Prepositions after "welcoming"

"welcoming of" or "welcoming to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases welcoming of is used

Not the most welcoming of user experiences.

He is unassuming and welcoming of strangers.

The welcoming of Mittal is just one step towards that dream.

This eventful occasion marks SAPP's welcoming of the lunar year of the Water Dragon.

Help me also be more welcoming of correction, and to project that in my interactions.

We all grew up in a straight world that was not so welcoming of us a lot of the time.

L'Arche homes are open and welcoming of the world around them and usually have a number of friends and volunteers.

The only starlit moment was the welcoming of the Russian Federation, Montenegro, Samoa and Vanuatu as WTO members.

The Laos people are conservative, friendly and welcoming of foreigners, but they don't like to talk about the war.

In 38% of cases welcoming to is used

My mother was very welcoming to her.

Blacks are very welcoming to other minorities.

The local people are very welcoming to foreigners.

I'd sorry, but this community is not welcoming to women who speak up about harassment.

Master Bedroom TIP! An inviting home is more welcoming to anyone that is looking to buy.

Absolutely brilliant, they could not have been more welcoming to our non-turkish selves.

So, I was really happy with the way it was received because Tasmania and the Tasmanians were very welcoming to us.

However, the simplest and most believable story that keeps cropping up is that Escazu is very welcoming to witches.

People are most welcoming to visitors and if you try the set dancing be prepared -- it is not for the faint hearted.

The Ministry were very welcoming to us during the stakeholders meeting and very receptive to the ideas we had compiled.

In 5% of cases welcoming for is used

So it should be a good welcoming for him.

The hotel staffs were friendly and very welcoming for all guests.

They were so warm, friendly &; welcoming for people we had never met before.

You have done really well, but I don't think it is very welcoming for people in a wider sense.

Areas that aren't patrolled can become more welcoming for a small number of criminal elements.

The rise of a genuine number 10 in the form of the graceful Oscar is most welcoming for Menezes.

The rooms and chalets are absolutely astonishing, cozy and most welcoming for any family vacation or a couple's retreat.

To its reputation of being welcoming for the children the Boston Children's Museum is open on all days of the week but for the main holidays.

The project will also focus on making primary schools more welcoming for children in the early years (ages 6 to 8) with activities such as welcome days and exchange visits.

She had been each single welcoming for additional details on i'd going to have quick hearken to explore your mate casque beats detoxto say I was satisfied could be gorgeous an understatement.

In 3% of cases welcoming in is used

Everyone's a bit more welcoming in Leicester.

Theirs may be ultimately more welcoming in some respects.

We're going to be more welcoming in our public proceedings and public hearings.

There was among them a tradition of what was known as ' welcoming in ' the Sunday.

Ashok thinks Malaysians are some of the friendliest and most welcoming in the world.

As I look out the sun is ever so bright welcoming in a new day filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Alissa had changed into her lighter clothes, shedding the fur lined attire that was so welcoming in the North.

A well informed local guide will take you there after reporting to the Chief, by far the most welcoming in Ghana I've.

A well informed local guide will take you there after reporting to the Chief, by far the most welcoming in Ghana I've encountered.

Mike, Jill and Kirsty could not have been more welcoming in the beginning, nor provided more support as the internship progressed.

In 2% of cases welcoming from is used

Very welcoming from the moment we stepped into the restaurant.

Very warm welcoming from the staff, all very helpful and polite.

Filippo and Rosi the owners were so welcoming from the minute we got there.

Everyone got to Te papa at 9 and had 15 minutes before the welcoming from Mihi Whakatau, so we all just spoke among ourselves.

Santi &; Anna meanwhile couldn't be better hosts, they are so charming &; welcoming from the minute you arrive &; they cater for you &; your parties every need whilst you are there.

In 2% of cases welcoming towards is used

Turkish people have a reputation for being very welcoming towards strangers.

It is noticeably less welcoming towards pirates, drug addicts, revolutionaries and petty criminals.

In fact I tend to think that if someones culture is not threatened they will be more welcoming towards non-native cultures.

Even here, where I work here in great America, most of my colleagues are Indians and they are not very welcoming towards black people.

Today, the voters are more welcoming towards opposition candidates but that is provided these same opposition candidates don't get caught with their pants down.

Despite being from Killererin (it's been known for there to be a bit of rivalry between this land of Tr na n-Og and Tuam town ), everybody has been most welcoming towards me since I arrived.

In 2% of cases welcoming with is used

I can't picture tvxq's comeback as five and those ' people ' welcoming with their arms wide open.

I feel that pap has exposed its Vulnerability to India and China for being so welcoming with red carpet for these and so reliant and dependent on them.

Lyn notes the group expressed appreciation of the space, noting it was very welcoming with good lighting and the set-up of round tables invited a nice sense of community.

MSNBC reported that some researchers from Columbia University found that some HP LaserJet printers and probably other similar devices were too welcoming with remote firmware updates.

In 1% of cases welcoming at is used

Bou Baran is the welcoming at the groom's house.

Very separate but very welcoming at the same time.

There are plenty of free parking, and the welcoming at the reception was very warm.

From the welcoming at Air port to hotels we stayed, food we had and driver who was provided was excellent.

In 1% of cases welcoming by is used

Every time we have visited from England your hospitality has been impeccable and the atmosphere in the bar has been so welcoming by all.

Extensive glass cladding reveals the activity within and enlivens a streetscape made all the more welcoming by Museum Green, a new urban park.

Recently, my fam and best amigo joined my sweetie and me at one of El Tap's cozy booths, made all the more welcoming by a pair of monster, mind-numbing margaritas on the rocks ($9.

In 1% of cases welcoming during is used

The author has pointed out that the inlaws be more welcoming during the transition period.

I get the same welcoming during changing time, so I wait while she grabs pants, socks and a shirt, and proceeds to change herself with no care about whether she matches.

The reception was very busy when we arrived due to a Wedding but there was no delay in checking in as the staff clocked us straight away and were very welcoming during a busy spell for them.

In 1% of cases welcoming into is used

I think the welcoming into the synagogue of the children of inter-marriage- that may have to shift if we are to survive.

It culminates in the welcoming into the Church through the celebration of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

In 1% of cases welcoming on is used

Staff were very welcoming on arrival and check in was swift and efficient.

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