Prepositions after "wish"

"wish for" or "wish to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases wish for is used

Be careful for what you wish for.

Be very careful what you wish for.

He only wished for her happiness.

Yet, as LSE PhD Ranj Alaaldin points out, Ankara should be careful what it wishes for.

Clearly the Obama administration did not wish for a Beirut redux, and I don't blame them.

Tjalle Eugster Not exactly the kind of information you wish for during the holiday season.

He is also believed to be the god of good fortune, and revered by businessmen who wish for success in their ventures.

May be, because of unappealing personality traits or just that he is not the person that Ghanaians wish for a leader.

If a man should pua make let him do it again and again; he should make a wish for that: happy is the piling up of pua.

Now, she had the life that she had always wished for and she needed to find the man that she was actually in love with.

In 21% of cases wish to is used

I have no problem if you wish to kesha.

My love and best wishes to Jeanette and the family.

They flied their wishes to high sky adbibied to kites.

To ensure that this CDA is taken care off upon my demise, I wish to will my CDA to my wife.

You must put into practice these tips into the daily lifestyle if you wish to see an effect.

Both of can frequently advice slow your incredible level if you wish to experiencing hurried.

It is something maybe I should have expected, yes, and it is, certainly, something I wish to God had not happened here.

You wouldn't wish to pick up each and every footstep heading down the hallway if you are inside a master bedroom resting.

Should they be not just a follower however, this may get them to wish to be much like your other visitors and comply with you also.

I wish to discus the greatest Hamiltonian achievement to date, which you sort of touched on in this paragraph, but failed to expand.

In 4% of cases wish on is used

Which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I wish on day I could meet you personally.

But I couldn't just pass by and not wish on your birthday.

The other babies suffered a fate I dare not wish on anyone.

Beware what you wish on others, it often comes back to you.

Also, thanks for your well wishes on my ' second spring '.

It's something I'd used to, for sure, but not something I would wish on a person.

Not sure if wishing for a star to wish on invalidates a fresh wish, only time can tell.

You can actually decide to put very little or as much sugar as you wish on the cookies at this time.

That's quite different from Obama, who chose to use his real given name, Barack, instead of the nickname, Barry, which schoolmates wished on him.

In 3% of cases wish in is used

On the other hand, Windows 7 Sale, had been companies wish in migrating quickly.

Would love to try one out and own one, but I do wish in a Canon mount optionso we can use Tilt shifts etc.

So regardless of what politicians think or say, people live, work and play wherever they wish in Hawke's Bay.

Like any neighbors, we may not agree all the time, but we respect your right to do as you wish in your own yard.

I don't wish in this thread to attack holographic ideas and Tegmark's idea, but I find them completely off-base.

It is important to know what you wish in advance and then make the right choices that you just won't be sorry for later on in life.

It is important that the Agent is involved in discussions about the person's values, beliefs and wishes in relation to future medical treatment and care.

American government is not made of a central power where the president is the almighty god with a free hand to do what he wishes in the international arena.

You would think feminists, at least, would understand why as a practical matter we do not wish in the 21 st century, or any other, to live in a world where rank has its (ahem) privileges.

But what if our leaders were to offer well wishes in place of warnings? Songs in place of slurs? Presents in place of reprisals? Would not all war end at once? All nations say they want peace.

In 2% of cases wish at is used

I love freedom The power to do whatever you wish at your own pace, that's freedom at its best.

Hence, you can make as many qada prayers as you wish at any time besides the above three times regardless of which prayer time of the day you are in.

Goals To have not a single drop of alcohol during the next three months To save the $80pw average that I spend on alcohol, to spend as I wish at the end To lose at least 5kg.

In 2% of cases wish from is used

You can raise your hands and recite any du'aa ' you wish from the books of du'aa ', in one minute.

Not being able to turn his face from their request, poor old Lama Lodru has written this Wishing from the bottom of his heart to benefit beings.

In 2% of cases wish with is used

Does anyone want them? Do as you wish with them.

Theoretically, they could do whatever they wish with it.

I wish with all my heart that you would come to England and see me.

Wish with next test match still 2 months away and Ranji starting soon, he make real statement for selection in XI by playing as opener.

It has no sequential narrative, which is something a picture book is ideal for -- you can open it at any page, go backwards or forwards, and spend as much time as you wish with each image.

In 1% of cases wish about is used

You may say all you wish about tea carts, but your logical framing remains fundamentally flawed.

Bitch and moan all you wish about it messing up your clothes, but you're only keeping us from getting to where we were going.

The governor told him that he could do as he wished about paying the money back and about writing the letter to Imam Husain, but refused to give permission to bury Muslim bin Aqeel's body.

In 1% of cases wish as is used

Mirrors should be placed strategically, thought according to the light amount wished as well as which objects you wish it to reflect.

Similarly if we wish as a teacher or member of a teaching team to develop metacognition in The following are some definitions offered by a group of teachers: Metacognition is.

In 1% of cases wish by is used

Several of search engines like yahoo at present has evolved quite enhanced strategy to offer material to aid you to already have specifics you wish by simply type in jest couple of search phrases.

In 1% of cases wish upon is used

Stardate Personal Star Greeting Cards - Ever wanted to wish upon a star, or to make that wish for a loved one.

What do you like about Swish Appeal? What could you do without? What do you wish upon the night stars that we would start doing?

Can't wait to get to my favorite quilt shop, Wish upon a Quilt, to get some fabric to whip this up!!! Great gift idea for Christmas holidays coming up soon.

In 1% of cases wish without is used

We are both just free to leave if we so wish without any maintenance property or custody issues.

No matter what that presidents agenda is he can not have his way with whatever he wishes without OUR consent.

This will allow products to design as they wish without being constrained to overzealous reset rules or a fixed-width column - both problems with the current Barlesque.

Good A benefits their personal health, denying their right to do good A if they wish without your arbitrary restriction is surely against the *spirit*, if not the letter of the Declaration.

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