Prepositions after "wipe"

wipe off, out, from, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases wipe off is used

They should be wiped off the face of the earth.

He doesn't wipe off the counter or table after he does the dishes.

On humanitarian grounds, the officer wiped off the blood that flowed from Anwar? s face and nose.

In April, computers in the Iranian oil ministry had sensitive data wiped off them by unknown attackers.

Their main strategy is not to wipe off the miscreants from this region but to creep in the boundaries of our country.

The logic is that if you put the two clauses together, you find that okada has been automatically wiped off Lagos roads.

You are stuck in the middle ages, no better than the religious idiots we are spending trillions of dollars trying to wipe off the planet.

However if you are at all knowledgeable, you will know that elephants are endangered of being wiped off the planet by humans who hunt them for sport or for tusks.

Prognosis ' incorrect ' In recent times, the inhabitants of many low-lying Pacific islands have come to fear their homelands being wiped off the map because of rising sea levels.

In 14% of cases wipe out is used

Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers.

The true kashmiris such as the dogras, the pundits and others have been wiped out or driven from their homes.

The disturbances in Mauritania were crushed only in 1933, simultaneously with the wiping out of the last nests of resistance in Morocco.

That allows heat and ultraviolet radiation to wipe out most pathogens that cause diarrhea, a malady that kills 4,000 children a day in Africa.

Could she have got it from them? What could have been the culprit? Any help you can offer would be great -- I thought this disease had been almost wiped out of the western world.

In 14% of cases wipe from is used

But the past 10 years also saw some animals wiped from existence.

Just don't let the gorgeous views wipe from your memory the basic principles of photography.

The convulsion this precipitated appears to have wiped from my memory precisely what he was talking about.

Stripping of the spool valve revealed no internal debris but a slight discolouration in the fluid wiped from the spool stem.

If no second offence, your name is wiped from the list of offenders after a period (much like how points on the drivers licence expire).

In 10% of cases wipe with is used

Or pour water from a bucket with ladle and wipe with your hand.

A quick swipe with TP is more than enough if everything's working well down there.

All electrode sites were cleaned with abrasive gel and wiped with a gauze pad prior to electrode placement.

Eye Care: A mucus collection in baby? s eyes should be wiped with the boiled water and a clean cloth or cotton.

Wait 15 minutes or specified time, then wipe with a cloth or rag; do not use stiff-bristled brushes to avoid fabric damage.

Posted by: Bambi on December 9, 2009 10:59 AM cleaning ur butt with water is MUCH more hygienic that wiping with toilet paper.

WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE? It has a mild sea flavour, mainly on its surface, therefore dried kombu leaves should never be washed, but simply wiped with a damp cloth.

In 1% of cases wipe down is used

Wipe down the sides, get the duster out, vacuum the floor and the skirting boards, vacuum the cupboards, and then move on to the real cleaning.

In 1% of cases wipe away is used

The one just, man giving his casting vote to the equal votes of women, would wipe away from men the opprobrium of the meditated wrong.

In 1% of cases wipe upon is used

In this bag were many presents for my family that I had wiped upon the graves of my Imams, as well as my sisters laptop with the pictures and videos I had taken on the trip.

In 1% of cases wipe within is used

He told me that he worked for a Microsoft licensed company, that my computer had been attacked by a virus and everything would be wiped within 30 mins of me switching it on.

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