Prepositions after "worthless"

"worthless in" or "worthless to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases worthless in is used

They were pretty worthless in Balkans.

My kids votes are worthless in my district.

Your cash is worthless in the New Obamaconomy.

Links are worthless in terms of SEO if they don't get indexed by the search engines.

Money, which had been worthless in the forest, suddenly became worth a great amount.

Most of their actions are worthless in Thy sight, their entire life a fleeting breath.

Its funny that so many SEOs here think that blog comment links are worthless in the eyes of Google after Penguin.

A new study released this week suggests that many for-profit diplomas are literally worthless in the marketplace.

The reason that the good works of the non-believers are worthless in the hereafter is because of their disbelief.

If capital can not grow -- if there is no possibility of it growing -- it becomes worthless in international exchange.

In 19% of cases worthless to is used

They're worthless to the world.

Those seem pretty worthless to me.

Either way you are worthless to me.

Zero cost video games for that iPad can array from critically worthless to amazing.

Of course, the majority of this information is worthless to the majority of people.

As a rule, its members are completely worthless to themselves and to everybody else.

Items may look worthless to you with water damage, but with help can be transformed to their original appearance.

Martha Stewart had no problems selling securities she knew were worthless to unsuspecting people and is still popular.

My husband, in your irritable impatience and anger, you told me to my face that our son, my Kamsi, was worthless to you.

Until you realize you are worth something, you'll be worthless to the world; a plaything for even the simplest of fools.

In 11% of cases worthless for is used

Smile is worthless for my needs.

Most have proven worthless for me.

I'd worthless for the rest of the day.

I drink a lot and smoke like a chimney, rendering my organs worthless for transplant.

Fresh batches of Hudson Bay dogs were to take the places of those worthless for the trail.

For the most part worthless for most business uses due to not having serious business Apps.

Search engines can't read the text you have showing on your images, which makes them worthless for SEO purposes.

Similarly, if the repair materials become worthless for anything else after the repair job, they are zero-rated.

Instead of feeling guilty and worthless for not working well, I learned to value myself apart from my productivity.

You see, half of me thinks that a computing degree that isn't CS is pretty much worthless for the computing industry.

In 9% of cases worthless as is used

It's simply worthless as proof.

It's worthless as a guide for life in today's world.

Gold, both groups asserted, was now worthless as a monetary metal.

America customers is totally worthless as the charger comes with the 3 rectangular prongs.

However, his boss was worthless as a mentor and never provided any guidance or leadership.

The Verdict The Nexus 7 is light, portable and stylish, but ultimately worthless as a camera.

And now, his stocks will be worthless as the expiration is nearing (read: he's holding warrants after all *grin*).

It's totally worthless as a stand alone energy source, but at least it converts other things to liquid fuel besides crude.

It's good to show himher some of it's potential benefits but it's worthless as a guide to start learning a scripting language.

Basic mathematics indicates that once I give my wealth to them, my legal right to it is worthless as an ant underneath a boot.

In 8% of cases worthless without is used

As it is worthless without proof.

I feel hopless &; worthless without him.

Life would be worthless without the lot.

Ideas are actually pretty worthless without it's natural blood brother execution.

In cases where the business is worthless without the owner, then the owner is stuck.

A billion-dollar Carrier Group is worthless without the 10,000 people supporting it.

Plainview's belief is that since oil land is worthless without his knowledge, he ought to get all the money.

For the following reasons, all these guarantees become worthless without providing any legal aid to the indigent persons.

In 7% of cases worthless by is used

This facility is deemed worthless by society.

I don't want to make him feel worthless by telling him I know there's something wrong.

After all, simply saying that you've seen dead people or gods is utterly worthless by itself.

The Arains would have to say this Scripture is worthless by saying the Jesus was not fully God but still God.

Now this strongly reminds me of backward induction proof of why fiat money should be worthless by Earl Thompson.

Quote: Moderate giftedness has been made worthless by the printing press and radio and television and satellites and all that.

Farmers refused to bring their produce to the towns as the money they received was worthless by the time they came to spend it.

O you who believe, make not your charity worthless by reproach and injury, like him who spends his wealth to be seen by people.

Those patents, under the government's position as well as SMC 's, would now be rendered virtually worthless by the proposed change in the law.

Even Grace, a potentially sympathetic character, is rendered worthless by the mere fact that she chooses to hang around with these utter losers.

In 3% of cases worthless at is used

He's dead and worthless at this point.

I am feeling so down and worthless at the moment.

It will be worthless at the ballot box on Election Day.

Your stock options were just the carrot, they were worthless at the end of the day.

Democracy, they way it defined in a modern sense, is worthless at protecting freedom.

You should assume that the contracts will be worthless at the moment of announcement.

The exercise rendered almost half of the estimated N6 billion in circulation worthless at the expiration of the change.

But of course that money was becoming increasingly worthless at the same time as hyperinflation spiralled out of control.

Also, it really, really helps if you can pay people instead of just offering equity in something that's worthless at the time.

His mane problem was low self esteem, he felt worthless at what ever he did even he was a brilliant student and a great person.

In 3% of cases worthless on is used

This article is worthless on it's face.

Godaddy is worthless on expiring names.

The step from 26 to 28 is worthless on the road.

Every Option has an expiry date and the Option becomes worthless on that expiry date.

So X was near worthless on it's own -- you had to add layers on top to actually get things done.

President Mugabe can not feed his people and the Zim dollar is virtually worthless on the international market.

Because of phasing, the overall healing meters are worthless on this fight, but here's how my healing breakdown looked.

Most of these programs are nearly worthless on their own -- just another piece of plastic taking up room in your wallet.

Like the many we have gathered competence in a variety skills and become more collaborative yet we are deemed worthless on paper.

The catch was that the cards had visual notifiers marking them as not tournament-legal, and thus effectively worthless on the resale market.

In 2% of cases worthless with is used

They also told you that their currency is worthless with their last sentence.

But just as language can become jibberish, finance can become worthless with its expansive abstract of universality.

Julia Gillard's politics are like chaff in the wind: it blows this then that way, and, then when you finally catch it, it is worthless with no seeds for Australia's future.

They watched local government contractors like Melancton Smith and Mathew Paterson become rich, while the pay they received in continental currency became worthless with inflation.

An hour later I found that 4 of the 6 parts had been deleted, leaving the comment with holes in logic, incomprehensible and worthless with all of the most important information removed.

Feeling sad, being silent all the time, loss of pleasure and activities, inability to sleep and feeling worthless with excessive guilt making my daily life harder and harder at every step.

If Canada goes to the EU, it's 80% dependent economy on the USA will dry up, making it literally worthless with 30,000,000 welfare recipents to take care of (interdependent is an understatement.

In 2% of cases worthless after is used

A lot of published material is worthless after a decade.

If there's a power outage, it will be worthless after that.

The warrant becomes worthless after the expiry of the exercise period.

I'd rather see people create works with a view to their have a value that lasts across generations, instead of designing them to be worthless after a short while.

Every Parsi should aim to be as charitable as possible and giving up one's own body to animals to consume, which is worthless after death, is an ultimate form of charity.

I can certainly see the whole logistics of a runaway commenting system to be just worthless after a while, but I think it will work well for a majority of those that are still in between.

Then the secret would have to be making that money work for you and growing over time rather than having it gradually depleted and become almost proportionally worthless after a few years.

The cause of this risk is huge variance in the customers ' willingness to pay: if the price is set too high, there is a risk of not filling up capacity, which is worthless after plane's departure.

In 2% of cases worthless of is used

But you will be found worthless of misusing tears.

I feel so helpless and worthless of what this day had gone.

Often times the biggest union guys are the most worthless of the bunch.

She came from the most worthless of all classes -- the rich, with a smattering of culture.

My mum always blames me for the ' stress I cause to the family ' and whenever we fight I always fill worthless of living.

It is the same case with the violation of faith, when it has been solemnly pledged, even to the most worthless of mankind.

If a single action was sufficient to stamp the character of any virtue upon the person who performed it, the most worthless of mankind.

They were much too common ever to be gathered into bouquets; they could be found between the paving stones; they shot up like the rankest and most worthless of weeds.

Even if the bank Valuer gives the go-ahead, it appears evident in this case that any mortgage interest relief will be worthless of the price paid initially is too high.

In 1% of cases worthless from is used

Question is once you have reneged on your word its devalued and worthless from there on.

It won't be very long before the SS benefits are substantially worthless from the effects of inflation.

The swords that are to be banned are the common as muck, made in China, worthless from a historical or collectors point of view copies of the Shin-gunto or japanese sword.

In 1% of cases worthless through is used

The system is collapsing through debt, the fiat currency ponzi scheme has failed, money is becoming worthless through inflation.

The child isn't at fault for her death, the people who drove her to it by making her feel worthless through harassment and bullying are.

Green Initiatives Networking hardware providers help properly dispose of equipment that is damaged or worthless through recycling and then provide customers with a certificate of destruction.

In 1% of cases worthless outside is used

The trouble is that medical education is next to worthless outside of medicine.

The Drachma may be worthless outside Greece, in which case the Greeks are limited to importing what they earn via exports.

You're right though, stop funding the arts, sport, and any cultural event within Australia, and turn us into a bland society, worthless outside of your daily employment.

In 1% of cases worthless like is used

I guarantee you all it will not be worthless like the soon to be dead dollar will be.

Yep, there ain't nothin ' makes a boomer feel worthless like being ignored by advertisers.

The minds behind them, I thought, had not had to learn that they were worthless like chaff in the wind.

Which makes the rest of his NuttyYahoo bashing article utterly worthless like everything else at anti-war.

By true wealth creators, I am talking about the modern day alchemists who turn something worthless like oil, into something valuable like gasoline.

I have learned that life can show you its ugly side, it can make you feel worthless like waves on a sea, it can get rough but you must keep rowing your boat and you will see the beauty of life again.

In 1% of cases worthless during is used

The IRS promptly denied the debt, arguing that it had not become worthless during 2007.

Worthless security If a stock you own becomes completely worthless during the year, you can claim a capital loss as though you sold the stock for $0 on.

In 1% of cases worthless due is used

This is due to the fact that the dollar is exposed as WORTHLESS due to the overleveraged CDS exposure.

Because fiat money is not linked to physical reserves, it risks becoming worthless due to hyperinflation.

Copyright is an essential tool that is used to add value to works that have essentially become worthless due to limitless supply.

However, this all becomes a moot point when the funds people depend on become worthless due to government default or rampant inflation.

Figure out what kind of vehicle you intend to buy (don't purchase it yet! -- wait until nine-passenger vans and SUVs are virtually worthless due to deflation and fuel shortages).

If someone would realize that we just had ANOTHER round of buying back US bonds they'd see that our economy IS NOT improving and the dollar is getting made more worthless due to QE3.

In 1% of cases worthless because is used

In general, 3X teleconverters are nearly worthless because of image degradation.

And now our money has been made completely worthless because of all the money they printed.

But too many young scientists are made to feel worthless because of their desire to leave academic science.

I wanted to spare other kids from being made to feel worthless because of someone else's thoughtless comments.

This one tonight goes out to everyone who's been bullied and made to feel worthless because of the way they look.

If we feel second best and worthless because of how our ' friends ', then it's time to do something about it and make a change.

Your employees already know that you think they are worthless because of the environment and the tools that you have given them to work in.

Consequently, a large number of National voters were disenfranchised, their votes rendered worthless because of some electoral and ideological purity.

Many of the protesters are students, angry about the amount of money they owe for an education they say is now worthless because of widespread unemployment.

His song highlighted a world where many gay people still feel there is a stigma attached to their sexual choices and are made to feel worthless because of it.

In 1% of cases worthless against is used

P15, P16 and P22 are worthless against the second accused and even others.

This was worthless against any big man that had a height or anyone who had quickness.

I really hope Di Matteo understands that he's going to be totally worthless against teams packing the box (Stoke, Napoli) but he can be lethal when teams actually have to try to score.

The allegation is made they knew AZT was both highly toxic and worthless against AIDS, and continued to promote it even after thousands of people began to sicken and die from the treatment.

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