Prepositions used with "emphasis"

"with emphasis" or "of emphasis"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases emphasis with is used

Your debunking should begin with emphasis on the facts, not the myth.

Let's continue exploring this subject with emphasis on using the A tag as the button base element.

The British also established in India universities based on British models with emphasis on English.

The chosen language (French, German or Irish) is studied to degree level, with emphasis on aural, oral and written fluency.

Management at corning follows a democratic style of leadership with emphasis on Kaizan, the continuous improvement philosophy.

Some of the important matters are quoted below from that statement translated by the Sunday Times (23 September 2012) with emphasis added.

If I politely refuse an offer of food, the command will be repeated, though this time it is with emphasis and matched with a furrowed brow.

Despite all this, Eremenko will try to make the team play according to his vision: balanced, proactive football (with emphasis on the latter).

In this Guide, Macau is treated under each chapter following Hong Kong, with emphasis placed on those areas where the business climate diverges.

The focus on a patient's quality of life has significantly increased in recent decades, albeit with emphasis on physical and psychological support.

In 33% of cases emphasis of is used

A great deal of emphasis is laid on music, dancing and feasting.

Like most things, this is largely a matter of emphasis and wariness.

But it is interesting to watch PG and see some of these points of emphasis emerge.

As your employer's priorities and resources shift, so should your own points of emphasis.

Many of the different theories of motivation are similar, except for the amount of emphasis.

I feel like a lot of emphasis is placed upon the wedding and the beginning days of marriage.

Others like Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi lay a lot of emphasis on their African names, while Peter Kenneth.

The system called Windows 8 is for conventional PCs that use x86/64 processors but with a lot of emphasis on using touch screens.

No one, not even within the Foundation, knew what the outcome would be and whether a major shift of emphasis was actually on the way.

We have probably evolved to be innately suspicious, to put a lot of emphasis on trust, and yet to be fascinated by the freaks who are not.

In 10% of cases emphasis for is used

Every now and then for emphasis is just fine! 9.

Try also putting objects in the centre of your frame for emphasis.

For emphasis both languages use the Arabic adverb ' ziada ' - for more.

Underlining or underscoring was used on old-fashioned typewriters for emphasis or Latin names.

SpongeBob then gives his fellow students a speech against violence, raising his fist for emphasis.

Do not send SMS messages in all capital letters or add multiple exclamation points or question marks for emphasis.

A wartime poster used underlining for emphasis, capital letters for clarity and impact, and moving to a new line as a kind of punctuation -- but not consistently.

In 10% of cases emphasis in is used

There are differences in emphasis, but nothing in Dr.

Signs of a shift in emphasis have been emerging for some time.

During the last fifty years there has been a gradual shift in emphasis.

But that shift in emphasis itself makes us still more dependent on expertise.

They stepped up to the plate and I think the results we saw in the last two national elections reflect, to a great extent, that shift in emphasis.

In 10% of cases emphasis to is used

Robust boundaries create your self esteem and free you to emphasis on what is critical to you.

Such people surround themselves by others who share these values and rituals are developed to emphasis them.

The true call for Christian Faith is not only about us loving God or even God's love for us, but to emphasis on God's Grace, and mercy.

As if this didn't highlight their importance enough, you can also change the names and appearance of your squad to emphasis their individuality.

To emphasis how new this was, Jeb recollected lengthy discussions at the meeting on basic questions such as how to translate the term ' sustainable development ' into French, German, etc.

In 1% of cases emphasis Through is used

Through emphasis on the presence of the art of this province, the Gallery recognizes the continuing links to the history of British Columbia and its prominence nationally and internationally.

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