Prepositions after "whisper"

"whisper to" or "whisper in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases whisper to is used

Nasra's friend whispered to her friend what is going on here.

Besides, he also knows how he praises and whispers to his Lord.

Sallust snapped his fingers, and whispered to the slave who came to learn his orders.

Eventually, someone grabbed the man by the arm and whispered to him to stop, which he did.

I whispered to my volunteer,? Wipe off your tears?; he turned and said to me,? Capt, you wipe yours first?

It used to breath heavily in my ear, make a wee moan and sort of a hiss as though it were whispering to me.

At one point I was crying and my bf whispered to me ' you don't even know what's going on ' - it was really funny.

My best friend ate half of what I did, whispering to me how she was looking forward to leftovers later in the evening.

Oh, these miserable ones! Jesus has whispered to me that I am to pray for these, since others believe them to be in Heaven.

Iblis will whisper to the elders of Jemaah Tabligh, when Muslims join this Tarikat group they will certainly become rectified Muslims.

In 33% of cases whisper in is used

He's whispering in that dude's ear.

He whispers in a low voice, gets graphic and then laughs.

I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear.

He whispered in the Governor's ear and waited for a reply, then tip- toed off again.

I'd beginning to wonder whether Basil has been whispering in the ears of government ministers.

As if that whispering in a forest makes it deep and meaningful with massive emotional resonance.

Its promise was whispered in the first days of the Creation under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: ' Ye shall be as Gods.

In their attempt to attract attention, fans were whispering in his ears and sneaky hands were sighted during the photo-taking session though instructions were clearly; no touching.

It stands for the great churches of modern art, the new religious experience, where you enter impressive modern architecture and whisper in awe before much reproduced and hallowed works.

In 4% of cases whisper about is used

No mullahs whispering about you to your father so that he gets worried and buys you a new, thicker, blacker headscarf.

In 2% of cases whisper at is used

Twice, I could have sworn there was a knocking and whispering at the outer door.

In 2% of cases whisper into is used

Ethan was whispering into Alexander's ear now that he was seated, glancing over every now and then towards me.

In 2% of cases whisper through is used

When humanity feels the call of evolution, it is the Founders whispering through the expanse of time and dimension.

In 1% of cases whisper among is used

When Sarah got a role in school play, the girls would whisper among themselves that she was chosen because teachers could not leave out the principal's daughter.

In 1% of cases whisper from is used

It was a shame he left, but the speed at which it happened, the manager's reluctance to talk about it and whispers from people around the club suggest his departure was not particularly mourned.

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