Prepositions after "wide"

wide of, in, with, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases wide of is used

Wider of the Punitive Expedition.

All of these were wide of the mark.

But these would be wide of the mark.

As it was, our efforts sailed wide of the post and we were left with a mountain to climb.

Unfortunately the man who grabbed a brace on Saturday dragged his shot wide of the target.

The GAA have even tested systems to tell whether a ball has gone wide of the posts or not.

Danny Murphy hit a vicious volley just wide of the target after 20 minutes as the Addicks looked to extend their lead.

He looks to poke a shot into the bottom-left corner, but overcooks the bend on the ball and it sails wide of the post.

His first contribution was to annihilate Ramis down the right side before slicing a low shot just wide of the far post.

Although Allen is well wide of the mark and ill-advised in his words, his words convey RACISM in any way shape or form.

In 12% of cases wide in is used

Roads are wider in the suburbs.

But the issue is much wider in scope.

Work place rights are wide in meaning.

Stankovic conceded a free-kick but Gyan's resultant kick went wide in the fourth minute.

If you go to the galleries on Yahoo you get small images, about 450 wide in a slideshow.

Both are wide in scope and accommodate diverse attempts to answer the biggest questions.

Despite these statistics, people experienced water shortages camp wide in the first three weeks of November this year.

The mineralization is associated with dark quartz-sulphide veins within a shear zone 3-10 metres wide in basaltic units.

Suarez can play wide in a 4-3-3 and I'd sure if they went with that the front 3 would be switching with fluidity anyway.

According to the Quran, the sacred Book of Islam, the religion of Islam is as wide in its conception as humanity itself.

In 9% of cases wide with is used

Sugar's eyes are wide with fear.

Adams ' eyes were wide with fear.

Go world wide with your business.

I have taken every second of my vacation time and have travelled far and wide with it.

He pushes Murray wide with his serves and seems to have cleared out the early cobwebs.

Brennan missed wide with a backhander but FolignoA also shot without a deke and scored.

A mistake by Ash Taylor left Ryan Lowe in the clear but the striker fired wide with only Owain Fon Williams to beat.

England's first attempt at goal came after 28 minutes when Rooney headed a Young cross wide with only Pyatov to beat.

Theodorus's temple was 300 feet in length and 150 feet wide with an area four times the size of the temple before it.

The fearsome threesome bowled like any Tom, Dick or Harry; too wide with the new ball, too straight with the old one.

In 9% of cases wide for is used

It seems too complex and very wide for me.

Most walkers are too wide for this doorway.

I have searched long and wide for a solution.

Sahin and Gerrard aren't wide forwards and I doubt will ever be used there this season.

In fact, the pay gap is wider for those with more experience than for those with less.

I have been looking Australia wide for good opportunities and agree with Ben's comment.

If your feet and knocking around side to side inside the skates when they are laced but, they may be to wide for you.

The windshield has been modified for 2012, vented and redesigned to be taller and wider for enhanced wind protection.

Around the town The West Australian coast is known world wide for its natural beauty and for its abundant marine life.

Well, not too close until you distort their nature beauty or too close in their face (20mm is very very wide for this).

In 7% of cases wide at is used

Customs Street is a bit wider at 33m.

The estuary is two miles wide at this point.

Johnny McCaffrey with a wide at the other end.

Veins range from a few inches to 15 feet wide at the surface with most about 2 feet wide.

With the Denon the soundfield was wider at the front and the sound was better dispersed.

Several drivers would run wide at various turns as they came to grips with the new track.

Despite his advantage, though, he made a slip on lap 5, sliding wide at the Senna S and just about holding off Webber.

Mine was black, 3-ply-black pickguard, and unless I'd being fooled by perspective, the neck was MUCH wider at the nut.

Hooray! The dam wall is a feat of engineering, being 111m high, 3830m long and 980m wide at its base and 40m at its top.

In 7% of cases wide on is used

The view stretched wide on every side.

The mountain is 20 km wide on average.

The film opens wider on November 30th.

Jonathan portortedly consulted wide on the issue of subsidy removal, yet he landcrashed.

He started wide on the right of a midfield three which supported Jordan Rhodes up front.

For example, a circle or ' o ' might be thin at the top and bottom and wide on the sides.

The article said that the Rwandan wide on the construction site in front of the Capitol, waving the red flag of China.

A sow's ears are usually closer together, as a male bear's cranium grows wider on top and the ears look farther apart.

The man's shriek of panic horror thrilled me through, and as the ponderous door swung slowly wide on its hinges, and Dr.

Publicity was wide on radios, and in print, libraries made a living by just putting books and more books on the shelves.

In 6% of cases wide by is used

The worktop is 1,000mm wide by 500mm deep.

Line and 105,000 for line wider by a foot.

It was 18-feet wide by about seven feet tall.

All the spreads in Europe are tighter on the day apart from Ireland which is wider by 0.

They could gradually push them wide by moving into their way while they were still far off.

The ruler in my picture shows the area being measured is 100 pixels wide by 19 pixels high.

Isco had another chance soon after when a shot from the edge of the box was pushed wide by Amelia, the Milan goalkeeper.

A new digital photograph must have a resolution of 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels high, and a color depth of 24-bit color.

And those challenges magnify when the hangar is 80 metres wide by 60 metres long and 15 metres tall at its highest point.

A crew of nine workers took 15 hours to secure the 75 foot wide by 110 foot long vinyl mesh material to the desert floor.

In 6% of cases wide from is used

Elsad Zverotic fires wide from 25 yards.

His shot is wide from the edge of the box.

The vocal range is remarkably wide from birth.

KEVIN OWEN: I'd like to broaden that a little bit now, a little bit wider from Syria.

What that means is it levels the temperatures world wide from the equator to the poles.

After the restart Nocerino fired over from distance and Mexes turned wide from a corner.

Almar Rose got a glorious chance to hand Wolmer's the lead in the 60th minute, but he fired wide from close to goal.

Myanmar almost equalized from a corner, heading wide from the cross before five minutes of injury time were signaled.

Shelbourne also had a number of half chances and Philly Hughes pulled a shout just wide from a great ball by Cassidy.

The signs were clear from the outset as with just two minutes on the clock, Brown shot wide from just outside the box.

In 5% of cases wide to is used

Also it's too wide to type with thumbs.

Soon the gulf might be too wide to bridge.

Mortgages are a basis point wider to swaps.

A quick strike to Martin set up a 54-yard FG, which was not converted, wide to the left.

He clearly pushes Raikkonen wide to the point that Kimi's car goes off track momentarily.

You always see the ball going wide to the right back mostly and he then swings in a cross.

Arteta, in particular, had no reason to spread the ball wide to the left because Vermaelen was reluctant to get forward.

The Clone Stamp tool acts like a brush so you can change the size, allowing cloning from just one pixel wide to hundreds.

The ball was worked wide to right back Jonas Thor Naes who floated an innocuous looking ball into the middle of the area.

He is forced to spread the ball wide to the wings, where we are most predictable &; not the most effective at the moment.

In 3% of cases wide as is used

It's not as large or wide as the 4.

In the whole world wide as a online business.

It is now traded world wide as a house plant.

It is a sentiment echoed far and wide as the force of law was brought to bear this week.

Sasuki's eyes went wide as the blonde's clones dispersed, an arrogant gleam in his eyes.

This pathogen is emerging world wide as a result of anthropogenic translocation as well as.

It is buying and consuming more, not producing more, that is seen far and wide as the source of wealth and prosperity.

The deviations from the principles of democracy in these countries are not as wide as wide as the countries like ours.

I went back there a week ago, and the riverbank I used to play on is now much wider as a result of the lateral spread.

This would also mean they would have to get a mile deep and few inches wide as opposed to a a inch deep and a mile wide.

In 1% of cases wide before is used

This needs to go far and wide before Early Voting starts.

She travels far and wide before finally reaching the shore.

The gap between the breasts may be wide before the enlargement.

Welbeck scuffed a harmless effort wide before Rooney was denied at close range by Howard.

Gerrard sent a free-kick just wide before Kewell volleyed narrowly over in the 40th minute.

If necessary, you can turn on the adequate and well-paved streets and wide before the apex again.

He scored a goal, but I think it was going wide before the deflection anyway, so I'd not giving him too much credit for it.

Blaszczykowski nearly doubled their lead but pulled his effort wide before drilling another shot past the post minutes later.

Aaron Lennon then fired inches wide before the madness descended as Adebayor went in high on Cazorla in the middle of the park.

Villa then sent a 25-yarder well wide before Alexis, this time under pressure from the defence headed another Alves cross wide.

In 1% of cases wide between is used

Age was a gulf that yawned wide between us.

The effective PH range of protease is wide between 7.

The difference, it is said, is very wide between judgment and sentiment.

It is also wider between Indigenous and non-Indigenous females in these two jurisdictions (12.

The gulf of mistrust that has grown wider between the Baloch nationalists and the military needs to be narrowed.

The patients all lie with their backs to the light, and there is a space five feet wide between the beds and the windows.

There was only one choice to avoid a pile-up and that was to aim for a narrow gap approx 6ft wide between the barrier and guard hut.

And if that goes on for decades, the gap just gets wider and wider between those who get to full promotion (a standard 5-10K bump) and those who don't.

The city is pressed into a narrow band running over 20 kilometers from east to west, and only about 4 kilometers wide between the sea and the mountains.

There is extremely little difference wide between the very best, middle or even bottom of the face however it is much more rounded compared to square face.

In 1% of cases wide around is used

The flan's popularity goes far and wide around the world.

DRAW a circle a mile wide around the post office in Bellharbour.

We passed a couple of rock gardens, and at first we all circled wide around them.

So he led his herd wide around the villages, and moved only in the middle of the night.

The legs are spread out wider around the base to provide optimum stability and support.

Also they are tightish around the ankles but pretty wide around the top and I love that, I couldn't stand it if they were fitted.

Not just the length of pants but also body length (the straps on dresses are always too long) and being too wide around the shouders.

Derek Sutliffe drove wide around the defense and spotted an oncoming Greiner in full flight who deflected the puck into the open goal.

About two miles later the second bloke went too wide around the bend and six of us ended up in the hedges on the opposite side of the road.

Conversely, Moonlight Cloud was dropped right out at the back and set an impossible mission of going wide around the field at the end of the race.

In 1% of cases wide into is used

These spread their aroma far and wide into other regions.

Webber pushes Button wide into turn 1 allowing Alonso to come through into 5th.

He was coming wide into the channels and also playing ahead of Aguero at times.

Alonso going wide into the tricky 1st corner gifted Webber P3 while Alonso rued his mistake.

The last-named are the seven Spirits of God, and have been sent far and wide into all the earth.

During his visits to China he dug deep and wide into the history of ancient Chinese science and civilization.

She felt the need to move something, so she squinted her eyes a little bit and them opened them up wider into her best smize.

With some seat time and Amy stressing that I need to go wider into the outer zone, I was able to nail the wide and fast line the judges were looking for.

With his first touch of the ball he managed to shoot just wide into the side netting but five mi nutes later his next real contribution brought us another goal.

He made it all the way to the last corner when he misjudged a pass on a slow lapped car, drifted wide into the wall and wiped the right side wheels off his car.

In 1% of cases wide after is used

This gap became even wider after the age of 8.

Podolski also skewed one wide after a cutback in the box.

Niamh Sheridan then shot wide after shrugging off her marker.

There were times when my new t-shirts became shorter and wider after the first wash.

Town began to hit their stride and Luke Dean shot narrowly wide after a penetrative run.

Their best chance fell to Marcelo who sliced wide after an excellent through ball from Oscar.

The home side also looked vulnerable and Gervinho somehow scuffed a tap-in wide after Theo Walcott surged past Cole.

Neither side troubled the scoreboard again until the 48th minute as both sides kicked wide after wide in succession.

Hazard had a shot saved by De Gea's feet and then shot wide after a Mata dink as the two of them threatened to run riot.

Rogers fired wide after Joel Holland and Jake Green had penetrated the Spartans defence and for a time Eastwood threatened.

In 1% of cases wide off is used

But that is a long way wide off the mark.

Mata released hazard, but his shot was wide off target.

This perception is more often than not very wide off the mark.

Playing Rangoon with Woody is crucial as he, like me, is known to hit the ball very wide off the tee.

He bowls a full toss again to Prior, who send it straight back, wide off the Ashwin's hand and races for four.

Ataul Mujeeb Rashed London, UK Your cover story, Jihad &; Terrorism, (Impact, February 1999) was wide off the mark.

The best of those chances came on the head of Amri, who could only shoot wide off a cross from Shi in the 30th minute.

But through out the world cup he just shot aimlessly towards the post and most of which were awkwardly wide off target.

It is our opinion that the NMA remarks were wide off the mark and portrays a one-sided view of the problems in Nigeria.

Multiple Exposure enabled Not only is the color balance wide off the mark, there was visible LESS dynamic range in the scan.

In 1% of cases wide over is used

I grabbed a leg in each hand, spreading them wide over my waist.

Fit a vent pipe at least 15 centimeters wide over the smaller hole.

The spread between rich and poor has gotten wider over the decades.

Far and wide over the swamp and in the trenches of the pa, stark and still.

He also knows the divide is wide over questions of race, racism and immigration.

These new adherents to Papal allegiance spread far and wide over Latin Christendom.

Dimmesdale had done speaking, a light gleamed far and wide over all the muffled sky.

The strange remark flew far and wide over the town and made an extraordinary sensation.

It's a contrived setup but a good excuse to range far and wide over whiskey brands and styles.

He returned to Britain after a year and wandered far and wide over land and sea, investigating various nutritional problems.

In 1% of cases wide through is used

May the bug spread far and wide through Kenya.

Allowing those to share wider through their networks.

This theory spread far and wide through his students and reached Europe too.

Word of the doctrine, often garbled, has spread far and wide through the investment industry.

The shock at Charlotte's death spread far and wide through the dance and entertainment worlds.

The stretch of land about 100 kilometre wide through the province became known as the Platinum SDI.

You are authorized and encouraged to refer potential FFH members world wide through your unique ID website portal.

Now remember that I am oblivious to the fact that this has spread far and wide through the CHP / law enforcement community.

President Jakaya Kikwete joined mourners on Sunday, calling the fallen star a brilliant ambassador wide through the screen.

I'd getting sick of Rooney and Nani firing free kicks into the wall or high and wide through a lack of technique and imagination.

In 1% of cases wide throughout is used

Not only they are less in cost but also availability is also wide throughout the country.

He climbed far and wide throughout the world, more often than not looking for new and challenging routes.

I feel that Monique's message MUST spread far and wide throughout the world for it can help so many people.

As always, spread these tulips far and wide throughout your perennial borders rather than mass planting them.

Its principles and plans of action were thus expressed in a Prospectus which was diffused far and wide throughout the kingdom.

Without presuming to have all the answers, the CCES released this report to stimulate discussion far and wide throughout sport.

Even at the age of eighty he is still travelling far and wide throughout the year to teach insight meditation and spread the Dhamma.

They originally shared a common language, which, in the course of their migrations, was spread far and wide throughout Europe and South Asia.

Aioina wandered far and wide throughout the world and took wives wherever he - 205 went: which explains, they say, why some foreigners resemble the Ainu.

In 1% of cases wide across is used

He forced di Resta wide across the grass before running wide himself.

This year, we're casting the net wider across Europe than ever before.

Evangelicalism spread far and wide across the American landscape in the 19th century.

Craig: I know, right? The difference? They were spread wide across the city, not shot en masse.

We urge cinemas and distributors to distribute the film here in Tanzania and wider across Africa.

And we can all be thrilled by its call, head thrown back, carrying far and wide across the lake and leaving us in.

RAAF Herons range far and wide across Afghanistan, supporting not just Australian troops, but all Coalition forces.

It is OUR job to get this going far and wide across the internet and to get Beck, Hannity, Rush, Levin talking about it.

This involves setting up two metal straight edges 10 feet wide across each wicket, along the length of the cricket square.

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