Prepositions after "worthy"

worthy of, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases worthy of is used

Ruth, worthy of lasting memory.

We are all worthy of the spirit.

Chapter 91 is Worthy of Pursuit.

God does not bless any one with their love without making them worthy of the Paradise.

Hard to tell for sure but to me, worthy of a closer look if we can find a better view.

They are not worthy of the cost of social and environmental problems they have created.

The peace that pervades the heart can never be shaken for any reason; only peace of this kind is worthy of the name.

Ferdy I really like this article and I think this issue in our industry is worthy of the attention you're giving it.

Be sure that you are very derisive of their experience, thereby indicating you believe it unworthy of consideration.

Holding any belief about australia day is neither religious, spiritual or worthy of the use of the word desecration.

In 1% of cases worthy for is used

And it is rather worthy for me to do so.

Try to be civilised and worthy for these people.

You have to be proved to be worthy for a partner.

Worthy for people who like Apple and like the iPhone and want to upgrade, absolutely.

They must throw out greed, shortsightedness and must demand what they are worthy for.

Upon his death and resurrection, he was judged (by his god) as being worthy for godhood.

This advent season, let us allow Jesus to come into our lives, let us also strive to live our lives worthy for Him.

Verily, the masjid whose foundation was laid from the first day based on piety is more worthy for you to stand therein.

If we do not find them, then we can be very sure that we are reading is not worthy for us, that is silly or empty or unreal.

The panel would then select from those submissions the few that are worthy for further exploration in an open public hearing.

In 1% of cases worthy in is used

I think this is worthy in itself.

It will earn you something worthy in return.

Hopefully there will be one worthy in the future.

These aspirations are worthy in themselves, but the proposals in this paper go further.

This was the year that they had to show that they were worthy in the eyes of the people.

Instead, I can now feel acceptance and worthy in the assurance that my life has purpose.

There was much that was worthy in Israeli cinema in the 1970s and 1980s; plenty of movies tackled the conflict head-on.

Feel free to share it with others and ignite the spark of doing something worthy in life! He tried to join the Air Force.

We have lived very different lives, both worthy in their own ways, and came to love in each other the things we also feared.

Those who spread the word of truth by whatever means available are far more worthy in my book than those who criticize them.

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