; both 15 and 0xf (or 0XF) mean the same thing.

I wasn't writing with a mind towards publication -- I knew the novel was the ticket to publication, not poetry or stories.

In 1% of cases write as is used

She uses writing as a method to tame her.

But then what PB wrote as an ending was even better.

You're the one who reads what I wrote as a dismissal, Joan.

The Shape of a Note In standard notation, a single musical sound is written as a note.

Miles and Marc Yeats, all written as a response to the Jurassic Coast, will be performed.

Here is the Oracle letter in its entirety: Hello Customer, I am writing as way of introduction.

Now let's just cut the hyperbole, this series is not written well, in fact it's written as well as the above paragraph.

If $p2$ is even then we know from above that $p$ must be even, and so can be written as $p = 2m$ where $m$ is an integer.

Judah had learned in exile what the Samaritans never did: Follow the word of God exactly as it is written as a blueprint.

The Russian for son is pronounced as sin and the i is written as a b and i together The EH sound is also like 3 reversed.

In 1% of cases write at is used

I can not write at all times of day.

Write at an appropriate reading level.

Also taught writing at the college level.

In fact, it was one of my first posts that I wrote at the start of my Personal Homepage.

If a novelist writing at that time was also a feminist, she felt her choices restricted.

It seems to have been written at times for a 28 year old Bond, then they cast a guy way older.

College students are challenged when they're assigned a couple of term papers or essays to put in writing at a time.

It is impossible to answer your question briefly; and I am not sure that I could do so, even if I wrote at some length.

This autobiography/biography was written at the time of the award and first published in the book series Les Prix Nobel.

I figure if I am to be any kind of writer, it is probably a good idea to have THE essential book of writing at my disposal.

In 1% of cases write into is used

It's all written into that music.

I doubt that was written into the script either.

As CEO, she also has flexibility written into her job description.

Personally I believe that Library access to all books should be written into copyright law.

As the viewer knows however, Loteng's fate has already been written into her own corporeal prison.

In most democracies, access to impartial information about elections and the manifestoes of political parties is written into law.

It demands a further 153,674 in costs relating to a three-month notice period that the summons says was written into the contract.

Rich countries agreed to enter into a carbon cap and trade system with targets on greenhouse gas cuts written into international law.

I have had a number of discussions with Lord Freud and his office, drilling down on how some descriptors written into the initial draft were inadequate.

In 1% of cases write of is used

Junod also writes of a certain Dr.

Others write of relaxing the hands.

He writes of love, pain, sorrow, regret and deep longings.

For many years sociologists and others have written of a computer revolution, impending or in progress.

The exploits of that warrior at the feast have won such fame that no one was bothered to write of them again.

This was just after every blog and magazine was writing of him that he was clearly not fit to wear the shirt.

While he writes of men seemingly incapable of being faithful, he has been married for 16 years and has three children.

Chris Jones writes of poor children and the ' Threatening State ' with its coercive powers to act on ' problem ' children.

But in the end, they took the expensive and painful decision to use tax payers ' money to help the banks write off the bad loans.

In his memoirs, former premier Zhao Ziyang wrote of how he clashed with general secretary Hu Yaobang in the early 1980s over economic issues.

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