Prepositions after "win"

"win in" or "win by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases win in is used

This is why we win in November.

Romney, should he win in November.

Not won in the 3 most recent games.

Vikas Krishan with the bronze medal he won in the World Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan.

But Le Clos, third at the final turn, plunged past Phelps at the finish to win in 1min 52.

Ultimately, the readership will determine what organisation wins in this battle of views.

Peterborough continue to struggle, the Posh are without a win in six and have lost the last four, failing to score once.

He said religious parties were likely to get fewer seats in the coming elections than they had won in the previous polls.

Murray required physio treatment and limped through the first set before sparking into life and winning in four, that.

The compromises needed to win in elections where money rules are treacherous traps for those committed to political reform.

In 20% of cases win by is used

And in Middletown he WON by 2207.

This year contest won by Kai Greene.

Yet Hillary Clinton won by 3 points.

As a result, Colorado sports a light blue hue today as Obama is now projected to win by 0.

Sarawak on the other hand needs to win by a huge goal margin in their next match to qualify.

He pointed to Maryland, a more liberal state where marriage equality won by only four points.

Only Indiana and North Carolina (and Nebraska's CD-2) remain in Romney's column of all the states won by Obama in 2008.

The battle of Jamal was fought and won by Ali(AS) and the capital of the muslim state was removed from Madinah to Kufa.

In 9% of cases win over is used

After his May 5 win over Cotto, which sold 1.

Zhou Yu won over Xu Xin in 11-6, 9-11, 13-11.

She blew away the judges and won over the crowd.

I can't imagine any of these jokers winning over the public -- that's what scares me.

Georgia - The Bulldogs can use a Florida State win over Florida to lock up a BCS bowl berth.

Old Digg won over the Internet not only because it drove pageviews, but also because those pageviews came from the people.

He had an incredible personality which won over the hearts and minds of many Irish people, evidenced by his legion of fans.

Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona Carey broke the Pac-12 single-game rushing record with 366 yards in Arizona's 56-31 win over Colorado.

As a Del Potro fan, I think he's played many memorable matches this year, starting with his SF win over Berdych at Rotterdam.

In 8% of cases win at is used

If it does, they may win at Lord's.

He missed the place he had won at St.

Stefanova: I think I was winning at some point.

However, my mother tells me to be a little cautious, but she wants me to win at any cost.

Apollo's Arrow Josef Alton investigates the modern obsession with winning at any cost.

Indeed, they had not won away from home at all since a 1 -- 0 win at Udinese in April 2007.

He also won his first King George that Boxing Day, then won at Newbury before going on to claim the Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

And while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, I can vouch for the fact that it's no way to win at hide-and-seek.

Spurs won out last season, claiming the double over the Red, a 2-1 win at home followed by a 2-0 end of season win at Anfield.

In 7% of cases win for is used

Either way it's a no win for him.

Should be a big win for the All Blacks.

The result was a 1-0 road win for the Spirit.

There were also wins for 11th-seeded Nicolas Almagro, Llodra and Gilles Simon of France.

His uniform courtesy to the rank and file won for him the respect and esteem of all his men.

December and January were horrible, the team failed to win for two months, dropping to 5th place.

Bosh won for 2009-10 and tonight will be the first time we've had a chance to see him and make the formal presentation.

But at the same time some job reservations won for the community after a protracted struggle were taken away by Article 16(4).

Shuster won for his extensive coverage of the 2005 National Disabled American Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Aspen, Colorado.

It's also worth remembering that there are absolutely no prizes to be won for trying to do everything yourself when planning your wedding.

In 7% of cases win on is used

Verdict: Uruguay win on penalties.

So they're not going to win on this.

Most races you will win on the first try.

Posted by Lisa Kaiser on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 6:44 PM (EDT ): Obama won on the demographics.

Another collector in Pakenham has one won on eBay as does the good friend I mentioned earlier.

Blake's Ceramco notched up a second leg win on handicap, to bring his momentous race to a close.

If Limerick Win on saturday night &; dowling gets to showcase he's talents at the quarter final stage he will win it out.

I actually thought he lost against Daniel Ponce De Leon (Broner unanimously won on points over ten rounds in March 2011).

Forget management - doing things right, forget leadership - doing the right things - the future will be won on inspiration.

The interim guy clearly won on a voice vote basis but the Paul people called a point of order and demanded a manual re-count.

In 7% of cases win with is used

Bush's 2004 win with 62,000,000 votes.

Obama won with 50 percent of the vote, to Mr.

This time MR's lot have won with lesser flaws.

Such a struggle can not be conducted casually, nor can it be won with a few suggestions.

There, the Democrat, Elizabeth Esty, won with 52 percent of the vote over Andrew Roraback.

We are confident of winning with a large majority at the October 8 polls, he concluded.

That means that, under a system of plurality, a candidate could win with 59% of the voters voting against him or her.

That means if you place a bet that Chelsea will win with N10,000 and Chelsea wins, your gross profit will be N12,000.

Mourinho also achieved success at the first time of asking -- shaking of the burden that he could only win with money.

It will be difficult to top the dramatic ending to last season as Manchester City won with the last kick of the match.

In 4% of cases win against is used

You can't win against the tribesmen through use of force.

He'd be strong enough to win against ANY Republican nominee.

Did we deserve to win against Tunisia or even a draw against Guinea.

He scored his second Chelsea goal in the 4 -- 0 home win against Real Betis in the Champions League.

When we take the field, the fact that we won against Syria won't guarantee us a win against Maldives.

C'm on, from your tone it sounds like this should be an easy one for you, a slam duck win against all us freetards.

This game has been considered as a game that utilized feet in order to score a point and win against the opposing team.

The Leading Unfavorites India - I am not reading too much into the embarrassingly thumping win against England for India.

The jury had such a negative thing about Dan and they associated me with Dan, so I don't think I could've won against Ian.

In 1% of cases win after is used

I want to be remembered as one who kept going and won after everyone else gave up.

The Rock won after delivering three consecutive Rock Bottoms, ending their long-running feud.

He also missed the FA Cup Final against Manchester United, which Chelsea won after a goal from Didier Drogba during extra time.

For the second straight week and for the fourth time this season, Nebraska came back to win after trailing by double digits in the second half.

The Eastern Cape franchise was only chasing 106 to win after a poor batting display from the Chevrolet Knights saw the visitors bowled out in just 32.

He won after mounting a late charge following his second pit stop in a race in which McLaren's strategy was spot-on and rivals Red Bull and Ferrari both under-estimated tyre wear levels.

In 1% of cases win as is used

Leftwich was looking for his first win as a starter since Oct.

I'd really excited about this, I love winning, I love the sport and want to win as an owner.

His Mumbai counterpart, Harbhajan Singh said it was a good toss to win as the wicket was very unpredictable.

This surreally talented leftie, has won everything there is to win as an individual in world football today.

Patrick challenged for the Indy 500 win as a rookie, becoming the first woman to lead laps while finishing fourth.

The story was the same even in Onisha (Ziks home town) where the late Sir Louis Mbanefo won as an independent candidate.

Veteran backup Byron Leftwich will take the snaps in Roethlisberger's place, looking for his first win as a starter in six years.

A two-time U23 world champion, the 21-year-old Dutchman won 16 races last year, including a sneaky sprint win as an elite at CrossVegas.

Syracuse went 75 yards in eight plays in just 1:20 to win as quarterback Ryan Nassib tossed a 1-yard touchdown pass to Alex Lemon with three seconds left.

A team that knows winning as a best friend and losing as an ex-girlfriend - the ugliness of it never completely expunged from the mind but it's not like it ever re-appears too often.

In 1% of cases win because is used

Some keep on winning because of consistency in quality, no doubt in that.

So far, I have won because of my technique, now I have to improve my strength.

Wake up everyone, Obama won because the majority of the people wanted some change.

Teams are expected to win because of ability and/or luck, not by being tricky cheaters.

Pokhriyal sent his henchmen to defeat Khanduri, which they did successfully even as all around them BJP candidates won because of Khanduri.

In 1% of cases win despite is used

The Lakers have been winning despite Kobe for years.

Sukhbir Badal has won despite a split, not because of it.

The Nats are winning despite a vulnerability to stolen bases.

She is describing the feeling when she thought he might win despite the fact that he is clearly not perfect but she doesn't care anyway he is her man &; that is how she sees things.

In 1% of cases win from is used

You see, the largest amount you can win from the program is ten million naira.

Chose the Macanese Set Meal! Ze prizes Ai &; I won from the Amazing Race the day before.

He will get a certain bounce surely but I have to say James winning from this position is very unlikely.

A strong time trialist on a flat course will be looking for an opportunity to strike it out alone and win from a break.

Points - most points are won from an opponent's unforced mistakes, instead of being won by pressuring a mistake from the opponent.

The post war boom began to end and capitalism suddenly found itself unable to afford many of the concession that had been won from it.

The reason the Huskies are not higher on this list is because of the 29 regular-season games they won from the 2008-09 season until the 2010-11 season.

But im from Switzerland and I hope its also possible to win from here! Im a great fan of Yohan Blake and Its a big dream of me to meet him! Is it possible that.

Cambodia enjoyed the early run of results in the Mekong Cup, winning from 2005 to 2007 and will be relishing the chance to return the Cup to Phnom Penh at the end of the month.

Hailing from a renowned Garhwal family, Rawat joined the Congress before the first state Assembly elections in February, 2002, and won from Dhumakot Assembly segment in Pauri Garhwal.

In 1% of cases win through is used

Wars are won through strategy, casualties are only one part of victory.

His re-election was won through rampant election fraud in Ohio, courtesy of Ken Blackwell.

If we gave teams as little time on the ball as they do us, we would win through our superior technique.

Krista Guloien This rower was born and raised in British Columbia, and shows her commitment to winning through giving.

Fact is Harrigan &; the officials were WRONG so they should just admit they cost NSW any chance of winning through poor officialdom.

As for DAP most of the seats that they won and easily more than 90% are actually seats where they won through contesting against a Chinese candidate.

From this year, 6 players who have won through DRAGON THE WORLD CHALLENGE 2012 will be qualified as Wild Cards to participate in THE WORLD 2012 GRAND FINAL.

Ask the multinational telcos that pumped in billions for 2G spectrum in India only to lose the licences they won through an order reversal later and they will have a different tale to tell.

In 1% of cases win to is used

You don't like the GMs that brought winning to this franchise.

This was by far the girls ' best win to date as they really had to earn each final win.

The second and most significant international championship win to date in which Williams was Captain.

Filipino English teachers in hagwons or private language academies, are paid anywhere from 15,000 won to 50,000 won per hour.

It should be noted that these committees include not only people who registered as attendees but also the vendors who, through hearing the presentations, were won to the importance of AAPDEP's work.

In 1% of cases win without is used

He didn't want to win without sweating.

We were told we could never win without Peter.

In professional sports, however, few championships are won without risk.

Hand after hand the stranger won without fail, laughing rudely after each victory.

Romney's leads are based on the South but Obama is leading in the Midwest and West so he can win without them.

This war could not have been won without the Navy interdicting arms supplies, which were flowing freely into the battle field.

And when she thanks her supporters for their prayers it is as though she has never contemplated the possibility that she could have won without them.

And what are you really saying with all this? That Obama can't win without fraudulent votes? Driving: How about when they quit driving they get a state-issued ID card? Not hard.

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