Prepositions after "weak"

weak in, on, at, for or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases weak in is used

He had it weak in the first round.

They are actually very weak in it.

Again, you're weak in the early game.

Education is obviously weaker in the US than it is in the richest countries in Europe.

He screams, ' No pets! No pets! ' I become my Aunt Virginia, proud but weak in the head.

However, in practice with non-tech savvy user, HTTPS is slightly weaker in my opinion.

Now, the policy states that the older ones get more $$ by assuming that they are weaker in health which is not true.

CM says: In conclusion, this failed president has made us weaker in the world, and I will continue all his policies.

But the Portuguese establishment should be ashamed of themselves, being so weak in the face of crime against children.

Her opening stuntwoman scene in SG took my breath away and must have caused many male viewers to go weak in the knees.

In 9% of cases weak on is used

Feelings are not weak on this matter.

Ervin is weak and weak on experience.

The book is weak on organic gardening.

With Ponger out, Philly is little weak on defense and they have no credible goal tending.

Show us your true colours, are you weak on your knees after the training in the SAF, lol.

Koscielny works best on the left ie in Vermaelen's position, he is weaker on the right.

Six months for lifting a shoe? This week this column manages to be weak on content, light on fact, and poor on humour.

Anyway, Since I am rather weak on the compatibility issue, Minolta's official reference should be the used as a guide.

A pacey new book is weak on finance, but shows how Edwin Land, Polaroid's dazzling founder, was a lot like Steve Jobs.

Ellen read it and her eyes faded down, as when the current grows weak on rural circuits, and smouldered off into space.

In 8% of cases weak at is used


Income growth remains weak at 2.

I am consistently weak at physics.

Souls never understand simple knowledge because the souls have become weak at this time.

Although the Liverpool squad is particularly weak at the moment, it is still quite young.

We won last year with five proper batsmen, but our batting looked desperately weak at times.

With their good looks and fine arses they have left teenagers and OAPs alike weak at the knees and screaming for more.

The Maybe Game The ' maybe game ' is something that men are very weak at playing; due to the need to establish things.

How I'd stumbled back to the hotel afterwards, weak at the knees and in need of a large gin and tonic to right myself.

It's normal bevaviour, I've been caught staring at someone and I've seen my wife blush and go weak at the knee's also.

In 7% of cases weak for is used

Nite Jewel -- Weak For Me (Dir.

But he was too weak for mediation.

Things might be weaker for longer.

I found one capsule was too weak for my liking so I now use 2 and it tastes just right.

The economy up there is too weak for us to guarantee present jobs in the public sector.

It may tell the person that he or she is weak for eating or for failing to lose weight.

For me, this felt like a book that was very strong in soups and side dishes but terribly weak for main course recipes.

The Fed could extend its timetable by six months, a sign that it expects the economy to stay weak for three more years.

He explicitly declared Christianity is too weak for his beliefs - to exterminate jews and the society he want to build.

The United States is not going to crumble beyond any repair just becuase the Executive Branch is weak for another 4 years.

In 5% of cases weak from is used

India is very weak from inside.

Others remained weak from loss of blood.

Because he has been weak from the get-go.

They were brave, and they sought to defend the weak from those who would exploit them.

I was so weak from loosing so much blood that I couldn't move from my bed to get help.

He's very weak from the chemo and has been very down the whole time as he feels so ill.

Global commodity prices are still down 5% on year while oil has turned around 6% weaker from the highs of last year.

Currents always look weaker from the outside! * Consider cold-acclimatisation training for swimming in very cold water.

At the time Jesus was weak from fasting and was purposefully denying himself from doing these things even though he could.

In 4% of cases weak with is used

These things get weak with zikr.

Then she was weak with her husband.

The men became ill and weak with fever.

He was too weak with heart palpitations to harvest the rice that supported his family.

For 7 years now we've watched as Arsenal have become weaker with each passing summer.

Poems of love that are from the heart will make anyone's knees very weak with affection.

I don't think Iran respects, fears the current administration and considers us far weaker with Obama as President.

His next sleep, he croaks, half smiling, isn't scheduled for another fortnight, and he looks quite weak with jetlag.

My faith is strong, but somewhere since Allah(swt) has made us weak with our emotions I feel hurt and weak at times.

Instead of getting financially stronger, they became financially weaker with every dollar they made and then spent.

In 4% of cases weak to is used

These are weak to very weak disruptions.

America looks weak to all other nations.

However, Taeyang is a man weak to dates.

A failure on the rebate would hurt the government and make it look weak to Danish voters.

Unfortunately the security and controls around sharing are weak to the point of disaster.

I lost all my concentration and became weak to the extent that I could not study anymore.

Decide which ones are critical, and allocate a score to each (from 1 being extremely weak to 10 being extremely strong).

Lions and hyenas are only known to hunt solitary aging buffalos that are either too weak to fight or greatly outnumbered.

Makes me wonder if maybe we need strong local government, community solidarity and weak to non-existent central government.

In 4% of cases weak by is used

I think he was so weak by purpose.

Sadducees were weak by comparison.

His position grows weaker by the day.

At the end of the day, the opposition understand that Liberals are fickle &; weak by design.

We are just life flowers, wild and all rosy in the morning but gloomy and weak by night fall.

Still resisting Rory, her childhood sweetheart, though her resolve grows weaker by the day.

While confidence is still weak by historical standards, as far as consumers are concerned, the worst is now behind us.

Even if CO2 is combined with all the other known feedbacks except water vapour it is still too weak by a large margin.

Jonathan is perceived as weak by his cohorts and also fears his Northern antagonists with their Boko Haram terrorists.

SteveHolt on August 14, 2010 at 12:53 pm This article is rather weak by ZM standards, in fact its very weak in general.

In 4% of cases weak of is used

Weak of mind will follow you already; while.

Firstly, the weaker of the two societies (i.

The Hoeman is weak of will and blind of vision.

I don't think Hillary Clinton is nearly as weak of a national candidate as people think.

They look the weaker of the two Ukrainian sides this year and that is not a good sign.

If you wondered if God really called the Weak of the World or just the Weak and the Weird.

From the pitches, I could tell that this one is not for the weak of heart as it contains sensitive issues and violence.

Any exploration into the human psyche -- which is the human psyche -- is not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.

They should try looking out of their self, and help others to feel the high in them Katie Drugs are for the weak of mind.

Normally the weaker of the two touring teams arrives first, giving Australia time to warm up against lesser opposition.

In 3% of cases weak as is used

Punishing web sites is weak as well as unjust.

The sonic blast had left him weak as a kitten.

Mickey Rourke was weak as the villain to be sure.

The three of them taught respect for the rights of the weak as part of submission to God.

We are smaller and weaker as a squad and that's thanks to Pardew and the board -- fact!

Not only are we likely to lose money on the exchange, we'll be left weaker as a result.

If your ad is not highly visible and accessible, then the traffic and interest it will generate will be weak as a result.

She is different (light, childish, snobby, strong and weak as a normal human being) and that what I like in this actress.

Violence is presented as a necessity foisted upon the weak as the only means with which to respond to an oppressive enemy.

Otherwise, the call will be dropped because the link with the current base station becomes too weak as the mobile recedes.

In 2% of cases weak against is used

To stand for the weak against any foe.

Why our currency is weak against US $.

Euro is weaker against the dollar 1.

Ringgit, a weak currency Meanwhile, the ringgit remains weak against the US dollar.

If at all we should have bowled short to Raina - who is weak against the short stuff.

Foreign Exchange EUR was slightly weaker against GBP and ended the week at EUR/GBP0.

But they are weak against garlic, holy water, cross, sunlight and by having a stake in their heart will kill them.

But redemption awaits against the sieve-like Bucs defense, which is as solid against the run as it is weak against the pass.

However, in Pokemon, each Pokemon comes in different classes and types that made them strong or weak against their opponents.

He used to sell a lot of strawberries to Germany, but now the pound is so weak against the mark it just isn't worth the effort.

In 2% of cases weak due is used

I am so sickly and weak due to the gun-shots.

Her head felt weak due to the sudden shock and pain.

They are physically weak due to mal/under-nourishment.

By this time, Japan was weak due to the revolts against the selfish rule in Edo(Tokyo).

The episode was also weak due to the lack of the two main characters in most of the story.

But I am weak due to my standard in finance, I explained to someone that I want to open an N.

The signal strength is weak due to the school being located just a few meters too far from the antenna across the road.

According to banking sector sources, the local currency is likely to continue to be weak due to huge demand-supply gap.

The Turkish currency has always been weak due to economic calamities (despite new regulations since the beginning of 2005).

In 1% of cases weak without is used

The rotation looks very weak without him.

That sounds like they were weak without support.

Of course their defence is weaker without him.

Flashing beam lights help but makes you look weak without an angry honk to back you up.

Each doesn't exist without the other and, honestly, are made weaker without the others.

I completely agree that he needs to complement AB; each is much weaker without the other.

If they are constantly being supported and held up by a belt, those muscles will be vulnerable and weak without it.

But we will not get a seat there by right, we need to show that such partnership working is weaker without us, and that means we,.

I think a lot of pundits don't see the depth of talent that we see and so, think that our team will be weaker without Adebayor and Toure.

In 1% of cases weak about is used

There is nothing weak about me.

We are all weak about him, enjoying all the cuddles.

There's nothing necessarily corrupt or weak about it.

You're not giving in and there's nothing wussy or weak about reporting it or asking for advice.

I know this is the most self pitying I have ever been and I'd sorry for being so weak about this.

But for all that, there is something ineffably limp and weak about the way we do business these days.

There is a lot of data out here enough to discourage the weak about the prospect of Africa ever rising from the rut.

Part of the ALP's problems at the moment may be due to to their support for free markets and a perception that they are weak about border control.

There are clearly areas that are weak about the United squad though and these weaknesses were exposed horribly in the Champions League last season.

The report went on to say that the? student? s knowledge and understanding was often good about the biology of sex but weaker about relationships.

In 1% of cases weak through is used

You are weak through old habits.

My knees are weak through fasting; my body has become gaunt.

That doesn't mean that we expect the economy to be weak through 2015.

Will becomes impure and weak through vulgar passions, love of pleasures and desires.

Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness.

Noftsinger expects the small business sector will remain weak through the third and possibly fourth quarters of this year.

Instead, you learn that big powers impose their will on the weak through force and rules that are strict and often arbitrary.

Blessed is he who, in the name of rock ' n roll and caring of his fans, shepherds the weak through the valley of the insomnia.

In 1% of cases weak over is used

Monsoon was weak over Karnataka.

Monsoon was weak over the state.

The tyranny of the weak over the strong.

Not necessarily next week or next month or next year, but it will get weaker over time.

Growth then slowed in the early 2000s and it has been particularly weak over recent years.

Auto sales, which were weak over the past 11 months, simply went into freefall in September.

High totals were widespread in the east of the country in March, although the monsoon remained weak over the far north.

My lower extremities have grown weak over the years because of the inability for the proper nerve impulses to be received.

Potential Investment Opportunity: Without a question, the market is weak over the shorter-term trading and investment cycle.

Why has African economic performance been relatively weak over the past 200 years? Africa is after all very rich in resources.

In 1% of cases weak like is used

Do nt end up by becoming weak like him.

Individually we are weak like a single twig, but as a bundle we.

Only perhaps, the gravity field will be very weak like the moon.

I feel extremley tired and weak like all i want to do is sleep, like no energy/motivation.

This argument is weak like the house of a spider, it can not stand up to the scrutiny of proof.

You can then find help or assistance in areas where you are weaker like accounting and finance.

And do you want to be with someone who is weak like that? He might feel guilty or bad about what he's done, on some level.

How I was weak like an idiot and gave you heartache, how I hurt your feelings, how I drove you nuts -- forgive me this once.

Everywhere the weak hate the powerful, before whom they crawl, and the powerful treat the weak like sheep, selling their wool and their carcases.

Quintessence nail gels are hard, tear resistance, and firm yet not fragile like other nail products, or soft and weak like other gel nails products.

In 1% of cases weak during is used

He didn't want me to be weak during the day of examination.

The Democratic Party has been decidedly weak during this whole affair.

The drawback to being a Vampire Lord is that you're weaker during the day.

The aged stag whose roar is ever weaker during the rut has not learned that the hinds are unimpressed.

But the trend has been weak during campaign season: 45,000 jobs in June, 141,000 in July, 96,000 in August.

Our govt is being made to look weak during this entire process as they sit around and wait to see what happens.

These Naiks ensured finally that the empire vanished when it became weak during the time of Sri Ranga III in 1649.

Boston was still weak during the power play while Montreal had many, many chances at scoring and killing penalties.

There is a very strong smell of sulfur that comes out of it, as it is weak during the day but very strong at nights.

I saw another response about being weak during interviews -- good answer! I also remember to interview them before I leave.

In 1% of cases weak because is used

But we are far weaker because of it.

No man called him weak because of that.

But very weak because of the anti-biotic.

Ozai then demanded him to leave his presence, as Zuko was still weak because of that.

People with COPD often become weak because of lack of exercise or nutritional problems.

Our allies as well as enemies now view Obama and the US as weak because of his speeches.

As I have been arguing for years, I think the recovery has been weak because of misguided fiscal and monetary policy.

The references he has given are from the very sources which he himself says weak because of their courtly affiliations.

It's important to remind them that they're not weak because of their illness and you don't think any less of them because of it.

I don't know whether the opposition is weak because of those who are in it, but certainly it is not by the government of the day.

In 1% of cases weak among is used

Someone who is weak among you is very valuable for me.

This alone may make the weaker among you hyperventilate a bit.

But it is also the most economically and militarily weak among the claimants.

The articulation of schooling and the labour market was especially weak among francophones.

Evidence for a variety of self-evaluation maintenance strategies are also weaker among East Asians (e.

It also urged to fight for the Cause of God in defense of all the weak among humans, calling it Jihad, i.

Are you not granted victory and provided sustenance except because of the weak among you? (Related by Sa'd Ibn abi Waqqas).

Even the weaker among us are surviving childbirth and living longer than ever thanks to constant improvements in healthcare.

It's not hard to agree with that statement since animals, kids, the elderly and sick people are the more vulnerable and weaker among us.

In Cornwall, on the other hand, political Radicalism and Chartism were weak among the miners, who were the main supporters of the Wesleyans.

In 1% of cases weak after is used

Your abs are very weak after pregnancy.

Jesus knew that they were weak after this mission.

It does not die, but emerges far weaker after this mutilation.

It has let pass one catastrophe after the other; emerging weaker after each fiasco.

Sensing Islam was weak after Muhammad's passing, many Arab tribes left the new religion.

As I said in the wake of Bradford West, the case is stronger not weaker after that defeat.

Interesting to see JJ's selections this weak after last weeks best performance with players he never wanted to play.

Many are simply too weak after long journeys across the arid lands and die before they can be nursed back to strength.

It is either i feel weak after day one or something just happens when i begin the fast hence it leaves me feeling angry.

Perhaps it seemed particularly weak after a few very good episodes, especially A Town Called Mercy and The Power of Three.

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