Prepositions after "worship"

"worship in" or "worship at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases worship in is used

Ye worship in ignorance the same Deity I serve.

That means that we must worship in the right form.

They then worshipped in a building previously used as a factory.

I believe that worshipping in spirit refers to worship that emanates from the spirit of man.

As we live day-to-day in obedience to and love of God, we live out worship in spirit and in truth.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO WORSHIP IN TRUTH? Jesus also said that the true worshipper will worship God in truth.

Worshipped in India, nearly didn't go on this tour and now put in a position where he coud save England's blushes.

Hindu Vedas portray goddesses in the same way and till this day they are worshipped in Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam etc.

ATTENTION TO WORSHIP IN DETAIL: In this level the worshipper's heart is present at every moment of the worship he is engaged in.

Various gods and goddesses are worshipped in the villages of Chhattisgarh including Lord Shiva/Bhairava, Vishnu, Devi, goddess Durga, etc.

In 18% of cases worship at is used

Guess I'll just have private worshipping at my home.

But you'd be hard pressed to worship at Wycombe's holy well nowadays.

When Anglicans are asked where they go to church, they sometimes say that they worship at St X.

Most saw this as a reaffirmation of the Olympic Spirit, rather than the risk of worshipping at the alter of Mammon.

Lord Ganesha is the foremost Hindu God, of fortune, prosperity, wisdom and is worshipped at the beginning of any new venture.

Millard Cook is Executive Assistant to the Rector of Saint Bartholomew 's, New York City and worships at Saint Paul 's, Brooklyn.

In recent years, they have turned their guns, grenades, and suicide vests against the majority of Pakistanis: Sufis who worship at shrines.

During this day, Lord Shiva and all Gods bestowed boons of health, wealth, wisdom, fortune and the first to be worshipped at any instance.

The truth, of course, is that we have paid a terribly high price for worshipping at the altar of convenience, whilst sacrificing the God of quality.

St Wulstan healed a blind girl with hallowed water there in spite of the best efforts of the church to ban the pagan practice of worship at sacred springs.

In 13% of cases worship by is used

Still today, they grace posters and are worshipped by many.

The Judeo-Christian god is the God worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

In one corner were sketched India, cricket crazy hosts, their team worshipped by millions upon millions.

I'd not just talking about Whitman herself, but also Marc Andreessen, the man worshipped by many as the new leader of the pack.

Worshipped by his followers and seen as an ogre by his enemies his boundless enthusiasm and limitless ambition are hard to resist.

At Rameshwaram there is a temple with the idol of Lord Siva who was worshipped by the royal couple before they mounted an attack on Lanka.

This blue-skinned multi-armed deity is actually Hindu, but has long been worshiped by Buddhists as one of the island's principal guardians.

Whatever spirits have gathered here, -- on the earth, in the sky -- let us pay homage to the Buddha, the Tathgata worshipped by beings human and divine.

Whatever spirits have gathered here, -- on the earth, in the sky -- let us pay homage to the Dhamma and the Tathgata worshipped by beings human and divine.

Whatever spirits have gathered here, -- on the earth, in the sky -- let us pay homage to the Sangha and the Tathgata worshipped by beings human and divine.

In 8% of cases worship with is used

I remember how much I used to love worshiping with them.

You can find friendly people to worship with who believe in and try to practice the full Truth of the Bible.

Samil has also started a new work in a village (Ramnakol) about two hours ' drive away and they have some five families and single Christians worshipping with them.

In 6% of cases worship on is used

Rather they actually teach that this change took place at the time when Christians first started to worship on Sunday in 33 AD.

Yet even Catholics have always taught that Acts 20:7, 1 Cor 16:1-2 and Rev 1:10 are clear Biblical references supporting the practice of worshipping on Sunday.

Gradually Sunday replaced the Sabbath day (Saturday) so that today the worship on Sunday is an almost universal Christian practice of apostasy and totally contrary to the will of God.

In 5% of cases worship as is used

He was worshipped as a weather god, similar to Indra of Rig Veda.

He descended from the Sumarians as immortal and worshiped as a god.

Here the ocean deity ' Bhatara Segara ' is worshipped as the all powerful sea God.

In India, cows are sacred and worshiped as such, which gives them a free pass on pretty much everywhere.

Unity in diversity is a lost cause when the doctrine of Malay supremacy is worshipped as a national ideology.

He's been worshipped as the Franchise and swam in the cheers; and he's been humiliated as the Dean and drowned in the boos.

In 4% of cases worship of is used

The longest worshipping: Fasting is the longest worshipping of God.

The Rewards of Fasting Fasting is one of the most sincere worshipping of God and hence its rewards are numerous.

Fasting, however, is the only worshipping of Allah that none other than God would really know if you are fasting.

I am pleased when people enjoy coming to worship of any kind, but am equally at home out about and getting involved in the community.

But habituated to a diet of hero worshipping of entertainers and athletes, many Jamaicans are largely unaware of feats in less published areas.

The worshipping of fasting is about 12 to 16 hours (depending on the season and your geographical location) and lasts for a whole month every year.

In 3% of cases worship except is used

There is no might nor power except with Allah, none has the right to be worshipped except Allah and we worship none except Him.

In 1% of cases worship without is used

On the contrary: mosques were very well attended, and people felt free to worship without fear of any sectarian backlash.

In 1% of cases worship according is used

The deity in the temple has to be installed and worshipped according to the religious texts on the basis of which the idol has been installed.

In 1% of cases worship from is used

Ishtar was worshipped from 2500 BC till 200 AD in the Middle East.

In 1% of cases worship for is used

The highly popular monkey-god Hanuman known for his strength is worshipped for his unyielding devotion and selfless dedication to the Lord Rama.

In 1% of cases worship before is used

Now this thing became a sin, for the people went to worship before the one as far as Dan.

In 1% of cases worship among is used

This was the name by which JEHOVAH was worshiped among the Egyptians.

In 1% of cases worship after is used

It is not the idol that is worshipped but the symbol to God that is worshipped after? according to scriptural injunction.

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