Prepositions after "well"

well worth, on, in, within or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases well worth is used

They were well worth the money.

It's been well worth the graft.

It will be well worth the wait.

Maintain independence Any extra time taken to maintain independence is well worth it.

The 4 minutes or so it takes to make a mug of coffee are WELL worth it in my opinion.

Only 10 minutes away from the strip this out of the was place is well worth the trip.

It's the Android experience and it must be the perfect fit - so another close-up look at both may be well worth it.

It takes a few more listen-throughs to become better accustomed with the mood and textures, but it's well worth it.

Recovering from the pounding the surf inflicts on my body is taking longer each year, but the fun is well worth it.

Coffee Collective It's a little out of the way, but well worth the trek for a seriously good way to start your day.

In 13% of cases well on is used

AGAZZI is well on toward fifty.

But that's well on the wane now.

All is well on the western front.

Inevitably this was refused and of course the Plant is now well on the way to completion.

If he had not yet attained nirvana, he had an aura that suggested he was well on the way.

That India should be well on the radar for foreign retailers was recently supported by A.

And I thoroughly recommend it Never mind City girl -- I was well on the way to becoming Lady ' unsex me now ' Macbeth.

At 10am, when the race started, the temperature was closing in on 28 o C, and was well on the way to a high of 34 o C.

Now make sure they include these motivations in all aspects of their work and they will be well on the road to success.

If you appreciate them as ' little people ' and accept them as individuals you will be well on the way to understanding.

In 10% of cases well in is used

Well he did do well in the end.

All is well in the world today.

We wish you well in the future.

My shoulders are well in front of the bright stripe and my ankles far on the other side.

Overall values were well in the upper range from 1 (not valuable) to 10 (very valuable).

It is estimated the total value of the Italian convoy was well in excess of 100 million.

However, Catholics are well in the news because of the decisions about Obama Care and having to pay for birth control.

Along with this it became clear that many of the old stereotypes of research were alive and well in the public's mind.

All can not be well in the home front -- there is something eating up these people and spitting them out of Singapore.

The estimated harm caused by the conspiracy's criminal conduct to copyright holders is well in excess of $500 million.

In 7% of cases well within is used

That's well within the survey's 4.

His feet are well within the crease though.

This time is well within the span of humans.

Once the economy regains normal growth, then this is well within the means of the U.

People are well within their rights to get offended by legal discrimination as well.

This caused some surprise to the bowler, since he was well within the bowling crease.

Beating the United States is something that Thomas believes is well within the reach of the current squad's grasp.

As Table 1 shows, 2012 may break the temperature record, though the prediction is well within the margin of error.

No speakers to relay sound for the opening Mass, even though we were well within the mapped area in the guide book.

In the meantime, the terrorist is well within the scenario and hangs around for the zero hour with his lethal cargo.

In 5% of cases well below is used

This mark was well below the N.

But it is still well below the 1.

That proportion is well below the.

But their scale itself was well below a daily production, run in the largest factory.

Most importantly, survival rates in the UK have been well below the European average.

Less than half a millimeter game on the rim flange is well below the tolerance limit.

Had Narine been in England he sure would have added the venom to the spin attack that is now well below Test level.

Inflation is likely to fall next year with the expectation of being well below the threshold by the end of the year.

The rate of efficiency growth was not only unspectacular, it was well below the rates achieved in Western economies.

I live what is materially an upper middle class life style on a taxable income which is well below the poverty line.

In 5% of cases well with is used

I do wish you well with it all.

Hope all is well with you soon.

All will be well with the world.

Thanks for dropping in this morning and letting us know all is well with the 2 of you.

International Homestay Student Agent We hope all is well with you and your colleagues.

Once again, Father Povondra had that nice deep feeling that all was well with the world.

Here, all is close in meaning to everything: Is all well with you? Don't cry! All that matters is that you are safe.

Yet all too often first light brings a more sobering reality -- perhaps all is not well with the state of the planet.

Yet Miliband believes that, once our lives are powered by solar panels and windmills, all will be well with the world.

Two percentage points, as we have been told over and over, is well with the margin of error (MoE) in every single poll.

In 4% of cases well above is used

That's well above the guideline.

At the moment it's well above that.

Pay scales are well above state ones.

It occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height.

Because of immigration, Hawaii's annual rate of population growth is well above the U.

I would expect the stock price to be well above its current levels by the end of 2012.

CPI inflation has been well above target in the UK ever since sterling dropped 25% in 2009 after the base rate cut.

This is a vision for those whose eyes are well above their heads, and their Retina interprets beyond their Cerebrum.

The average informer received 100 rubles a month, a sum that was well above the average industrial wage at the time.

This is well above the anticipated average of $86,000 which was based on the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.

In 4% of cases well into is used

We're well into an economic war.

Now they are well into the second stage.

By 1966 I was well into the Mod way of life.

Grads usually start their careers well into the red after graduation with a doctorate.

It wasn ' ' t until we were well into the dissipation of our respective relationships.

We are already well into an effort to re-evaluate and adjust these testing procedures.

Presently, the ship is well into the Mediterranean Sea and is located about 70 miles of the southern coast of Spain.

It doesn't explain why you're well into your fifth year and Hogwarts but still have a block limiting your abilities.

There's always some slight variation between bottles, but for everyday wines the level should be well into the neck.

We are well into our spring jobs, and have fed all the lawns, pruned all of the roses and begun our spraying routine.

In 3% of cases well for is used

CHRISTIAN: It was well for you.

All was well for a whole while.

We wish you well for the future.

Few in Scottish Theatre wouldnt congratulate her and wish her well for the job she did.

A thoroughly welcoming place and I wish them well for a deserved year in the spotlight.

I think that, in view of the impending crisis, it is well for you to remain as you are.

It would be well for the Government to legalize by enactment, most of the deterrents reflected in the subject matter.

It is well for the people and the world that such pharisaical ideas have found few advocates in the church of Christ.

It will be well for that servant when the master unexpectedly returns and finds his servant diligently doing his job.

While it is well for the great halls of Italy to have miles of tiles, homes are warmer and more inviting with carpet.

In 2% of cases well beyond is used

It is well beyond the resolution.

We are well beyond those debates.

It is well beyond possible reform.

While treatment can fix the problem, the cost is well beyond most sufferers ' reach.

The high courts, for the most part, are well beyond the reach of most South Africans.

We continue to mend a situation even when we know that things are well beyond repair.

Plenty of places are well beyond that already, including Germany, which is at 20% -- and 40% of that is wind power.

I fly international quite often and the level of service is well beyond anything you get on a flight within the US.

I mean, I still live with my folks despite being well beyond the age where such things are usually considered okay.

At the same time he must take responsibility for his actions in recent months which have been well beyond the pale.

In 2% of cases well ahead is used

Sierra was well ahead of its time.

We felt we were well ahead of that.

He was well ahead of others of his day.

In Melbourne, Valerie was well ahead of the field, throwing a winning distance of 19.

The engineer, on the other hand, puts being right well ahead of being convincing (2).

Also, from a permitting perspective the company is seemingly well ahead of the curve.

Rowan, on a uniform swing, Greens would be well ahead of the BNP in the north west, and the BNP are not winning one.

Financing: Of course, most countries are working to improve their health-care systems, and many are well ahead of us.

Finally, many of us have records here of being well ahead of the curve and predicting correctly the course of events.

An outstanding accomplishment for a country that was well ahead of England in educational standards fifteen years ago.

In 2% of cases well over is used

That was well over a month ago.

I'd glad you're well over it now.

It was well over budget and time.

That's well over sixty, as far as I know! Your breast is the upper part of your chest.

The World Tree was erect when the constellation Sagittarius was well over the horizon.

Most people who do are well over the speed limit for this type of vehicle combination.

Many cities in the nation that are well over the size of Billings have all or almost all volunteer fire departments.

If you want an abortion, you go to Planned Parenthood, and that's well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.

I do not have the upload capacity to take care of all that - there must be well over 10GB of mixes in my arsenal by now.

If you wish to obtain a profit that is well over the velocity of rising prices, stocks and shares are your smart choice.

In 2% of cases well past is used

We're well past that point now.

They are well past the Left vs.

We're now well past that point.

As you say, you are well past the most difficult bit and that is taking that first leap.

I'd write more about it but I'd getting very, very sleepy and it's well past my bedtime.

The one they should have dumped is Humphreys - he is well past his sell by date nowadays.

If they have a strong whiff about them they are well past their best-by date and probably harbour little insects too.

I love clear skin and well-fitting jeans and getting mistaken for a teenager when I'd honestly well past those years.

Given the Democrats ' predilection for -- ahem -- electoral mischief, some were likely well past their final birthday.

Ken, birth control pills may or may not be expensive nowadays; I'd well past the age when it matters to me personally.

In 1% of cases well after is used

I wish him well after his hell.

The time was well after midnight.

By this time, it was well after 2am.

It was well after 400 AD before Sunday eventually took on the name of the Lord's Day.

But it was now well after dark, and the only thing we could do was wait until morning.

This was well after the age of the dinosaurs, which became extinct 64 million years ago.

This was well after modern humans appeared outside Africa, but probably before they began to spread across Eurasia.

Needless to point out that this is well after the formation of Pakistan and the intent ofcourse to break up Pakistan 2.

If no complications arise, and you are well after a couple weeks, then you have a good chance of making a full recovery.

Despite it being well after midnight, the grassland around the camp was searched thoroughly, Tirumal's body wasn't found.

In 1% of cases well at is used

I hope all is well at your end.

I was perfectly well at that time.

All will wish her well at that, too.

When you look at what is happening in Greece or Spain all is definitely not well at all.

Before the barrage of ' all teenagers are like that, and we were as well at their age '.

He is well at the moment and despite some scarring, his elbow is definitely on the mend.

While the Hermitage was more obviously aged than the Bordeaux First Growths, it was alive and well at fifty years old.

It is as well at this point to write down the photosynthetic equation to grasp several points of extreme significance.

We also had to check where we were academically on a work sheet and write what we are well at and the things we need help on.

In 1% of cases well under is used

The 19th was well under battle strength.

I have athsma which is well under control.

The violin part was well under Kate's fingers.

Toward the middle of the dinner, Henriette was well under the influence of champagne.

Preparations are well under way for the Christmas parade set for Saturday, December 5.

Other once-common illnesses, such as measles and whooping cough, are well under control.

My last three miles were well under marathon goal pace and I was even able to walk up and down stairs without pain.

The resultant amount owing of $211,875 was still well under the original purchase price of the property ($230,000).

By the time we had to hit our non-golf-ball shot, Ken was well under the weather, which this year was fairly balmy.

Size varies, depending on species, but typically these gamete-producing organs are well under a millimetre in length.

In 1% of cases well out is used

You are well out of the scrape.

Either way, we're well out of it.

I only know that you're well out of it.

He was well out of his depth in Lawless opposite Gary Oldman, Guy Peirce and Tom Hardy.

Is that such a big step? His doing so is simply evidence of his being well out of touch.

If you already have them, make sure you firmly tie up cords so they are well out of reach.

Of course the language used against you was well out of order, but discussion on the internet is ridiculously coarse.

In the first film, Peter Parker was well out of high school when he was bitten by the spider that gave him his powers.

I feel that it will be tight for the last relegation place or two this season, I just hope that we are well out of it.

I also struggled with the fact that I had no formal training, and was well out of my depth in being a database manager.

In 1% of cases well down is used

He's clearly well down the line.

Prevention is well down the priority list.

I believe some state are well down the path for exchanges.

Resident Serin numbers were well down this month with only a maximum of 30 birds seen.

I'd happy I did counselling and am now well down the path of achieving my career goals.

The milk is spilled, the cat is out of the bag and we are well down the slippery slope.

This has referred your software to attack complex with just faith-based windows that are well down longer available.

Making a purchase, while more substantial a share than one might suspect at 38%, was still well down the list of uses.

Contact: Date Posted: 13th Feb 2012, 11:10 We're well down the road of setting up a new recreational rowing club in Cardiff.

Sachin is well down the list, even his current peers were higher! BTW, at his peak, Don Bradman averaged nearly 150 per innings.

In 1% of cases well behind is used

Orbital is even well behind SpaceX.

They are well behind Britain's Ben Ainslie.

We were well behind schedule at this point.

However, our political classes in the ' Westminster village ' are well behind the curve.

By the time the next iPhone comes out next year, they'll already be well behind the market.

Yes, we think the gas price bottom that we saw earlier this year, $2/Mcf, is well behind us.

Every producing oil field on earth is in decline, unless it is brand new, and peak discoveries are well behind us.

Down side to this is having to buy some of the apps twice and the updates in Amazon are well behind the play store.

I was told that this is actually well behind many other Swedish cities and Stockholm may be holding the country back.

Those days are well behind me now, but I'd still unsure if this form of abrupt toilet training applies to all children.

In 1% of cases well before is used

They were over well before that.

The man was well before his time.

I was fully well before Coxsackie.

But the seeds of crisis were there well before Japan's disaster, writes Steve Thomas.

I was only 31 at the time and this was well before the expected time of this happening.

This is well before the era of Machiavelli, and far, far ahead of any political science.

I'd up well before daylight riding herd and mending fences and when I'd not doing that I'd out hunting or fishing.

Pro-Lifers routinely show pictures of 18 week fetuses, but the vast majority of abortions are well before 12 weeks.

Since the novel is an open ended form -- and was well before new music -- it is about much more than its aesthetic.

This was well before the winning bidder of the Mt Penny licence, which covered the Obeid properties, was announced.

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