Prepositions used with "disability"

"with disability" or "of disability"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases disability with is used

People with disabilities make great employees.

More than half of people with disabilities (53.

Including Persons with Disabilities in Development '.

Among people with disabilities living in poverty, 59% are women compared with 55.

Those with disabilities still enjoy the same things as those without disabilities.

We will also make sure that our offices are accessible for people with disabilities.

Zanzibar lack proper parks with little priority given to pedestrians, person with disabilities and cyclists.

The ARIA standard helps web developers make dynamic web content more accessible for people with disabilities.

I know quite a few people with disabilities who contribute to society and they are much happier people for it.

The Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against people with disability in employment.

In 19% of cases disability of is used

The definition of disability can be confusing to people.

Since Isobel's birth my perspective of disability had changed.

The ache and the fact of disability make my mother very painful.

There are many manifold sorts of disability insurance coverage accessible on the market.

Type of Disability Type of disability is also associated with the likelihood of poverty.

Type of Disability Type of disability is also associated with the likelihood of poverty.

In the present study, there was an increase of disability in patients with LBP when there was co morbid obesity.

The general public need to be taught (probably from primary school) to be much more accepting and respectful of disability.

Seven of these young children suffer some form of disability in addition to the trauma of having been left by their parents.

His argument straddles both of these views, extrapolating that together they resulted in a deplorable depiction of disability.

In 5% of cases disability on is used

Vorn for his work on disability.

Very pi**ed off, and now living on disability.

For three years I was on Disability Allowance.

I am out on disability from Chase Bank I have been there 10 years and they are fighting me all the way.

Because I live on disability, I am afraid of losing it, even if I manage to break in with one of the big 6.

To get credits while on Disability Allowance you must have paid or credited contributions in the last two years.

The treaty is critical to maintaining America's leadership role on disability rights and to eliminating disability discrimination throughout the world.

To put it quite simply, this dependence, and dragging it out as long as possible, reduces the amount of money that needs to be spent by governments on Disability services.

In 3% of cases disability for is used

I have stopped working and think I might qualify for disability benefits.

Sorry for the late posting! I work for CIH running a Positive Action for Disability project.

They let us know that my dad had been laid off from his job and was going to file for disability for his severe arthritis in his hands.

In a nutshell, if you become unable to work due to a medical or mental condition, you should consider making an application for disability benefits immediately.

Qualifying for Disability Living Allowance To qualify for Disability Living Allowance you must have a long-term illness or disability, either physical or mental.

He seemed to have no idea that people on IB had ALREADY been through a testing process, said by the OECD to be the most stringent test for disability benefits in the world.

Pain related disability is related to human tolerance but here pain was not the primary factor for disability in LBP as the difference for VAS between groups was not significant.

The primary aim was not to demonstrate whether obesity can be considered in the aetiology of LBP but to determine whether obesity is a factor responsible for disability in LBP patients.

However, an application for disability benefits that has been signed before the contributor's date of death and that is received after the date of the contributor's death may be considered.

In 3% of cases disability to is used

A miniscule 11 per cent, only, supported cuts to disability.

Do not assume anything when it comes to disability insurance and read your policy with care.

Provides easier access to disability sector information and facilitates communication between the National Disability Organisations.

Anyone requesting special consideration for residence due to disability related needs must register with the Student Development Centre at Brock.

I have the time (due to disability) the energy and the faith, yet after a year of offering servuces U have one self- discerned project to work on.

Although anecdotal evidence suggests a correlation between the lack of access to disability services and children entering care, there is no definitive data on the issue.

The evidence shows that most healthcare systems are not prepared to deal with this enormous increase in the numbers of seniors in need of fracture care or long-term hospitalisation due to disability.

In 2% of cases disability in is used

I was put in disability not long after that, few years after my husband left, he was tired of me been sick.

For example, about 44 million people 18 and over suffer from mental disorders, which can result in disability and death.

It was also shown that increase in BMI correlated with poor results in disability indices but VAS displayed no such correlation.

There is a dearth of long-term research in disability; and considering the changes that have taken place in services this is a major deficit.

The Quebec back pain disability questionnaire inquires to what extent the LBP patients experience difficulties in performing 20 different activities.

One project which I took part in was based on feedback at several stages -- but it was really aimed at people working in disability services and I was recruited through researcher desperation.

From 1998-2006 the UK led the way in Disability Film Festivals, showcasing the work of deaf and disabled filmmakers on the international circuit and reshaping the way our images are portrayed.

In 2% of cases disability without is used

Those with disabilities still enjoy the same things as those without disabilities.

Integrated Settings People who experience disability(s) have the right to employment alongside people without disabilities.

Persons with disabilities were legally afforded the same access to information rights as those without disabilities, but family dynamics often influenced whether or not these rights were used.

In 1% of cases disability about is used

If you are concerned about disability insurance for doctors.

Disability services Visit the website for information about disability services at the University of Ulster.

The show hopefully demonstrates both the ignorance that some people have about disability, but also the idea that you should be able to ask questions and talk openly about it.

In 1% of cases disability as is used

Availability of subsidies and discounts for people with special needs (such as disabilities) and other frequent users.

The possibility for earning a living has been seriously reduced - and this trend will continue as Disability Living Allowance is cut and will no longer enable some disabled people to work.

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