Prepositions after "well-received"

well-received by, in, at, among or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases well-received by is used

It was well-received by the critics.

The second point was well-received by the group.

It was well-received by critics and cinema journalists.

He penned and directed the movie that was well-received by audiences everywhere.

The Lumia 800 was fairly well-received by reviewers, and includedWindows Phone 7.

I was well-received by Jigawa people during my campaign and I promised to be back.

The Qualities of Wood is sometimes classified as mystery and has been well-received by readers of that genre.

Fortunately, our brand is recognized and well-received by Visual Culture and our supporters continue to increase.

Secondly, in terms of the packaging, LUX has an attractive logo and design which was well-received by my friends.

His work on how Guizhou will develop in the knowledge economy was well-received by leaders in Guizhou and Guiyang.

In 12% of cases well-received in is used

He is not well-received in Dewey circles now.

American players haven't always been well-received in England.

These tactics are typically not well-received in the social media landscape.

The classical musicians of Pakistan, too, have been very well-received in India.

The concept of Eke playing a vital role in creation is well-received in Igbo mythology.

This website is probably well-received in Taxachusetts, Californicator, Crackago, New Dork.

But, with Hardy's encouragement, he continued to publish papers which were very well-received in the academic community.

And when the N54 proliferated across the rest of the automaker's lineup, it was well-received in nearly every application.

Commissioned by German editor Ingo Niermann and modelled on his book Umbauland, The Book of Scotlands was well-received in Scotland.

However, the violence of his response was not well-received in England, and the next series of governors chosen was much more liberal.

In 4% of cases well-received at is used

This joke was well-received at the time, and they'd all enjoyed a good laugh that day.

While it was not well-received at the time, he surely wouldn't be so quickly dismissed today.

The deejay's performance was well-received at a club called Albany Manor in Albany, New York, in late July.

The film was well-received at a pre-screening in Colombo and won the best the European Film Award at the Venice Film Festival last month.

Two independent films produced by Lopez were well-received at film festivals: El Cantante at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Bordertown at the Brussels film festival.

In 2% of cases well-received among is used

This gesture has been well-received among the rural cocoa growing communities.

Surprisingly, the game was well-received among those who did play and review the game.

Their things are so popular in worldwide because of their productions are well-received among the Asians.

Its racial overtones were indeed noted, but still it was reasonably well-received among critics, and obviously smashed it at the box office.

And second, Google's move to start hosting files of up to 4GBs on Google Play has been similarly well-received among the developer community.

In 1% of cases well-received as is used

We have a government strategy which has been largely well-received as a good approach.

Georgina was well-received as a guest judge for Showtime, ABS-CBN's noontime variety show.

In 1% of cases well-received because is used

I could say my set was not well-received because of language barriers and cultural misunderstandings.

In 1% of cases well-received on is used

The goal Paul Scholes wishes he'd scored, it's safe to say the strike was well-received on local Geordie radio.

I'd very proud of the album and it has six songs that I wrote myself and it's been really well-received on the radio stations so far.

In 1% of cases well-received with is used

Both plenary sessions were well-received with many questions on evidence-based practices and promoted the need for ACCE training and credentialing.

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