Prepositions after "weary"

weary of, from, in, with or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases weary of is used

Weary of just about everything.

I grow weary of the same insults.

But we dare not weary of the task.

It was a way of sticking out your tongue at the animal rights people I get so weary of.

Some of the others were beginning to grow a little weary of the 22 year old's antics too.

Weary of beatings he and his family endured, or had to witness, he ran away 14 years ago.

The president wants peace, he is truly weary of the endless fighting that has plagued the nation for his entire term.

This ought to hasten the peasants revolt, as it will likely consist of normal work-a-day folks, weary of the mendacity.

This means that web designers must be weary of the space that they place with the related elements in their web designs.

In 6% of cases weary from is used

My fingers are weary from typing all of that).

We're all weary from the broken promises of 2008.

Some appear weary from their morning's exertions.

I was really weary from driving the whole night and running around for the permission.

The citizens of Poland are weary from the stifling Communist management of their lives.

That's quite a haul in a van for some travellers still weary from trans-Pacific travel.

She protested strongly saying she had nothing suitable to eat in the house and that she was still weary from her drive.

There were still about thirty adults streaming towards the kids, who were exhausted and weary from the constant battling.

Her father, weary from lack of sleep, carrying her up to her crib, stepped on the tomcat that laid strewn out on the step.

My bones are weary; weary from this malignant mortality we hold on to with such grim despair that it becomes all-consuming.

In 4% of cases weary in is used

We should not grow weary in doing good.

We looked weary in the 60th to 75th minute.

But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

You might have grown weary in the work and you are no longer passionate and bearing fruit.

Certain players are believed to have complained that the club's busy fixture list has left them leg weary in recent weeks.

I have not yet come across a region in which men, weary in body or spirit, are not seeking to stimulate or stupefy themselves.

I have now reached the point where I am too weary in spirit to know what to do for the best, which is why I am asking for your advice.

Paul wrote to the Galatians, 9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

In 4% of cases weary with is used

Miranda became weary with memory.

We are a society that is weary with it all.

One year ago many hearts were weary with worry.

I was weary with my years of nervous tension, and felt an immense physical need for rest.

Find out who's grown weary with your 140 missives via the same service you got ditched on.

It serves as a reminder or a pensieve whenever we are down and weary with life's hardships.

Thus of old ' T was pelts, and of to-day ' t is purple and gold That cark men's lives with cares and weary with war.

This legislation, of course, lobbied wolfishly our eyes weary with money from an invisible co-op with hidden agenda.

Becoming weary with life, the meditator gets disgusted with it, abandons all desires, and finally achieves emancipation.

But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.

In 2% of cases weary about is used

For example on day 4 (day 4!) ' Already beginning to feel weary about this.

You should be very weary about ANYTHING trying to sneak its way into a democracy.

I'd be weary about some countries on your list and safety, even if they are cheap.

Condos on the other hand I'd be weary about as there are just too many condos coming online.

Prior is weary about India's star-studded batting line-up and is taking nothing for granted.

If you are weary about your surgeon, then consider seeking advice from another professional.

If my recollection is correct that LTK was one of those White Monkeys, voters should be weary about voting WP next GE.

My daughters read prolifically but often grow weary about books in which images of themselves are mired in some stereotype.

Everything I've seen people seem weary about using too much data on it with their vague terms of service and just get cut off.

On the first night, we were a little weary about the mesh layer that runs the entire front of the tent, which stays open at night.

In 1% of cases weary after is used

I felt very weary after my exertion, and sat down.

Most in the republic are weary after nine years of war.

He was weary after the sea journey and his belly was empty.

We arrived in Los Angeles tired and weary after surviving a 11 hours flight from Narita.

The driver opens the car door &; he steps in, weary after his long- yet successful- day.

Some dozed off quickly, weary after a day spent walking around the city looking for work.

Boarding the plane, I was weary after having travelled relentlessly by road, hopping from one temple to the next,.

It seems as if a fair few Blues players are simply too old and battle weary after a very long season last term, in my honest opinion.

If your legs are weary after mountain biking or hiking, or you just want to cosy up with your significant other, pop into the Omarama Hot Tubs.

Despite feeling weary after a demanding international season, Langman said there was still plenty of enthusiasm in the camp ahead of the weekend's tournament.

In 1% of cases weary at is used

We all get travel weary at some point i guess.

Will that continue? Lissing: He's pretty weary at the moment with everybody.

We are a bit weary at times, but doing okay as we are still recovering from damages and leaks.

Legs got weary at both ends, as the searing heat started to tell on the players fitness, and blunders began to rack up.

What we're trying to imply here is that the zombies take quite a lot of hits before dying, making the slaying experience a bit weary at times.

Although he looked slightly weary at times during the tournament, he still managed to get 8 wickets from his 6 appearances at a decent average of 22.

It does leave you weary at times, each time having to convince others of what is in your heart so that the funds are made available to just get to work.

Is it any wonder that we look so weary at times to those around us? Here we have the One who provides the means for a good journey, and we refuse to climb on board.

In 1% of cases weary by is used

At times I've been exhausted, worn and weary by the length of the life's lonely journey.

But I'd weary by the lack of coverage; and I'd weary that we have to prosecute the same argument over and over.

The Mooseheads are coming off a 10-day trip to Quebec and the Halifax head coach said his players were feeling quite weary by the end of it.

It gets rid of whatever stiffness there is from the three and a half hour drive back to Colombo; it is all part of the job and he's not weary by the previous day's events.

In 1% of cases weary for is used

I know weary for other reasons too.

Ha! Oh Laura, things are getting weary for this old husk.

He must be getting too old and weary for that sort of life.

Ah, there seemed to be no rest for the weary for almost all of us.

But we took on board a host of mosquitoes at Saigon, and the nights are consequently so intolerable that I weary for the day.

Markets can remain weary for longer than expected in the same manner as it tends to remain over exuberant in times of optimism.

I'd on carboplatin only- no sickness, just weary for the first week, and taking it steadily for the last 2 in the hope that I'll be fit enough for the next dose.

They took it quite well but as a few of them had only felt rejection and hurt form the church they were a little weary of me and weary for me that I would be hurt.

This is truly a brilliant place under a brilliant sky, but Oh I weary for the wilds! There is one street, Chulia Street, entirely composed of Chulia and Kling bazaars.

In 1% of cases weary on is used

You need not grow weary on account of this.

He seems weary on this particular day, however.

There she sat down as if weary on a ledge of ice.

I think to a certain point we are all a bit weary on flying for sure.

Although folks may now be more weary on how they copy Apple, Nokia would do well to keep improving on that sleek N9/Lumia design.

However, when buying the product, they offer an additional accelerator product with it, making customers weary on how effective the product is alone.

Monday After a late late night to finish the refit we came in a little weary on Monday, and planned to open in the afternoon after a bit of tidying and sign writing.

Glorified is He Who never feels weary on account of creating what He creates, nor in nurturing whatever He creates, nor does He, out of inability or slackness, terminate what He creates.

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