Prepositions used with "dignity"

"with dignity" or "of dignity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases dignity with is used
    You know, dying with dignity etc.
    Hope, someday, even they can live with dignity.
    Their motto is ' live and let live ' with dignity and equality.
    Otherwise, the duties of those positions can not be properly performed with dignity.
    We dress simple and take pride in what we look like and try to walk with dignity too.
    Many more parents are (or will hopefully be) able to pay their school fees with dignity.
    At EngenderHealth, helping to ensure that women can deliver their babies safely and with dignity is our daily goal.
    Director Ian Talbot (Lend Me A Tenor) really needs to let this one die with dignity and let the original books, film.
    Directed by Michael Twomey -- A film about the triumph of will, a lust for life and the right to live it with dignity.
    We should all have a choice about dying with dignity, rather than spend our last few weeks, months, whatever, in excruciating pain.

    In 26% of cases dignity of is used
    Some do it with a measure of dignity.
    Step 1; Toilet breaks should be avoided for the sake of dignity.
    It's shamefully superficial and typical of this government's lack of dignity.
    It should have at least a minimum level of dignity associated with it, surely.
    Care workers therefore help many people to keep their self-sufficiency and sense of dignity.
    This man is a pashtoon and has a lot of dignity, so he got angry and screamed at her to go back to her parents house.
    In many ways Sayem's address was remarkable in a sense that it gave an immense of dignity to Khaled-Shafayet led coup.
    There was defiance and a call to arms, but more so, there was a grasping of dignity: an affirmation of our divine nature.
    Today, as a 90-year-old, with his health failing, but his mind still sharp, he considers keeping control of his finances a matter of dignity.
    Walking through a train that is going eighty miles an hour needs practice if it is to be accomplished with any degree of dignity and progress.

    In 7% of cases dignity in is used
    The prophet here predicted that the mountain which bore the temple of Jehovah, and therefore was already in dignity the most exalted of all mountains, would.
    As the Mother of God, Mary transcends in dignity all created persons, angels and men, because the dignity of a creature is the greater the nearer it is to God.
    Instead ex-LTTE cadres including child soldiers are being rehabilitated and given skills to enable them to build their shattered lives and live in dignity and respect.

    In 5% of cases dignity to is used
    Not only do they not understand the nature of democracy, they fail to recognise one basic right and that is the right to dignity and TRUTH.
    The Syrian people's legitimate demands have to be recognised: they have a right to liberty, to dignity and to choose freely their own leaders.
    May 8, 2012 09:36 am at 9:36 am chrisnot What ever happened to dignity, ethics, and intellect? Lack of these qualities apparently does not hinder the career of a politician.

    In 4% of cases dignity for is used
    We were fighting for dignity and democracy.
    In the Black and Brown communities, we have always had tremendous leaders who give their all for dignity and justice.

    In 2% of cases dignity about is used
    So why complain? No, it is about dignity, real dignity to all barring none.

    In 1% of cases dignity on is used
    I love the way that CTC focuses on dignity.

    In 1% of cases dignity towards is used
    By killing your Imam you have committed a singularly evil act of rebellious behaviour and heedlessness towards dignity.

    In 1% of cases dignity without is used
    They have been degraded to simple factors of production, without dignity nor right, having turned into a mere object of consumption for many people.

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