Prepositions used with "partner"

"with partner" or "of partner"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases partner with is used

Share it! Put it to use with partners and a sustained engagement.

I personally observed that she would only engage with partners, most notably senior partners.

Second, the need for closer cooperation with partners and non-military multinational organizations.

Kiera with partner Darren and children ' By Sunday night, I would do anything to get off school the next day.

Sackville has a long tradition of embedding international links within the curriculum, with partner schools across the globe.

ASAP is planning to host with partners and member organisations, in country workshops - ' sensitize ICAAP and abstract writing '.

We continue to working collaboratively with partners on cyber initiatives and we are keen to extend this work further in the future.

Yes, as long as every device you have is an iDevice! Dropbox is also useful for other things -- we use it to share data with partners for instance.

Britain's Allan McNish with partner Tom Kristensen, in the sister No2 Audi, took third place after losing time in an incident with the Starworks HPD.

A cybercorp, asserts the management guru James Martin, must ' network ' itself with partners who share core competencies, than merely supply components.

In 26% of cases partner of is used

Mode of determining existence of partnership 6.

Mode of determining existence of partnership 6.

Dissolution by notice of partnership at will 43.

Key to this success is our commitment to power of partnership across the three sectors.

They send those chosen to select group of partner schools where their progress is monitored.

Please see below for more information on the various types of partner programs available to you.

I decided tosick up these pictures I had lurking on the hardrive of Partner type R conversion in yes you guessed it Japan.

We are privileged that we can draw on the quality of partners we have in the UNDP, the IPRCC and the Government of Ethiopia.

So you feel like you have a different kind of partner, somebody who's got an intuitive sympathy for what you're going through.

Marriage is one's choice of partner in life and in the case of gay marriage refers to equality regardless of sexual orientation.

In 11% of cases partner for is used

We are looking for partners, buyer or fund.

In addition, you're a role model for partners and employees.

Cate Oswald directs programs in Haiti for Partners in Health.

Where else can I search for Partners? We have provided you with a list of useful links.

Many employers have already adopted such policies voluntarily for partners in civil unions.

Cate Oswald, director of programs in Haiti for Partners in Health offers details from Port-au-Prince.

Definitely the perfect place in Barcelona, Spain for partners to take a romantic stroll as the park theme was built around love.

California-based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs, as well as EV powertrain components for partners such as Toyota and Daimler.

We provide an opportunity for partners, parents, siblings, adult children and dependent children to join you here in New Zealand.

Work test requirements for partners are not new and were first introduced for partners of Unemployment Benefit recipients in April 1997.

In 7% of cases partner from is used

You hear the following statements from partners who are parasites in a relationship.

The points would be soon redeemable in the marketplace for a number of goodies from partner companies.

Once you start receiving regular payments from partners or via the US Payment Service, our payments department.

Friends of mine have graduated, split up from partners, got new jobs, started Master's courses, and found new loves.

The website will act as a platform for all things Catholic, featuring print, video, radio and news from partners worldwide.

All our money, and assistance we received from partners overseas, was well spent on education, health, decent housing and infrastructure.

Edit: Payments received from partner accounts are not automatically sent back after any period of time (unless requested by the partner or account holder).

In these pictures, costumes range from partners dressed as a pair of toadstools to a pair of eyes, and from a life-size lamp chop to a giant Michelin man.

In February 2011, IIED's communications team brought together nine researchers, communicators, advocates and project managers from partner organisations for a week-long opportunity to do just this.

In 6% of cases partner on is used

See on Revelation 1:9; and see on partners, Luke 5:10.

This entails obligations on partner states to review domestic rules and regulations and ensure compliance with the protocol.

This is a major departure from the past, and speaks to the ways that technology is having a fundamental impact on partner business models.

In 6% of cases partner to is used

This signals to Partner that a Game contract should be on and asks him to specify his hand.

A true partner-centric sales and services model should be the cornerstone of your commitment and value proposition to partners.

If your RH Opponent passes you have no other option than to respond to Partner's Take-out Double with a bid of 1H, hoping Partner holds a 4 card heart suit.

He is a recognized technical authority in renewable energy systems and provides technical guidance and support to partners and affiliates across the region.

The Minerva system for aggregating achievements from all the components that make up Diplomas should be ready but the distribution of funds to partners could be problematical.

In 5% of cases partner by is used

Personal profits earned by partners 16.

Liability of firm for misapplication by partners 27.

As husbands are replaced by partners and lovers, therefore, violence against women increases.

The explicit proclamation of the Good News is undertaken in particular by partners working with the Brothers.

Blake Fielder-Civil (30) was found choking in bed by partner Sarah Aspin last Friday before being rushed to hospital with multiple organ failure.

Below is the list of PDL discoveries for which the company receives/has received royalties from the products commercialised by partners or licensees.

In 3% of cases partner between is used

Mode of settlement of accounts between partners 48.

In 3% of cases partner in is used

In Partner, she was Govinda's lady love.

It also announced that it was looking for a farm-in partner for the North Falkland basin, where the company is focused.

In 3% of cases partner without is used

Pets Without Partners came to the rescue, taking the entire extended family into foster care.

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