Prepositions after "wink"

wink at, across, from, into or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases wink at is used

She seemed unconvinced by that, so he winked at her.

Even as I'd typing this, I'd looking at a big mound of ironing, just winking at me to be done.

And if she winks at him one more through the TV he is going to get sick! Joe Hoeffel Bio from Wikipedia: en.

My class would never feel free to make those comments in class because I, as the leader, would never wink at such comments.

But creator Josh Schwartz has also infused the show with a well played self-aware aspect that slyly winks at the audience and reminds them everyone is on the joke.

Rauschenbusch thought that the churches had aligned themselves with robber barons, supported unfair labor practices, winked at income disparity and ignored the poor.

Attractively encased in superior packaging (which by the way, would do nothing for the quality of the shave) they winked at me as they outshone their ordinary looking compatriots.

In 4% of cases wink from is used

Amid the talk of wine and food were also plenty of warmth, humour and side winks from Nicolette and Kara, and other staff.

In 4% of cases wink into is used

A large vision screen above the console winked into life revealing a wide starscape and a single very large sun dead ahead of them.

In 4% of cases wink to is used

Sometimes I make quiet little nods and winks to people in my posts, but the general message or story is very anyone who stumbles upon me and wishes to read.

In 4% of cases wink without is used

Code: Function = U1 Click Talk &; U2 has no option to wink without raise-hand like hello here i a let me Talk.

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