Prepositions after "wet"

"wet in", "wet for" or "wet with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases wet in is used

It will be rather wet in many places.

I got wet in the rain, and my nose ran.

Wetter in HK, a lot dryer eleswhere.

Will I get wet in the front row? The first four rows of the seats are in the splash zone.

It was cold and wet in London; I hated it and spent days crying, wishing I was back home.

It is rather wet in Spain, so you like to try and refrain from this as optimum as you can.

If you do nt want your power suit to get wet in the rain, you can use your Audi to get to work (umbrullas also work too.

I suppose it is possible that the tropics were very wet in the sense there was lots of water but perhaps it never rained.

I'd optimistic for a BBQ on Sunday though, fingers crossed! Christian Summers Fairly cold and wet in Auckland New Zealand.

With 150mm of rain having fallen in England and Wales, June is already on target to be the wettest in Britain since 1860.

In 14% of cases wet with is used

The grass remains wet with dew drops.

The giant leaf pile - too wet with dew.

That the guns will get them wet with desire.

I dry mine at room temp with a dehumidifier when it gets wet with no apparent ill effects.

As there was a drought that year, the monks did not have trouble from getting wet with rain.

In the morning, the fleece was soaking wet with dew while the grass all around was bone dry.

She passed slowly beneath us, heading northward, her hull, wet with the dews of the night, all ablaze in the sunshine.

The water was pouring down in sheets and the passersby were getting wetter with every step, despite their umbrellas.

For example, F-vite darkens and becomes granular when the humidity is too high and grits become dark and wet with moisture.

Sinless, he prayed to cure us of our sins, to save us from Hellfire; he would pray till his prayer mat became wet with tears.

In 11% of cases wet for is used

Too squishy and wet for my liking.

It was definitely too wet for them.

But you got to stay wet for me to confess.

Will that work? I hope that is not too wet for the orchids, and will not cause any rots.

Keep the area wet for at least 10 minutes and then allow this disinfected area to air dry.

Wipe down working surfaces with 1% Virkon, and leave wet for 10 minutes before drying off.

If the water container gets dumped and the floor of the container is wet for a period of time, mold may begin to grow.

He doesn't have to like it, but he will gradually adjust to being dripping wet for several minutes after numerous baths.

The beans are taller than they've ever been, but very few pods, because it's been too wet for the insects to pollinate them.

The data shows that Amazonia remained wet for that entire period, although there were rapid changes to drought and wet events.

In 9% of cases wet on is used

I hate the cold &; wet on Mud Island.

Tears leak out, hot and wet on my cheeks.

Getting wet on the chest and back is not pleasant.

The garment becomes wet on the inside and the body's temperature will drop because of it.

Watch out for the LEGO r dinosaurs along the way, and prepare to get wet on the way down.

Northeast (1972) November 1972 was one of the wettest on record for the Northeastern U.

This is like making a law requiring everyone to get wet on demand and then saying that throwing water on people is illegal.

The past two years have been the wettest on record, and have followed one of the longest droughts in Australian history.

How many Nigerian biology teachers want to get wet on the job? Physiology content areas are mostly abstract, and microscopic.

This is welcome news for Mr Groat, whose business was down 80 per cent the past two years - some of the wettest on record.

In 8% of cases wet from is used

I was soaking wet from apple-dunking in the yard.

My hair got soaking wet from nervous perspiration.

Still very wet from the river crossing the day before.

Your main hypothermia danger down there comes in the 30-50F range if you get wet from rain.

I got home, soaking wet from the rain, and can still remember how tremendously good I felt.

Empty the container as it fills and replace the towel if it becomes wet from splashed water.

Mine is very weedy at the moment, thanks to not wanting to get wet from kneeling on the ground to clear the garden beds.

Make sure the wax stain is not getting wet from leaks or condensation, as moisture will make the stain harder to get out.

After we got done, we were soaking wet from head to toe (we knew we were going to get wet but didn't expect to be soaking).

While walking in the rain the bottoms of my trousers become wet from the water being splashed up from the sidewalk/pavement.

In 5% of cases wet at is used

The weather is hot and wet at times.

It's beefy, onion-y, and soaking wet at the moment.

What dries you and gets wetter at the same time? A.

I don't know how because it hadn't gotten wet at the time the screen stopped working well.

In fact, most of us get wet at the thought of having a little more freakiness every once in a while.

In particular his drive to second place in the wet at Monaco which well and truly put him on the map.

His pace in the wet at Silverstone was superb and he could have netted fourth place if not for his stop and go penalty.

If you build next to the ocean or (as in the case of Katrina) below sea level you should expect to get wet at some point.

We've had a lot of rain last week and as my garden is very wet at the best of times, I am hoping for a bit of dry weather.

The climate got wetter at this time and many of the lakes in western Ireland began to turn into the bogs that we know today.

In 4% of cases wet behind is used

Shes just a wet behind the ears kid.

I'd still young and wet behind the ears.

I was even wetter behind the ears than I am now.

I was a VERY wet behind the ears young firefighter on a small volunteer fire department.

I was quite struck by it because I'd rather wet behind the ears in many of these things.

This first month of work has taken me from wet behind the ears to crawling and starting to walk.

You are still a wet behind the ears juvenile puppy who knows nothing except the talking points you get from from alarmist blogs.

As ever, your judgements are completely superficial and you show all the signs of being a wet behind the ears, badly educated snob.

From my vantage point--three years her senior--that doesn't seem old, but to you, still so wet behind your ears, it must seem ancient.

I hate the fast they've done a lot of broadway and imdb worthy work yet they kill it for wet behind the ears contestants by being in this show.

In 3% of cases wet after is used

NY Times Westbeth, the artist commune, is all wet after Sandy.

It got wet after the Autumn deluge and my form went through the roof.

The poor fat bugger, shivering away, was soaked all wet after a heavy rain.

The microfibre slipper is sopping wet after use, so I am not surprised the tiles stay wet.

Blank's current costume, as the mascot for a local football team, is all wet after a performance.

Her lips are blue from a day of running through the water, for staying wet after the sun went down.

The gear was unable to serve its basic purpose of holding off rain, and players were soaking wet after wearing them.

People on the streets of Athens may not be feeling quite as wet after sticking it to the man in 24 Celsius sunshine.

I have used on carpet that was'nt that dirty, and it's results were good, carpet not wet after use and refereshed it.

The turf is peat-based and being quite wet after the recent rain, the fairways were quite soft and the greens were on the slow side.

In 3% of cases wet during is used

Fold down diapers so that cord does not get wet during voiding.

We did agree that the formation was VERY wet during deformation.

Time fairly dry and sunny but quickly becomes very wet during the monsoon.

Baguio is very wet during the Philippine rainy season, which is from June to October.

Two pronounced season: dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.

You will pass water and become wet during the test, but try not to be embarrassed about this.

Due to the slight incline of the terrian around the community garden, it does get quite wet during the rainy season.

Carpeting that gets wet during a flood (for example) may be salvageable if the carpet is quickly (within 48 hours) dried.

Paleo data shows that deserts were wetter during prior warm periods and a May, 2007 paper in Nature points out that there is a 6.

Am I going to get wet during Parasailing? If you want to get a little wet, we will be happy to dip you in the ocean during your flight.

In 3% of cases wet of is used

Smear of red, the wet of landing.

Even the wettest of those days saw a mere 1.

We wait until either the early wet of Spring or the early winter.

During the big wet of the last two years, Baramul has gained soil, not seen it washed away.

We have rescued it, and it seems fine, but she has gone to bed looking rather pensive and wet of eye.

Needless to say, their flight from the cold and wet of a British winter soon lands them in a sun-baked hell.

But it's sunny, it's very warm, and after a day and a half's driving, the cold and wet of Brittany feels another world away.

Their bodies, corpsewhite or suffused with a pallid golden light or rawly tanned by the sun, gleamed with the wet of the sea.

Carmen Stephenson's garden is a riot of color, a drunkenness of scents, difficult to dampen in even the wettest of weather.

A former New Zealand skipper, Ross Field, wrote from deep in the cold and wet of the Southern Ocean: ' We have had a shocking day.

In 3% of cases wet to is used

Because it seems all wet to me.

It's too wet to mountain bike or climb.

We couldn't get on with wet to the skin.

Its slug body feels cool and wet to my hand.

It was not deep, but his legs got wet to the knees.

Hungry, and wet to the skin, they decided to abandon the trip.

First of all, we got wet to our toes and we got covered in snow.

BUT make very sure the mixture is not hot and not too wet to the extent that it drips.

I've tried different recipes but they always came out slightly too wet to ball properly.

It was to calm and wet to ground handle so went on top to wait for the clouds to lift at 2 pm.

In 2% of cases wet as is used

You will get wet as the mist goes everywhere.

It should have been cold and wet as the rainy season drew to a close.

Lovaine was lovely though a little chilly and rather wet as the evening drew in.

There are however a number of species inhabiting the wet as well as the dry areas of the islands.

Put it away Steve, I thought, just stand out there and get yourself soaking wet as well as miserable.

You don't have to hide or cover as you will definitely get wet as the water comes from all directions.

The place was dimly lit and the floors were sopping wet as the ice melted from the display cases (more than a few suit jackets were soaked).

I suggest that you wrap your belongings in plastic as they might get wet as the South China Sea can get a bit choppy, especially in the afternoons.

Respect to who ever made it up it! Ride the river Stage two wasn't far from stage one and was considerably shorter and twice as wet as the other two stages.

The road to Milford is fantastic in the dry but awesome in the wet as the cliff faces give up to hundreds of spectacular waterfalls, remember they measure the rain in feet not inches in these parts.

In 2% of cases wet by is used

Our land is also very wet by the way.

The inside of the house will not get wet by that rain.

At some point in time, your phone could get wet by accident.

When she got wet by the rain, she was scolded by the matron.

I was cold and wet by the time she finish with her event to collect me.

This prevents the garbage getting wet by rain water and forming leachate.

Bottle and cork is kept wet by placing in a plastic basin filled with water.

The bag he carried looked heavy since all tissues had been soaked wet by this time.

One of the creatures slips on the wood walking path, made wet by the rain, and falls to the ground.

In 1% of cases wet without is used

They can be stored wet without degradation by rot or mildew.

Let them get their heads and faces wet without making a big deal of it.

If you want to get your ft wet without spending a dime, choose a service that lets you improve at an inexpensive cost.

Whether it's two or four wheels that ferry you about, we have a list of tips to get you through the wet without too much hassle.

In the meanwhile, it was still above 20 degrees, so the choice was to sweat myself wet in my raingear or be rained wet without it.

In 1% of cases wet up is used

Officers and fire fighters surrounded the man and saw that he was soaking wet up to his waist.

Now Kartel a mek Jeffery Hype a wet up him b*tty like a tsunami!!! But wait ppl forget about Aidonia.

In 1% of cases wet under is used

If your horse feels wet under the blanket, it is providing too much warmth.

The creature will also keep them warm all the time and avoid them from getting wet under rain or snow.

In 1% of cases wet throughout is used

However, very poorly drained soils remain wet throughout the year.

It is hot and wet throughout the entire year, with large amounts of rainfall.

To be sure that it remains wet throughout the year water could be channelled from a downpipe to the marsh area.

In general, there are two seasons Monsoon and Dry, with the climate remaining hot, humid and wet throughout the year.

And yet again, the conditions on race day were not going to be that forgiving either, due to the track remaining wet throughout the entire weekend.

In 1% of cases wet through is used

I am now More than wet through.

Staying wet through the evening too but the rain will ease.

Staying wet through the evening too with further heavy rain.

I shall get wet through and the thatched roof of my house is broken.

Emilie and I rode 50 miles in the wet through 9 towns on Sunday morning.

The line for the Louvre looked pretty busy and with the rain, I didn't want to wait and get soaked wet through.

He wasn't worried, you see, because he figured when one tree got wet through, he would just get under another one.

You can almost see and hear the wetness of the blood, as well as see the entrails trailing wet through the use of this device.

Munster today: It is going to be cloudy and wet through much of the day with spells of rain, heavy at first but tending to ease off later.

If like me you needed to be out and about on Friday it was a nuisance- I got wet through and then had to try three different routes home before I found an open road.

In 1% of cases wet over is used

The weather has been as wet over there as over here.

I am extremely baffled why reviewers are getting wet over this thing.

There was quite a deal of month to month variation in the rainfall patterns with May and June 1925 being wet or very wet over parts of eastern and central NSW.

In 1% of cases wet like is used

I sneaked up to the door, and there he was, all wet like a fish.

We were only wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and were cold and wet like crazy.

They offer an enclosed boat, but don't do it, be brave and get wet like the rest of us.

As soon as it starts to dry off, it needs to be soaking wet like it's been under the shower head.

It is often very wet like this during the winter but I have never seen it like this in the summer.

If she's really wet, you might even want to dip your fingers gently into her hole, and get them wet like that, before placing them over the clitty.

The lip is little more than half an inch, and wet like everything else, but at that moment, to me, it looks like a built-in brick ladder reaching all the way to the roof.

The lip of brick is little more than half an inch and wet like everything else, but at that moment, to me, it looks like a built-in brick ladder reaching all the way to the roof.

In 1% of cases wet due is used

IPCC AR4 projects that East Africa will get WETTER due to climate change.

The eye will appear wet due to the excessive tearing, but in actuality it is dry.

The September-October period is also the wettest due to the southwest monsoon.

Most of the rooms get wet due to leakage in the roofs while those without cement plaster collapse during the rainy season.

It was rather wet due to the high water content, and even after 40mins of kneading by hand, the dough was still a little sticky.

Around 3:15pm, I was working on moving boxes that were getting wet due to the newly-opened hole on the barn roof (thanks, Sandy).

Increased probability and intensity of droughts and heat waves Although some areas of Earth will become wetter due to global warming, other areas will suffer serious droughts and heat waves.

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