Prepositions after "worsening"

worsening of, in, by, rather or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases worsening of is used

So would a worsening of an addiction.

The effect was a worsening of their position.

And we can't cope with the worsening of the situation.

Things like increasing aches and pains, worsening of eyesight, hearing, and memory.

Also, a sudden change or worsening of pain may indicate a complication (see below).

This was often as a result of a crisis that arose or general worsening of symptoms.

Therefore, report any sudden worsening of swelling of the hands, face or feet promptly to your doctor or midwife.

So an asthmatic might notice worsening of their asthma the day following a visit to their relation who has a cat.

This protective effect prevents worsening of the condition and promotes the normal healing processes of the skin.

As the world has witnessed the worsening of the obesity epidemic, so too has the rate of type 2 diabetes worsened.

In 9% of cases worsening in is used

Air pollution also is worsening in smaller cities, she said.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis is worsening in Ivory Coast.

The reason given for the failure is recent worsening in trading conditions.

Mali and Niger are particularly affected and the situation is worsening in Mauritania.

See where employee satisfaction is improving and worsening in federal government agencies.

Maternal mortality is increasing and life expectancy is worsening in many African countries.

The massive waste of money is coming at a time when the rate of poverty and deprivation is worsening in the country.

The worsening in Indigenous employment between 2006 and 2011 was driven mainly by deterioration in Indigenous male employment.

Compared with our last review, this represents a worsening in coverage levels across the capital structure by one obligor group.

The drought is worsening in the South, which was just recovering from last year's drought - the worst Texas had seen in a century.

In 2% of cases worsening by is used

It is showing defects and the condition of the pavement is worsening by the day.

He has been experiencing a blurred vision for the last one and half years and it keeps worsening by the day.

In another, Black Ant travels a long distance to see Miraba the Zebra whose illness is worsening by the day.

And Man-bok's condition is worsening by the minute as he has a hard time waking up in the morning and has bouts of pain during the day.

I lost my dear beloved wife to snatch thieves more than 11 years ago in Section 14, a Petaling Jaya city centre in broad daylight and the situation has become worse and is worsening by the day.

In 1% of cases worsening as is used

Symptoms vary from person to person, gradually worsening as the disease develops.

Zafar Iqbal: I am writing this open letter to you as a last resort to get you out of a quagmire, which is worsening as the days go by.

In 1% of cases worsening at is used

Later the computer was infected and worsening at every restart.

And climate scientists say the problem is worsening at an accelerating rate, so the urgency is there.

In the adoptees, substantial improvement was seen between four and six years, in contrast to the worsening at this age that is usually seen in autism.

In 1% of cases worsening for is used

The situation is worsening for every ordinary citizen.

Figures show overcrowding in Auckland improving for Maori children but worsening for Pacific children (Johnson, 2003).

In 1% of cases worsening from is used

A baby with a constant fixed squint, or with an intermittent squint that is worsening from 2 months, should be referred for assessment.

In 1% of cases worsening over is used

Figures below the line represent a worsening over the period, while figures about the line represent an improvement.

Boomeranging, most entrenched in Britain and worsening over the downturn, is a social trend that jeopardises social mobility and economic.

You may have come to accept your back stiffness as something you just have to deal with each day, or it might even be worsening over time.

In 1% of cases worsening rather is used

They see it as worsening rather than promoting Islamic worship tolerance in the US.

In 1% of cases worsening with is used

The pain is worsening with each passing moment.

It may even start worsening with your mate criticising your every move.

Because death is so close, and the problems that caused the confusion are actually going to be worsening with time, if the sedation is lightened then the distress will almost certainly return.

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