Prepositions after "white"

"white in", "white on" or "white with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases white in is used

It's brown and white in colour.

His sputum was white in colour.

Her body gleamed white in the sun.

On the other hand, the two shady black guys we mentioned before are white in the books.

When I interviewed Mike Pickering he said it went from being black to white in 6 weeks.

If there is something that is obviously white in your image, then it's a little easier.

She was quite white in the face, even to her lips, but had wholly subdued her emotion, and wore her usual quiet look.

The general leadership was given to Mus'ab bin ' Umair Al-Qurashi Al-'Abdari, and their standard was white in colour.

The areas in white in the little boxes are the areas that are affected when you make changes in the adjustment layer.

To a casual eye, the use of white in the first picture might make it look as if the ice sheet itself has disappeared.

In 19% of cases white with is used

Everywhere was white with snow.

It became white with brightness.

Socks white with navy turnovers.

Its head and underside were white with blood red feathers covering its neck and back.

In 1848 of the 110 students on roll 100 were white with the other ten being coloured.

They are tall and white with pillars and windows so clean you could fall out of them.

In spring, before the leaves come out they turn out in a mass of white with flowers similar to the cherry or malus.

They are white with two horizontal orange bands and an orange cross inside an orange diamond on two opposite sides.

There was a pile of stems and cherry pits on one landing, and the railing above them was white with bird droppings.

Typically these pictures are taken in black and white with filters that allow certain wave lengths of light through.

In 14% of cases white on is used

His breath was white on the air.

I like the white on their laptops.

I also use the white on black fonts.

I am a photography major and in this weeks assignment we have to master white on white.

He says anything disrespect to or about a girl and I am over is azz like white on rice.

The underside of the breed is white and some even have patches of white on their backs.

Guerrero was on Berto like white on rice for the entire fight in an epic battle that saw both men have their moments.

When i apply it alone, it doesn't go white on the skin and it is fast absorbed leaving the skin ready for foundation.

The MSM couldn't wait to spread this storey because they thought it was a white on black crime with a police cover up.

One of the beige twins has small patches of white on its back and Lena wonders whether it will change colour entirely.

In 8% of cases white for is used

Enter white for the fill color.

Yay, grey and white for everyone.

I will splash white for this card.

I think gangster stick to black, however mayber grey or silver or white for the wives.

The paus might not be as white for these 2 types of flours but the taste will be there.

The iPhone will flash white for a moment and make a sound like a picture is being taken.

Only the Italians and French seem to prefer the traditional white for their Apple gadgets, not including the iPhone.

Ishara has opted to go for an all-white base, while Supun is using white for the squares and blue for the triangles.

I probably would have responded by sending them to the Strunk and White for some much-needed grammatical instruction.

Press both buttons at the same time and you will hear the Camera sound and see the screen go white for just a second.

In 6% of cases white to is used

Bovary turned white to fainting.

It is all black and white to them.

Nothing is ever black or white to me.

White took on a plant in the 23rd frame when a safety shot was the more obvious choice.

I really like the decision to add white to the striping, and the road jersey looks great.

The strangeness of expecting white to equal ' wonderful ' made me feel too uncomfortable.

Equal parts red, blue, and green looks white to us, but if you reduce the amount of blue, it takes on a yellow tinge.

The individual flowers are small but numerous, star shaped, white to pale pink, borne in umbels w to 3 inches across.

Enoki mushrooms These slender-stemmed mushrooms have small, rounded caps that vary in colour from white to pale gold.

She looks mostly white to white people, though she is obviously hapa to anyone who is familiar with mixed race Asians.

In 5% of cases white as is used

I'd white as the untainted snow.

White as well as Indian or asian.

Mark says, white as snow (Mr 9:3).

When you said Bernard, he went white as a sheet since, quietly muttering to themselves.

It really is not as black and white as the social psychologist described moral concepts.

It is just as racist for a black to be prejudice against a white as the other way around.

WALLY says: Punters Pal says: 12:49pm 19/10/12 Oh the irony, I am pretty sure Anthony Mundine's mum is white as well.

The alternative with white as the liturgical colour and Gloria is a more Baroque development which anticipates Easter.

I don't hold that extreme view, in fact I've said the opposite, but clearly you feel it is as black and white as that.

And there are whole areas of Britain, white as well as black, where committed fathers are a wholly unknown phenomenon.

In 3% of cases white at is used

All walls painted white at the moment.

Some of the Slavs wear white at Pascha.

The Bills wore white at home last night.

His fingers were curled into half fists, white at the knuckles, with the fingers splayed.

Their coat is generally shades of brown and grey in the back and white at the underbelly.

The median African-American's IQ is only equal to that of a white at the 16th percentile.

With this change I can see one or more images against white at any time, as they usually appear in print or on my website.

I wasn't very good with black and white at that age, I was far more comfortable painting and I also really liked sculpting.

The light square of white at the edge of the sett represents the light of the Antarctic summer on the ice-covered continent.

The leaves are purple all year round and the flowers, which are three inches long, are white at the base and pink at the end.

In 3% of cases white from is used

Black and white from last night.

The blood looked white from above.

He was white from his head to his eyeballs.

Her knuckles were white from gripping her paddle tight as if her life depended on it.

Dressed in silver and white from head to toe, she looked beautiful and dignified as always.

My knuckles turned white from the iron grip I had onto the key to becoming friends with them.

I usually fry up just one egg and white from another egg (I keep the yolk to condition my hair or its eaten by fam.

Hames=to ruin/destroy, Muppet=fool, Stale the white from yer eye and come back for the eyebrow= thief, Arseways=to.

However, the best one used just the navy and white from the upper and body, other details is the same as the left one.

He said: I looked at them from time to time, so when I was able to distinct the white from the black, I started fasting.

In 3% of cases white like is used

He too appears in white like her.

Pandas are black and white like print.

I ran up to her and looked into her face, and it was white like the face of a Pakeha.

Any bird that was big and white like a little egret were easily seen with seven noted.

He is tiny, and he is white like virgin snow, or the first pear blossoms of early spring.

She is white like Lillian and only a little younger, but her hair is dyed dark brown, and she walks without a stick.

She was dressed in white like a nurse, and her flint-grey hair lay back from her forehead in ridges like wind erosion.

So with this, it should really just fess up and redesign its logo in red and white like the rest of the weekly frotherati.

I wish America had remained 89% white like it was in the 1950s and fought the philosophical battle with collectivism first.

In 3% of cases white of is used

The road out of town was white of snow.

He was pure of spirit and white of heart.

So, Cincinnati is the whitest of these 4 cities.

The harsh emphasis, the pitiless black and white of scenery had altogether disappeared.

In Europe and elsewhere one often sees the whitest of women with the blackest of men.

The Nathan Williams signature Mothership v2 frame is now available in the whitest of whites.

And that means the line is somewhere in a gray area between the black and white of honest content and dishonest theft.

Players like John Todd, Maurice Rioli and Stephen Michaels wore the red and white of South Fremantle with great distinction.

The pictures have been deliberately kept in black and white -- the relationship with the black and white of words quite apparent.

La Lagune and Cantemerle, I could see the red, blue and white of the French and Dutch flags that greet visitors at the gate of Ch.

In 2% of cases white by is used

It's not black and white by any means.

It isn't black and white by any means.

Not all Pakistanies are white by the way.

Chalaza e The yolk is anchored to the white by tiny strands of egg white called chalazae.

Well, during Obama's Chicago campaigns, he was labeled as white by his Democrat challengers.

White gold is made white by the addition of white alloys, so 24 carat white gold is unavailable.

You can also choose whether you want to be black or white by using the option button to the left of the members list.

MARCUS: I'd say that Jon and Noah, both white by appearance, and Jackie and I both fit under the Asian classification.

In Japan I experience the joy of being a foreigner, and white by being the only person on the trains with personal space.

George Zimmerman appears to be of Hispanic descent, which is why I was surprized when he was listed as white by the media.

In 1% of cases white instead is used

To think black and white instead of grey.

When mourning they wear white instead of black.

It is like seeing life in black and white instead of colour.

Now suppose I wanted to internationalize this, where good is white instead of green.

It would be all wrong for him to be in white instead of the black D-men usually wear.

Also, the shield logo on the helmet was black and white instead of the usual color version.

With pictures that I imported into gimp, a lot of times they come in with a white instead of transparent background.

Something as simple as making their devices white instead of black set them apart from what everybody else was doing.

Thus, the yolk congeals under the influence of cold, whereas the white instead of congealing is inclined rather to liquefy.

I chose white instead of black because I thought white would connote goodness, although truthfully, I prefer the colour black.

In 1% of cases white without is used

White without Slaton put up 3 TDS (Rushing).

Everything will look black and white without fashion.

Someone had to say it in black and white without mincing words.

Doing this will make your teeth considerably whiter without any added effort on your part.

Its sign is that the Sun will rise in the morning of that day white without exuding any rays.

The advantage of the design it that it can be reversed to black or white without compromising the design.

I almost always pass as white without effort, which neatly exempts me from implicit bias and awkward encounters.

As long as white discharge stays white without becoming clumpy, smelly or changes colour, thiis should be normal.

He was dressed in white without embroidery or gold braid; there were no jewels on his turban and no carpets on his pulpit.

The best way to make the hard decisions is to make the decision in black and white without letting emotion cloud ones judgement.

In 1% of cases white under is used

Jack's face was white under the freckles '.

It made the white under his eyes all the more stark.

They had white under their eyes, and below that a white mark.

There it was in black and white under the two green palm trees.

Thor next to him is white under his beard, pale as a fish's belly.

If your extremely cheap and have some white under shirts laying around.

Her knuckles showed white under the skin as she clutched the edge of the desk.

After this Ceremony they wear the White Under Garments as a reminder of their commitment.

About 1 page per minute (ppm) for color and 4 ppm for black and white under the best quality for printer settings.

In 1% of cases white through is used

The color of the Nigerian talc varies from white through milky-white to gray.

The red death will occur by means of killing and the white through epidemics.

They range in color from white through shades of grey and brown to almost black.

Next, they are bleached white through a clean, non-toxic and medically approved process.

The colour of grains may vary from white through orange-red deep brown and purple, to almost black.

The sorghum kernel varies in colour from white through shades of red and brown to pale yellow to deep purple-brown.

It's nice to see the island in color after feeling like you've already explored it in black and white through the movie.

Again, here is the problem of over simplification and making everything black and white through your so called ' bigganbaad '.

There are more black's that are most likely unaware that they are part white through multigenerational mixing then there is of pure African blood.

In 1% of cases white rather is used

They were white rather than red or blue.

Use trash bags of any size, white rather than black.

They may be more curved (clubbing) and they may be white rather than pink.

Materials and Measuring I am using a 100% irish linen in white rather than unbleached.

The endpapers were white rather than cream-coloured, as is usual with most copies of this book.

Fortunately it finally snowed here two days ago, so it was pretty and white rather than all brown.

I eat well, no bread, no pasta, mainly white rather than red meat, I sleep well, and take care of myself.

Bobby very much wanted us to celebrate his life by wearing white rather than black to the visitation and mass.

How it is detected: The tumour is usually picked up because the pupil appears white rather than the normal black appearance.

In 1% of cases white over is used

Our Battalion colours, a diamond, white over red.

YES, it is possible for hair to turn white overnight from shock.

San Ramon has also become more Asian and less White over the last decade.

But ultimately life changes from being in ' technicolor ' to black and white over winter.

Stretch marks typically start out as red streaks, but usually fade to pink or white over time.

The myth that extreme stress can turn your hair grey or white overnight has been around for a long time.

We all know the history and I think can agree that Black people have had it a lot harder than white over its course.

In other notes from yesterday's NFL action: No blue pants for the Bills this week, as they went back to wearing white over white.

Essentially evolution has caused humans to become whiter over time in order to make vitamin D more effectively with less sunlight.

Sgarbossa's omission only serves to demonstrate how difficult it is to earn the opportunity to wear red and white over the holidays.

In 1% of cases white about is used

Eden was going white about the gills.

There is nothing black and white about it.

Everything had to be spotless and white about her.

Sounds a bit simple but we need to be black and white about this.

People nowadays are so black and white about cheating, at least in theory.

They will be able to read in black and white about how hard he fought for them.

I think you can't really be so black and white about the support for the royal family.

You were caught lying a remarkable shade of white about the freedom of the Indian media.

While there is nothing black and white about Nadia's story, I'd not convinced going under the knife is the answer.

You will in black and white about your expenses and maybe you can see how little you may be spending in some area.

In 1% of cases white around is used

But Sandy looked utterly lost, her knuckles white around the mic.

In general, sands are softest and whitest around Playa Bavaro area.

He stared back, pale and anxious, his knuckles white around the stick.

In his left hand, he clutched a hammer so tightly his knuckles were white around it.

Thus, whites talk about black friends because the blacks are acting white around them.

Becase my boundary autotile has white around it, I'd using layer 2 for the boundaries.

The white around the face of the watch stayed nice and vibrant, so it made the band discoloration show even more.

Or it may simply be a genetic mutation with no purpose -- white around the iris is seen in some chimpanzees also.

Here are some things I think could use a little help: - The Social Media Icons have a bit of white around the edges.

I white around my mouth a little bit so that the movement and expression of my mouth is easy to see from a distance.

In 1% of cases white against is used

Oh Lord, another all white against all bla.

I look for simple contrast, white against the dark.

His teeth showed very white against his dark olive skin.

The contrast of his ginger and white against the blue of the sky was breathtaking.

A flock of egrets took off below us, flashes of white against the tannin-rich waters.

In the sunlight, his nylon shirt shone all the whiter against the smooth brown of his skin.

Just make sure that if you are using white against a black background you make any type or images larger than normal.

At the corners of the lips, and on each side of the chin, a few long bristles gleamed almost white against the dark skin.

Gawain Jones makes his Classic debut with White against Mickey Adams, while Judit Polgar starts with Black against Vlad Kramnik.

They defeated those elements in our society which seek to pit white against Negro and lead the nation down a dangerous Fascist path.

In 1% of cases white after is used

It is now white after four years in office.

The yellow will have to respect the white after this recipe.

A polluted stream runs white after a milk spill in Northland.

Who said you can't wear white after Labor Day? Certainly not the arbiters of high fashion.

Editing is trendy, but the effect of flashing white after editing cut is used very redundantly.

Aquarium building (white roof) is so clean and white after the repairs seen in the last update.

Legend says it got the name White House when it was rebuilt and painted white after the British burned it in 1814.

They're not running around locking people up for wearing white after Labor Day! TIP! Try to dress to match your personality.

Q: When oil becomes white after 5 min? 10 min? 15 min??? There's no rule of thumb different oils will behave differently, so, pl.

The president's house was not called the White House until it was painted white after the British burned it during the War of 1812.

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