Prepositions after "witness"

"witness in", "witness to" or "witness by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases witness in is used

A marked increase, at 11%, was witnessed in exports.

Pacman's skills, as we've witnessed in the past few fights, is waning.

This is due to the heavy rains which were witnessed in most parts of Serengeti.

It makes the segregation of the South that I witnessed in my youth look quite decent.

The grass is quite tall at the moment due to the heavy rains witnessed in the past few months.

This man has the the propensity to inflict global damage on a scale never witnessed in history.

The experiences which I witnessed in Kashmir, where I live, which is my homeland, where I work, do my professional duty.

London started at once, and he sent the following dramatic description of the tragic events he witnessed in the burning city.

However, Closer to Stone belongs to Bas, who struggles to find redemption from the dreadful events he witnesses in the desert.

Thus, on the fourth of February, I witnessed in the morning an advanced world dominated by sophisticated technology and showbiz.

In 19% of cases witness by is used

The trip was witnessed by several thousand people.

They also had to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

Unfortunately, this launch was witnessed by a Police Officer.

These trials were witnessed by a team of medical specialists who confirmed the findings.

The event was witnessed by other Western journalists and television teams from the BBC, ITN, NBC.

Strong double-digit growth witnessed by the auto industry two-three years back will lead to healthy replacement demand.

The Selangor state government agreed to give Kuala Lumpur to the federal government through a treaty witnessed by the Kings.

I do not base this conclusion on belief, but on numerous personal experiences which have been verified or witnessed by other people.

In 17% of cases witness to is used

Witnessed to my Hand this 25th Day of April 1804.

Jerome bears witness to miracles being worked there.

These individuals are usually witnesses to the stories of others.

In these 4 teachings, Jon gives us some practical instruction on witnessing to others.

That was difficult as I knew I should be witnessing to my faith, if I really meant business.

These people bear witness to all other nations and prophet Mohammad (SA) bears witness to them.

The Sheikhupura Fort was thus witness to a number of crucial turning points during the half-century of the Sikh Raj.

Now, the witness testimony of two women does equal one man, yes, but this is only in regards to witnessing to financial contracts.

For the fact is that the mission of the church is both to witness to the truth and to live out the truth through our communion together.

With the emergence of civil society, we are also witness to a new kind of ' development worker ' distinct from the political worker of the past.

In 4% of cases witness at is used

Witness at any hazards for reducing the symptoms Payday Loans Online Payday Loans Online its denial the evidence submitted evidence.

The scenes of popular religious devotion witnessed at the Synod rivalled those of the Eucharistic Congress in 1932 and the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1979.

Yet despite the sincerest efforts of both men, the sense remains that the 12-goal thriller witnessed at the Madejski Stadium on Tuesday evening defies apt description with mere words.

The life-giving, life-enhancing, and pain-amelioration I witnessed at my parents ' practice continue to direct how I think about life, love, death, kinship, care, intimacy, loss, grief, collectivity.

In 4% of cases witness during is used

He explained that the enthusiasm and tension that were witnessed during the congress was because it was PDP, stressing that PDP is the largest party with many interest groups.

There has also been an alert issued at Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant, with engineers eager to avert the type of disaster witnessed during the Fukushima incident in Japan last year.

In 4% of cases witness on is used

This tends to be witnessed on each and every Rolex watch piece.

So far both complaints and improvements are witnessed on ethnic-minority students ' language education.

But all we witness on screen is the end product, the culmination of many months ' work and perfectionism.

It's going to cost more to have that, but from what I witnessed on election night you can't do without it.

And now the scenes we are witnessing on the streets of Greece and Spain and soon - here? That the people have had enough.

In 3% of cases witness for is used

These struggles are what I've witnessed for years in places like Elkhart, Indiana; Galesburg, Illinois.

There could be a person who does not smoke, womanize, drink, attend parties or gamble, but he can not witness for Christ.

They either feel professionally and morally compelled to relay what they have witnessed, or they resort to telling their own story of End Page 1009 witness for therapeutic reasons of their own.

In 3% of cases witness over is used

Reading the entrails of pigeons is high science compared to the internet embarrassment we've witnessed over the last several days.

Had detailed planning for these elections been conducted over years, rather than months, it is possible that much of the tension and violence witnessed over the past few days could have been averted.

In 2% of cases witness against is used

Mara wants Lupe to witness against her only son - Gary so that finally he will be put to jail.

The true believer fears Allah's judgement and knows that no act will go unaccounted for and that even his own eyes will bear witness against him on the Day of Judgement.

In 2% of cases witness from is used

For my part, whatever rudeness I've witnessed from Australian tourists, is eclipsed by Chinese tourists.

What followed the end of the lecture was 3 hours of what can only be described as some of the most shameful and ugly behaviour I have ever witnessed from individuals who would call themselves Sikhs.

In 2% of cases witness with is used

Thank you for bringing us the joy that we have witnessed with you for the past two seasons.

This is exactly what we have witnessed with the formation and creation of all the political parties in the country.

This gives the gaps between grand minima like witnessed with today's oncoming grand minimum and the Dalton that is most common.

In 1% of cases witness as is used

It has witnessed as the second air filling all around the world.

Finally, in the fourteenth, we witnessed as the fight came to a brutal end.

In 1% of cases witness between is used

When they were intervened to quit the demonstration, a scuffle was witnessed between the students and the faculty members.

In 1% of cases witness throughout is used

Nonetheless, I found several scenes we witnessed throughout this campaign especially disturbing.

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