Prepositions after "worrying"

worrying about, for, at, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases worrying about is used

Worrying about the next events.

Worrying about it doesn't help.

We won't be worrying about Chavez.

Once your start date comes you don't want to be worrying about the little things.

Basically a non-issue in this case, but I remember worrying about it in the past.

Everyone forgets to live because they're busy worrying about where they're going.

Stop worrying about the feelings of the inconsiderate clods of the world instead of taking care of your family.

You may spend all day worrying about a particular event or situation, building up the worry throughout the day.

They were so busy worrying about looking to avoid betraying their party that they indeed betrayed their country.

Focusing on the good and not worrying about the negatives may have a positive impact on overall life expectancy.

In 6% of cases worrying for is used

I am probably worrying for nothing.

It must be so worrying for your aunt.

Raizada family is worrying for Aarav.

I'd sure that he was worrying for his loved ones whom he left behind in Bangladesh.

The patty was quite dry, but more worrying for a bakery was the poorly chosen bread.

The blind fundamentalism of the likes of Pihama and Sykes is worrying for our people.

Just as worrying for the central bank was the fact that firms said they were raising their prices at record rates.

I imagine right now this is probably both the most realistic projected need and the most worrying for politicians.

What is especially worrying for security forces is that the relative calm following 26/11 seems to have shattered.

The arrival of the Gulf's bond market on the global stage is both pleasing and worrying for traders and investors.

In 1% of cases worrying at is used

This behavior is worrying at many levels.

But the story is even more worrying at a local level.

Even counting sheep is more productive than worrying at bedtime.

Particularly worrying at a time where breast implants are in the news for all the wrong reasons.

What was he worrying at? It is this humane curiosity that drives and distinguishes the Munro opus.

Meanwhile, we began worrying at the prospect of water shortage and no water in the sump downstairs.

One of my small victories is being able to stop worrying at the unchangeable past and focus on the good things in the present.

The future looks very exciting for those of us who have seen the light before the real SHTF, but also really worrying at the same time.

I remember getting chatted up by a bloke which was the first time it had ever happened to me, which was flattering and worrying at the same time.

In 1% of cases worrying in is used

That is worrying in a democracy.

Things are indeed worrying in China.

This is very worrying in my opinion.

That you think of your mind not being freed from the cankers, this is worrying in you.

I even started worrying in real life if Clooney might be lonely underneath his charming guy facade.

What I find most worrying in the media today is the meagerness of newspapers in a variety of cities.

It was slightly worrying in Frace when he slipped whilst in thejured his groin but I think thfound on is okay now.

I know they've already got a file as big as something very big on me Polly, that's why I stopped worrying in the end.

This is worrying in the sense that a copyright crackdown on youtube would effectively remove half the content on the site.

He? s philosophical about it, but he finds it worrying in the light of the increasingly multi-racial nature of Irish society.

In 1% of cases worrying of is used

Most worrying of all, many scientists say the 6.

I'd tired of worrying of messy panties and underpants.

Perhaps most worrying of all is the tone of the campaign.

Most worrying of all is the direction and weakness of Cameron.

Most worrying of all -- I'd no difficulty whatsoever ' seeing ' the.

As for living with the worrying of losing someone I do that everyday too.

Most worrying of all the DPP has decided not to prosecute any of these crimes in the UK.

These are helpful because you can store food without actually worrying of spoiling the food.

Most worrying of all, the remaining 50% declared themselves as Yao fans and only watched games in which he played.

The most worrying of all is climate change; the impact of a combined effect of abiotic stress and biotic stress on crops.

In 1% of cases worrying over is used

I think i'd just worrying over nothing.

My worrying over Jiggs is a perfect example.

We won't be worrying over Assad and Khameinei.

I also find it hard to concentrate and let loose because I'd just worrying over stuff.

I find the more you check on them the more paranoid you get and start worrying over nothing.

I hope Andre Franklyn see that he must now rein in the labourites and stop worrying over KD.

That if we spent as much time working hard and educating ourselves as we do thinking about and worrying over the.

And anxiety is the unnecessary worrying over things that haven't even happened yet, and might never happen at all.

So leave the rejoicing or worrying over dick size, in its function of providing female pleasure at least, to the betas.

A lot going on at home, at work, and worrying over my talk and what I was going to say, getting the images together, etc.

In 1% of cases worrying to is used

That should be worrying to Thomas Mulcair.

It is as worrying to me as it is exhilarating.

Leave the worrying to others; let's live our art.

However, it's the long-term effects of this scheme that are particularly worrying to USI.

Economic trends detrimental to industrial development were especially worrying to Irish merchants.

Your knee jerk, and clearly uninformed, response is as worrying to me as religious fundamentalism is.

More worrying to me is the general trend of casually storing things using online services like **30;8147;TOOLONG Drive.

User: Raja Category: They can tell to the smaller dimensions of 6 x 9 envelopes easily without it seem so worrying to them.

Losing eight out of ten regions in the last elections should be extremely worrying to any political strategist worth his salt.

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