Prepositions after "withdraw"

withdraw from, in, to, after or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases withdraw from is used

It has been withdrawn from sale.

Withdrawing from narcotics is no exception.

However in 86 the Romans withdrew from Scotland.

With our infants withdrawing from narcotics, however, we do not have that luxury.

With effect from Tuesday 20th March GO Mss 1-188 will be withdrawn from circulation.

It is the avowed policy of the Government to withdraw from the non-strategic sectors.

We should tell the British ambassador to withdraw from Israel, and the Israeli ambassador to withdraw from here.

Bonus funds, credited on trading account can be used in trading and can be withdrawn from account during 1 year.

In January 2008 she withdrew from day-to-day involvement with the dictionaries but stayed involved as a consultant.

Any profit made by investing the credited funds into trading may be withdrawn from the account without any delays.

In 5% of cases withdraw in is used

The case was withdrawn in June 2012.

Don't withdraw in hopes that emotions will simply cool and you can move on.

The service of providing reports was withdrawn in Family Law cases in 1996.

Retraction notices will clearly state the reasons for the paper being withdrawn in a factual manner.

Australian military intervention restored calm in 2003 and their troops are likely to withdraw in 2013.

Operation Greenhunt be withdrawn in a phase but rapid withdrawl of Para Military forces from Jharkhand.

Other informers were evacuated from Gaza after Israel withdrew in 2005, but Israel is believed to have maintained a network there.

Network) -- The United States expects Uganda to keep its peacekeeping forces in Somalia, despite a threat to withdraw in protest at a U.

I was wondering if there are any quicker alternatives? Or perhaps even a way of getting a lump sum of cash withdrawn in the USA, cheaply.

Ugandan troops make up more than a third of those peacekeepers, but they have threatened to withdraw in protest over accusations made in a U.

In 4% of cases withdraw to is used

The Roman army withdrew to Hadrian's Wall.

I am shivering, heart with unspeakable hint of fear, and quickly withdrew to the hall.

You may as well withdraw to you domiciliiary bank account from Alertpay when you choose to.

Kapiti was captured by a taua under Pehi Kupe, a close relative of Te Rauparaha, and the whole tribe was withdrawn to the safety of that island.

He has withdrawn to Mallorca to lick his wounds, where he and Uncle Tony have spent a brief off-season focusing on one and one thing alone: how to beat Novak Djokovic.

Although the fast carriers had withdrawn to Sasebo on 5 September, following the strikes against the Pyongyang area, naval activity continued along Korea? s western shore.

Dwindling troops and no promise of resupply caused him to make a move that would be important throughout history: He ended the fighting with Toussaint and withdrew to Jamaica.

In the 1990 McGimpsey case, on the other hand, the Supreme Court withdrew to a far more moderate stance in relation to the same provision's impact on the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

But events soon demonstrated the optimism of this assignment, and on 30 June, with the arrival of the North Korean People's Army momentarily expected, this group was withdrawn to the southward.

In 3% of cases withdraw after is used

The threat would be withdrawn after a hefty bribe was paid.

Both times the Romans withdrew after the Celts agreed to pay annual tribute.

Students who withdraw after the 5th week will be deemed as having attempted and failed the module.

At the end of the day the Russians withdrew after suffering 25,000 casualties while inflicting around 19,000.

I spent my whole camp training for Vyacheslav Gusev (who withdrew after suffering a broken rib ), but I feel my pedigree will take over.

The proposal was, however, withdrawn after the tenants voted against the proposals in postal ballots and at some of the largest mass meetings the estate had ever seen.

Also, ' if 10 yrs are crossed, then you are liable for pension ' -- Does this mean if he withdraws after 10 years he will get a pension? If Yes how is this calculated.

In 3% of cases withdraw by is used

The CL proceeding was withdrawn by Natco.

There were 849 sets of court papers issued, and all were withdrawn by the PPC's before trial, except 49.

Proposals may be withdrawn by the proposer at the time the President reports them or at any time beforehand.

This was later withdrawn by Openreach CEO Olivia Garfield who told the prospective customer to give her his phone number.

He alleged that during the previous BSP government, fake cases were lodged against innocent workers, which were being withdrawn by his government.

He alleged when he had left for USA, his account balance was over Rs 94,000 and it was withdrawn by some unauthorised person due to the negligence of the bank.

In addition, the potential effect of having previously received the recombinant OspA Lyme vaccine, which was withdrawn by the manufacturer in 2002, was considered 23.

And now that the surge is over, and the force of 68,000 American troops is scheduled to withdraw by the end of 2014, the Taliban's resilience has raised stark fears about what will happen next.

In 3% of cases withdraw for is used

Sometimes cases are withdrawn for payment of cash.

After the winning-goal, Hazard was withdrawn for Daniel Sturridge.

But the question is if we can withdraw for a recently purchased flat.

In 1529 he laid siege to Vienna, Austria, but was forced to withdraw for lack of supplies.

Another playmaker, Mata, was eventually withdrawn for the more defensive Ryan Bertrand and RDM clearly hoped to hold out for a point.

We have seen how lay people in Buddhist countries periodically withdraw for twenty-four hours to a monastery for the practice for some special Dhamma.

They need to save money for programs, and wait until a program is developed an ready to be started/completed before the majority of the money is withdrawn for the service.

In 2% of cases withdraw with is used

Staff Suggestion Schemes The previous practice regarding such schemes is withdrawn with effect from 1 January 2004.

World Cup 2010: Appointed captain after Rio Ferdinand withdrew with injury and John Terry was stripped of the armband.

The former Fifa World Player of the Year set up his side's second goal, and scored their third before being withdrawn with 20 minutes remaining.

Kleinveldt's star was on the rise after he was named in the ODI squad to play Sri Lanka in January, but he did not get a game before he was withdrawn with an injury.

From 0800 to 1500 the fight went on, at which time the survivors, outmaneuvered, outflanked, and most of all outnumbered, withdrew with the loss of all equipment save small arms.

In 2% of cases withdraw into is used

Disgusted, Yusuf bin Tashfin, withdrew into Morocco.

He entered a small upper room of him and withdrew into it.

Thus the wise man should withdraw into himself and not pursue complex thought.

Yusuf bin Tashfin had no desire to face the Crusaders with a divided camp and withdrew into Africa.

In 2% of cases withdraw at is used

This offer can be withdrawn at time without prior notice.

This offer can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Availability of Goods All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

A development application currently being assessed by a local council can be withdrawn at any time prior to a notice of determination being issued.

Even before the election, the LNP showed that its vetting procedures were rather less than fail-safe, with three candidates in seats it looked certain to win forced to withdraw at various points.

In 1% of cases withdraw following is used

The woman's lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukange, confirmed that the case had been withdrawn following a deal with Mr Tsvangirai's lawyers.

In 1% of cases withdraw during is used

Perennials, on the other hand, may withdraw during the end of the growing season but do not die.

Imagine if Ken Taylor and Canadian diplomats had been withdrawn during that tumultuous period, and were not there to help shield some American diplomats from the fanatics.

In 1% of cases withdraw due is used

Juan Ubaldo Cabrera, which was cancelled earlier today after Henry withdrew due to gallstones.

In 2003-04, JPAC teams investigated dozens of sites in Burma but withdrew due to deteriorating political relations between the two countries.

In 1% of cases withdraw before is used

A representation may be altered or withdrawn before the insurance is effected, but not afterwards.

So will my withdrawal be taxable (considering that if you withdraw before completing 5 years you get 30% taxed )? First withdrawing while having a job is illegal.

Where a student withdraws before the commencement of the trimester, there will be a 70% refund of tuition fees and full refund on Caution Money upon a written request.

In 1% of cases withdraw of is used

Shortly after in February of 1984 Regan ordered the withdraw of our troops from Lebanon.

In 1% of cases withdraw under is used

It reported that Libyan security forces tried to defend the embassy building but withdrew under heavy fire.

In 1% of cases withdraw as is used

A total of 103 candidates have been nominated to contest for the 20 central executive committee (CEC) posts, but some may have already withdrawn as the deadline for doing so was 5pm yesterday.

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