Prepositions after "wave"

"wave at" or "wave to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases wave at is used

She's waving at the person behind me.

When I climbed on the back of the truck, I waved at Ben.

We passed through a couple of towns and everyone was waving at us.

And six months later, he was waving at Padilla from his truck, the proud holder of a real job.

He took a bit of extra time to wave at the crowd, and we all knew he was the 2012 World Champion.

Within the four week time frame that he was back in my life, there were several red flags waving at me.

On the streets, you will notice children standing and waving at passing tourists, sometimes alone and sometimes with a parent.

At first he just waved at me, and i smiled, did a little wave, then turned away and cheered my friend on with what we were doing.

The attentive ryokan staff didn't miss a single beat, waving at us and standing respectfully outside Seikoro Inn till we were out.

All that time before we are in the blocks I'll be waving at the crowd and still be thinking about anything other than what I'd to do.

In 25% of cases wave to is used

The flag is still waving to this day.

The lookout man had waved to me as I approached.

We laughed and waved to them and they laughed and waved back.

Their stores are so close that the people working at the drive-through windows can wave to each other.

The tall, thin, dreadlocked singer blew a kiss and waved to his subdued supporters as he was led away.

When he waved to the crowd as Mirko Vucinic replaced him at the Olimpico on Sunday, it was the last goodbye.

The President and my husband waved to a group of woodsmen, then passed under the huge sign that was stretched across the road.

He waved to his particular friends in the audience even though there weren't any there, and waited for the applause to die down.

Rajesh, the legislator from Kalliaserry, appeared in good spirits and waved to his party supporters before being taken to the Kannur jail.

She blew kisses and waved to friends, family and even total strangers at intervals during the occasion, and was inarguably the star of the moment.

In 10% of cases wave in is used

Indeed, the ululations were a muted gesture of outstretched arms with splayed fingers waving in the air.

The green grass waving in the wind, trees, streams and cooler weather after the extreme heat in the deserts.

The O'Neill, the O'Brien, the O'Donnell, the McGuire, the O'Moore, kept the national sword waving in the air.

When the really lively ones played enthusiastically with the toy he waved in front of them, he actually giggled into his microphone.

After all, they openly show their loathing, contempt, ill-will, toward us with a (death threat implied) bullet or a gun waving in the air.

In 3% of cases wave on is used

It has been a real boost having their support and seeing the New Zealand flag waving on the stages.

In 2% of cases wave over is used

Davy looked instantly brighter, as though his friend's words were an unquestionable truth that absolved him, like a pardoning hand had just waved over him, protecting him.

In 2% of cases wave of is used

Maiduguri, located in Nigeria's northeastern region, is a Boko Haram flashpoint, where the Nigerian government had declared and lifted some curfews due to wave of attacks.

In 2% of cases wave as is used

People lined the route and cheered and waved as the train went by at a slow pace.

Passengers in vehicles moving toward Tamale readily joined the thousands of escorts, cheering and waving as the convoy moved slowly into the Tamale City.

In 2% of cases wave for is used

Ricardo leads Chris down and then waves for me to begin my decent.

The roadside was lined with people waving for the entire journey.

In 1% of cases wave into is used

By and large they will have lots of battery power, as well as being able to be used almost anywhere without passers-by looking or waving into your shot and ruining your footage.

In 1% of cases wave from is used

We have the BBC paying out 200k to McAlpine, while the book written by Icke in 1998, carrying that libel in print, remains unchallenged and is waved from the internet like a red flag at a mad bull.

In 1% of cases wave through is used

One is the threatened imminent decision to wave through the deal which would give Rupert Murdoch total control over the biggest commercial broadcaster as well as 40% of the national press.

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