Prepositions after "weird"

weird for, to, about, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases weird for is used

Sleep is weird for some people.

It was still too weird for them.

Haha! I'mma get weird for a sec.

The result is something really weird for Go-Busters if you aren't new to Super Sentai.

The night doesn't ever feel weird for me, maybe because I just like the lower lighting.

I'll tell you all about it! How's going? This week has been sort of a little weird for me.

It must have seemed weird for him to play his acoustic guitar in front of all those people in Philadelphia that day.

But I just text him this morning that it was weird for me not to be able to call him whenever I want during the day.

I always thought I was weird for doing it and haven't told anyone about it since it's always portrayed so negatively.

In 19% of cases weird to is used

Yes, it sounedd weird to me too.

Weird to some, but it just fits.

This launch just feels weird to me.

The feeling was weird to me and the stillness bothered me but I didn't wan na fight it.

This seems a little weird to me since I have an entire lifetime to figure this out but.

Here are 10 ways to become more attractive in Korea, and more weird to your friends! 10.

I'd so confused by this all, was there anything truth to what was said? Because it just seemed weird to me that's all.

It is weird to me that this singular act gets all the attention? I made a survey during my undergrad about this topic.

Some tend to make a mistake to build text around keywords and then search engines like it, but it sounds weird to humans.

It's weird to to think that a country can be at the centre of a bloody war one moment and a tourist destination the next.

In 17% of cases weird about is used

I've never felt weird about it.

There's nothing weird about it.

Don't be weird about it either.

But what's weird about the Mercado Municipal is the type of food you get: mortadella.

That's the one I used at first and always thought there was something weird about it.

There is something pretty weird about being in history books when you are still alive.

What's really weird about this is the fact that it is in English, which is not one of the 2 official languages here.

BTDUBBS: I realize I said something weird about tallow coming from milk fat WHEN WE ALL KNOW it's rendered beef fat.

I get doctor checkups a lot and no doctor has ever said anything weird about it and my blood pressure is normal too.

What's so weird about that you ask? Well he was what people used to refer to as the ' nerd ', the bright awkward kid.

In 12% of cases weird in is used

My life is weird in its own way.

If it would be weird in real life.

And not always weird in a GOOD way.

Homeschooling is still considered weird in my family so it is very new territory for us.

It was ridiculous, stupid and weird in that way that only makes me laugh and laugh alone.

Part of the problem is even the code on your site is doing something weird in the middle.

I don't like using thermos flasks for hot drinks only because tea somehow tastes weird in it (it's probably just me).

It was weird in the beginning, but to be fair, the toaster does a good job, you get evenly brown toast within minutes.

Super Meat Boy the character is weird in an endearing way, which is totally opposite what the Super Meat Boy the game is.

Just this morning my house was unusually cold (spring is weird in New Mexico ), and we were a little uncomfortable from it.

In 5% of cases weird with is used

My mom was really weird with TV.

Which is weird with it coming first.

Shinee guys look weird with eyeliner.

Every body else works to type, though Jay Mohr looks a little weird with a moustache.

Ben is a little weird with other kids, but I think he'll be great with a younger baby.

A It will be weird with me being there but S not being able to bring his boyfriend too.

We found this pearl necklace buried in hobo garbage, I wanted to show him finding them, and getting weird with them.

A guy who is certainly quite weird with women - And if he has done something wrong, he deserves to be judged and punished.

If i synched it at the waist it looks nice, but then again sideways, it makes the fringes look weird with a gap from the belly.

Now within two weeks I've learned how do it again, but without doing anything weird with my foot, opening the hip properly instead.

In 4% of cases weird at is used

Feeling a bit weird at the moment.

They struck me as weird at the time.

It sounds equally weird at 33 and 45 r.

I can honestly can say although im now so straight I do nt feel robotic or weird at all.

Yoon-soo does his usual thing and acts weird at dinner, arousing Doctor Kim's suspicion.

And going to the movies meant going to see something weird at the Academy or Charley Gray's.

Its a little weird at the beginning but it really helps later on because u do nt need to move your screen all the time.

IkaInk/Steve, actually I think Alan isn't entirely misguided, because there IS something weird at play with people's minds.

Hey Hannah, just wondering where in Korea you were staying? I was in Seoul and no one ever looked weird at me when I spoke English.

Regina says she knew things where weird at the Minneapolis Urban League when the leadership was like,?? the Pink Panther,? says Ms.

In 4% of cases weird like is used

Maybe I'd just weird like that.

Back itches are weird like that.

Okay, not everyone is weird like me.

I made her add me because I didn't want to directly ask for it (sue me, I'd weird like that).

I know that we're not going to steer too far away from what we are or anything weird like that.

You definitely could search houses, but it was weird like you broke in and tried not to get caught.

Even I am constantly learning new stuff every day, as I find it's a fascinating subject (but them I'd weird like that).

Other enemies are weirder like water plugs, deadly ice cubes, flying tigers, squares that fall from the sky, volcanic debris and mummies.

And to all my smokers reading this, I still have love for you, I just don't have the desire to go through chemotherapy! I'd weird like that.

I've had a lot of fun taking notes of people's initial reactions and will find it very motivating throughout the process (I'd weird like that).

In 3% of cases weird of is used

I know it is weird of me to say that.

Don't know why you think it is so strange or weird of us.

You might find weird of being delayed to meet the solicitors.

Would it be weird of me to find &; add him on FB? I guess it would depend on his personality.

If you think about how weird of a week it has been, we saw New Jersey score six goals in one game.

Get past that and you will hit all manner of weirdness, but Entanglement is the weirdest of them all.

This is weird of me, but when Rue died I didn't cry, but when they went to the uprising in District 11, I started crying.

Or Sarge says it's weird of Beetle to collect comics, only to have someone else point out his own shelf full of beer cans.

Can the Weird of the Swords be solved? Joshua must rally his forces and prepare for this last stand; brother must face brother.

There may be some familiar fare but often you'll be confronted with the new, interesting and downright weird of the culinary world.

In 3% of cases weird on is used

Everybody acted so weird on crack.

It generally looks weird on girls.

There's something weird on my iPad 2.

I still steer clear of sweet scents because after a while, they tend to turn weird on my.

This is sort of a weird one, but I keep bumping into it, so I think it warrants a response.

The only 2 things a bit annoying me is that 1) Foscam is a bit weird on pan and tilt control.

OH GOOD LORD that last line nearly made me squeak in excitement, which would have been just weird on a crowded train.

For starters, once you get more than a decade out (around 2020 or thereabouts) things turn weird on the hardware front.

Anyone tried yet?) The fact that my Internet modem acts weird on Linux has more contributions to me using Windows instead.

Not only do the glasses look weird on everyone who isn't a runway model, I can't help but find the overall idea distracting.

In 2% of cases weird by is used

Not weird by NYC standards anyway.

It just gets weirder by the moment.

Things see just getting weirder by the day.

Made weirder by the fact that in the very same episode, he's employed as the family's butler.

Mind you, he stopped thinking of her as weird by chapter 100, not quite halfway through Part 1.

It just gets weirder by the minute -- someone that proposed to you as your doctor? No, no, no.

First, try very hard to convince yourself that you are not doing anything wrong or weird by not attending the wedding.

Offered same foods at every single meal = Marlow will eat almost anything, Soren is picky, cautious and weird by textures.

Not having your child in day care after parental leave is considered strange and even weird by a large part of the general public.

I must have felt pretty weird by that time, because I could think of nothing except the luminosity of his pink suit under the moon.

In 2% of cases weird from is used

It's only going to get weirder from here.

That strikes me as a little weird from a customer point of view.

The plot becomes slightly weird from there thanks to time travel.

We know the actor can play weird from his goofy turn in The Hangover.

Life with Jackson had been weird from the start, but this was too much.

The imagery in this film recalls some of the weirdest from other 70? s flicks.

We hope you will come here to learn what is hot and exciting, profound or even weird from worlds beyond ours.

Exercising those T-Shirt muscles will have you looking weird from angles you can't see yourself from in the mirror.

My mate always like to be a hero by ordering the weirdest from the menu, a Butterscotch Vanilla with Coffee Jelly.

NET and have been using JAVA for more than 6 years now, and I find Scala a bit weird from the examples and source files I see.

In 1% of cases weird after is used

I mean she says hi, but its weird after what she did.

I know, shocking right? The food wasn't that weird after a while.

I began to notice something weird after his Charlie Sheen interview.

This might sound a bit weird after what everyone else has said, but it wasn't grim enough!

My Dad asked him questions and he had questions too for my Dad I'd not that weird after all.

I was like ' Turn that camera on! ' We had a lot of fun at first, they got weirder after that.

It was really weird after that, but i apologized the next day saying that it was my fault for bringing up the topic.

Then again, they weren't being examined within companies or on Wall Street, either, so maybe that wasn't so weird after all.

July 16, 2012 at 4:57 pm (931) isiah says: i claimed on sunday and said my payment is being process which is weird after the notice alot of ppl got saying eb will be ending 7/7.

Here is what she had to say: Has it sunk in yet? ? It's been two weeks since I made my decision to retire, but yes it still feels very weird after playing professionally for twelve years.

In 1% of cases weird around is used

I never felt weird around him, man.

It's just altogether weird around there.

And women got whiny and weird around that time.

It may or may not be the reason that she sometimes acts weird around appliances.

Cut to wife - she's preening and acting all weird around the guys who are beginning to get nervous.

He's awkward If a guy consistently acts weird around you or seems distant, it might not be what you think.

Now everyone acts weird around me and never talk about relationships, its like their afraid il join in on the convo.

I feel like I kicked the guy out randomly and hurt his ego which is why I think he's been weird around me ever since.

When the select committee's star investigator Gaeton Fonzi finally brought Veciana and Philips together, the two started acting weird around each other.

In 1% of cases weird as is used

They get rather sloppy and weird as the series progressed.

It feels weird as the Novocaine wears off after the filling is done.

It's rather weird as the characters would differ from ourselves in real life.

You would then notice that the clothes somehow get weirder as the crowd gets thinner.

Some said that the romance between the two looked weird as the age difference is very visible.

The things can get pretty wild and even down right weird as the game goes on and people get drunker.

Nobody is gon na trust you when you do a product review or affiliate marketing when your URL look weird as a sub-domain.

As hauntingly weird as the story is, it's hard not to chuckle a little bit at just how over-the-top it goes with its depiction of.

We found that to be weird as a Rogers store that is able to do a SIM card swap in their system should be able to do plan changes as well.

From another perspective, but this standard military village is as awkward and weird as the one we'd seen a month ago deep in the forest.

In 1% of cases weird without is used

And believe me, he looks weird without it.

It is still really weird without all of my hair.

My family always tell me I look weird without my glasses.

Because when she moved out the house felt weird without a fish.

It was a little weird without the meat texture that I'd used to though.

The film is only 54 minutes long, but it ranges from the hysterical to the downright weird without missing a beat.

I agree that the image you referred to is not made to its best and it also look a little weird without her right hand.

The nurses at the hospital put the monitors on my stomach (which looks awfully weird without all that water) and told me to come back later when my contractions were five minutes apart.

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