Prepositions after "wealthy"

wealthy in, of, by, from or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases wealthy in is used

And the wealthy in this country.

My family is wealthy in many ways.

The wealthy in the upper class? Yep.

This consequently benefits corporations and the wealthy in a disproportionate manner.

So each year the private sector becomes $20 wealthier in terms of financial assets.

Food that may be wealthy in potassium, iron, Nutrients B and D help to thwart pimples.

The city that was once one of the wealthiest in America is a decrepit, often surreal landscape of urban decline.

There are many who are wealthy in Nigeria and around the world and there is nothing at all wrong with having money.

The right-wing wealthy in this country have become rage monsters, like The Hulk but without a compelling backstory.

Yet Durov's actions were also symbolic of a kind of culture, or lack thereof, among the young and wealthy in Russia.

In 10% of cases wealthy of is used

The latter was the wealthiest of all.

The wealthiest of these, the magnate G.

And Allah is the wealthiest of all, that we do.

For the reality is, the one with guidance is in fact the wealthiest of all people.

Thus her need to absolve the wealthy of the sins committed only by the wrong wealthy.

It was a pretext to relieve the wealthy of their money and support the paper currency.

The Republican party looks out for the wealthiest of citizens, not the poorest, as evident in the Bush tax cuts.

Strong in battle and a knowledgeable ruler, her father the king, had been the most handsome and wealthy of princes.

But I also don't believe in unfairly accusing every nominee that is wealthy of not being a true party-list candidate.

I have friends who live on the beach in Malibu, one of the wealthiest locations in the wealthiest of all zip codes.

In 9% of cases wealthy by is used

We are not wealthy by any means.

They aren't wealthy by Canadian standards.

You only become wealthier by producing more.

And I don't mean ordinary wealthy by living in a nice brownstone in Brooklyn wealthy.

The Glazers, while wealthy by normal standards, are not rich enough to subsidise Man.

Ghana became wealthy by collecting taxes from traders who passed through the kingdom.

He also reminisced about a fellow student who had profited somehow during the war and was wealthy by time it ended.

As we all know Young Biff was able to become very wealthy by betting on games where he already knew the final score.

I am surprised to see that people in India do not look down upon those who become wealthy by adopting corrupt means.

It later became very wealthy by charging tolls on caravans traveling on the Silk Road from India and China to Europe.

In 5% of cases wealthy as is used

They had to be wealthy as the entry was $250,000.

He becomes wealthier as a result of the addition to his assets.

Lafontaine failed as an actor, but then became wealthy as a stage hypnotist.

For a country as conceptually wealthy as the DRC, the situation seems particularly bankrupt.

We have had low taxes on the wealthy as well as drastically increased benefits for the poor.

Obama campaigned explicitly on higher taxes for the wealthy as part of a balanced budget deal.

Of course, low interest rates also penalize savers, and the wealthy as a group have the largest savings pool in America.

To the extent we can promote new technologies to economically reduce our oil usage we will become more wealthy as a country.

It might even be worth considering making these compulsory for the very wealthy as an alternative to higher top rates of tax.

Of course, the latter will bring in new staff (maybe not in the old numbers ); and, again, society is the wealthier as a result.

In 5% of cases wealthy at is used

Romney himself became wealthy at Bain.

One can be wealthy at 90 when people must have lost hope.

A few continue to become shamefully wealthy at the expense of so many.

Let me give an example of how government protects the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

The report also found that the NFIP usually benefits the very wealthy at the expense of the poor.

Anonymous The Kennedy clan has not given back -- they've gotten wealthier at the public trough.

They can jump up and down and demand that Washington cut taxes on the very wealthy at a time of high budget deficits.

In this report, the Bank has confessed that its policies heavily favour the wealthy at the expense of those with less.

That's a very simplistically stated level of income, and it is very misleading to say someone is wealthy at that level.

Now correct me if I'd wrong, but I read that she was not wealthy at the end and could not afford her own medical costs.

In 5% of cases wealthy with is used

And showers the wealthy with big tax cuts.

My family was wealthy, but not wealthy with money.

I feel WEALTHY with KNOWLEDGE! Or something less lame.

It continues for the wealthy with small class sizes and private tutor combinations.

You could not know this but pumpkin is wealthy with fiber but only hold 40 calories.

The friend is wealthy with a strange way of seeking eligible candidates for marriage.

I don't mind at all getting old like them because it means I will get old wealthy with yaya and driver to go hehehe.

It is very rare that a single woman, unless independently wealthy with strong ties to home, receives a visitor visa.

The wealthy with better access to transportation &; other facilities have suffered for less than the poor ofPakistan.

Instead, a long journey makes you: wealthy with all you have gained on the way, not expecting Ithaca to make you rich.

In 5% of cases wealthy from is used

You can become rich or wealthy from teaching.

Scotty: No country ever grew wealthy from high taxes.

If his managed to get wealthy from his work, good for him.

The thousands of people have turned into wealthy from pauper of its facile aspects.

I assure you, many of them have gotten every bit as wealthy from the crap they're hawking.

In short, they would only accept the highly educated, most talented or wealthier from us.

It is worth remembering that Nick Clegg voted for a reduction of the top rate of tax on the wealthy from 50p to 45p.

The interview ended with us in high spirit because it was vividly clear to us what seperates the wealthy from the poor.

If the Arabs stop getting wealthy from oil sales, then they can't afford to buy weapons and will have to become peaceful.

The private banking families who run this whole show are obscenely wealthy from the massive profits this system generates.

In 4% of cases wealthy to is used

Raise taxes on the wealthy to what they were under Clinton.

Strange then, that Zimbabwe does not look very wealthy to me.

Some argued that the tax had driven the wealthy to foreign shores.

He became wealthy to the detriment of the Cuban people, and he ruled with a brutal hand.

Covering everything from how to get wealthy to how to get healthy, Charles F Haanel leaves no stone unturned.

The range of following from judges to scientists, from the wealthiest to the poorest can not all be wrong.

Wishing to appear wealthy to the other women at the ball, she borrowed a diamond necklace from a wealthy friend, Mme.

They use the wealthy to corrupt the typical peasant, using the clone to create a goal of greed within the little people.

These wedding shows on television fuel ceremonial fantasies being harbored by wealthy to middle class lunatics in denial.

The task of the Democrats, if Obama is re-elected, will be to move some of the assets of the wealthy to the rest of the population.

In 4% of cases wealthy for is used

Fewer but wealthier for a while.

I do nt blame the wealthy for leaving France.

He was wealthy for the times, but inclined to be niggardly.

We have a president who vilifies the wealthy for having things that the rest of us don't.

The word charity suggests a generous voluntary act by the wealthy for the poor and needy.

They have been propagandized by the wealthy for hundreds of years and it is still happening.

Look, the French plan is to tax the ber wealthy for a couple of years, just so that the rich can pull their weight too.

The truth is that a lot of the wealthiest families have been wealthy for hundreds of years and some maybe even thousands.

One of Ratzo's predecessors sold indulgences to the very wealthy for whatever they did in the future: rape, murder, theft -- the lot.

In 3% of cases wealthy among is used

The real enemy to all of us is the wealthiest among us.

Mitt Romney's entire plan is to cut taxes for the wealthiest among us.

Health care is a right for ALL citizens, not one just for the most wealthy among us.

And those revenues need to come from those who can afford it -- the wealthiest among us.

And let the wealthy among us who hear these righteous words and know them as true, and who are our friends, join us.

They propose to crush the lower and middle classes while giving the very wealthiest among us even more tax breaks.

It raises most of its funds from the wealthiest among us through a modest income tax increase only on those at the top.

President Obama's call for the wealthiest among us to contribute their fair share to our economic recovery carried the day.

In 3% of cases wealthy through is used

He got very wealthy through business dealings extending from London to Africa.

The family moved into the meat-packing business, becoming hugely wealthy through grit and hard work.

Indeed, Sweden did not become wealthy through social democracy, big government and a large welfare state.

When administrative capacity improves it could be possible to exclude pensioners or the wealthy through a means test.

Who was the first scientist to become wealthy through science? William Thomson Charles Darwin Paul Muller James Watt 12.

My father had become wealthy through hard work, as did Mitt's father, but I never expected our parents to take care of us.

The future is bleak and nothing will change until is starts to affect the wealthy through regulation, tax expenditure on obesity etc.

If this means becoming wealthy through one of my other ventures and pour thousands of my own dollars into this project, then so be it.

The obstacle to economic change is seen to lie in dealing with vested interests (eg those who have become wealthy through renting land).

These are women who raised entire families on their own, became wealthy through their own means and fought the patriarchy the best way they could.

In 3% of cases wealthy on is used

Port Royal grew enormously wealthy on plunder.

The wealthy on the other hand will get a red carpet.

The northern city was the wealthiest on the continent.

Try interviewing the rapists and murderers who have grown wealthy on the largesse of invasion.

All this to insure that wealthy investors become more wealthy on the backs of suffering patients.

It's no excuse for the wealthiest nation on earth to let a few get even wealthier on the backs of others.

We do not know what he really stands for other than supporting the wealthy on what ever stance they want him to take.

Both are liberalism success stories, having grown wealthy on the back of free trade and relatively open domestic markets.

And do you really think Obama wouldn't have thought to attack Romney for being wealthy on his own? That's what Obama does.

They will lose the Bush-era tax breaks for the rich and wealthy on January 1, if they do not co-operate with the Democrats.

In 2% of cases wealthy beyond is used

He is now wealthy beyond the dreams of most Americans.

Recession? We are wealthy beyond the dreams of our forefathers.

The Windsor wealth The Windsors are wealthy beyond description.

The Knights Templar became very powerful and wealthy beyond belief.

They are wealthy beyond belief and her husband is a wonderful man and provider.

All of which left Musk wealthy beyond belief and could have led to a life of idle bliss.

You can say that I am wealthy beyond comparison, for I have a bunch of fantastic friends.

What a wonderful opportunity! If he stole just one thing from the palace he would be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.

Sergey Brin/Larry Page, Google founders Wealthy beyond imagination; Google co-founders Sergey Brin/Larry Page rode their Ph.

In 2% of cases wealthy over is used

It's not like I became wealthy over night.

If you can (or even get close ), you can become very wealthy over time.

So a lot of people have become extremely wealthy over the last 2 years.

There are wealthy over the yellowish conditions for good process that dislodge animal.

I don't think that anyone would argue that as a nation Australia will become wealthier over the next 15 years.

I don't think that anyone would argue that as a nation Australia won't become wealthier over the next 15 years.

Put simply we can produce lots more value at far less cost and, as a result, all (or most) of us get wealthier over time.

And they continued to insist that as it stands the Bush tax-cut plan unfairly favors the wealthy over those of more modest means.

In 1% of cases wealthy without is used

Not smart to be born wealthy without eyes to see with, ears to hear.

You can not destroy the wealthy without first destroying the middle class.

This is a sound way to extract more taxes from the wealthy without raising marginal rates.

In the history of man no one person ever became rich or wealthy without exploiting many others directly or indirectly.

The fact that he wants to provide tax breaks to the wealthy without revealing information about his own taxes is weak.

It seems that Reagan understood, you can not give massive tax breaks to the wealthy without supporting the underclass.

If the Finance view was correct, we could all get wealthy without mining, aquaculture, farming, building, infrastructure.

Liberals also seem to be first in line at 7-11 if there is a big lottery to win millions and become wealthy without hard work.

I think the problem for most Americans isn't that Romney is wealthy; the problem is that he's getting wealthier without work.

In 1% of cases wealthy out is used

You Can not legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.

You can not legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

I am sorry but this man is just trying to sell books and get wealthy out of people ignorance.

Up there it would be a couple of million and would have long since been purchased by a wealthy out of towner.

This seems a compelling, if glib, argument for not scaring the wealthy out of the tax system and into avoidance schemes.

In 1% of cases wealthy off is used

They are all becoming wealthy off of the private sectors dime folks.

What annoys me is that Klein has gotten ridiculously wealthy off his so-called leadership.

The thing with becoming wealthy off of knowledge is that in most cases it can't be something others can easily find out.

Instead what is proposed is simply a home tax which if allowed to be implemented will force those of us on low and middle incomes to pay more while continuing to let the wealthy off scot free.

In 1% of cases wealthy like is used

Why haven't you repealed tax cuts to wealthy like you promised? 8.

You can have maid in the developed world too if you are wealthy like that.

My parents are not wealthy like those people pushing to have the RH Bill become a law.

And we? ve built a system that treats the wealthy like an inexhaustible natural resource.

Zaid had been in the fast lane whilst in Umno, which makes him wealthy like many others in Umno.

In closing, were I wealthy like Romney or Buffet, I'd have the philanthropic impulse that Buffet has.

His family never went hungry and the farm prospered, but he did not become wealthy like his brothers.

Then there are the older and wealthier like the one pictured here, who are tired of the dating game and simply pay for love.

Gee, could be that the Dems invested money to make money rather trying tax cut after useless tax cut for the wealthy like the Reps.

People don't seem to be aware that the Bush tax cuts gave enormous benefits to the wealthy like Mitt Romney, saving them millions of dollars each year.

In 1% of cases wealthy into is used

Malloy or Obama can tax business and the wealthy into oblivion and it still won't pay for all the goodies.

The right wants increased wealth so badly that the wealthy can con the less wealthy into tying their future with them.

We can expect more trying to tax the more wealthy into oblivion, and drive their investments overseas and we will see the continued assault on coal, natural gas and oil drilling in the U.

The Wayne murders shock the wealthy into supporting a gigantic mass transit public works project (a perennial liberal fav) which fails utterly, which is why Batman appears to clean up the city.

In 1% of cases wealthy during is used

Wen became wealthy during his leadership.

John Howard was in power during a ten year boom period and displayed great largesse to the wealthy during that period.

Further tax cuts to the already wealthy during two wars under W Bush, an unprecedented irresponsible act in US history.

Last month, the New York Times reported that Mr Wen's close relatives had become enormously wealthy during his ten-year tenure.

When snack on Mango, you might want to observe that despite the fact that the pulp from the fruit is wealthy during these anti-oxidants, the majority of options are within the skin.

For us, the key issue is that there shouldn't be a net giveaway in tax to the wealthy during a time of austerity, but what we want to look at is the substance of this, not the symbolism.

In 1% of cases wealthy due is used

They become wealthier due to economic growth.

At the end of the tale, Bilbo has become very wealthy due to his share of the dwarves ' treasure; he also.

After 1830 Belgium became wealthy due to its iron, coal, and textile industries, and also its railways, which were also constructed by the government.

Individuals who generally spend every single final $ or even usually have to use extra can not possibly come to be wealthy due to their poor investing habits.

He really did appear to get off scot-free, managing to become even wealthier due to his new relationship, and nobody appeared to hold any grudges towards him.

London Chocolate Houses 18th Century Chocolate House When chocolate finally reached England in the 1650s, it was a drink reserved for the wealthy due to the high import duties on cocoa beans.

In 1% of cases wealthy because is used

He's wealthy because of money earned in Iraq.

The Wealthy are not wealthy because of their labor.

If I work hard and earn my way and become wealthy because of it.

The unthinking men accounteth them wealthy because of their restraint.

And don't pretend you're actually wealthy because of some experiences you've had.

The Kennedys were wealthy because of the financial empire that Joseph Kennedy built.

The republican party voted against the tax cuts and raising taxes on the wealthy because of this terrible economy.

They are wealthy because our banking system, wall street, and tax laws reward them for having money in the first place.

I have met many small business owners in my town and they are not wealthy because of the high loss from taxes and expenses.

Those who are amongst the wealthiest in the United States have gotten to be the wealthiest because of the lower classes.

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