Prepositions after "watch"

watch for, in, on, from or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases watch for is used

We can watch for it to speed up.

As Nate says, watch for the trends.

Hang in a tree and watch for the birds.

You should now know enough to watch for such opportunities and take advantage of them.

The Heart of Christmas is a wonderful movie to watch for the holidays with your family.

We watched for a glimpse of our state delegation, in case we might recognize someone.

Genuinely be aware of all involved, fail to just recently watch for them call for a oxygen what this means is start.

He also earned an A rating in NHL Central Scouting's preliminary rankings of players to watch for the 2013 NHL Draft.

Parents are advised to watch for signs of readiness and let the kids set the pace, says BabyCenter editor Linda Murray.

In 15% of cases watch in is used

This will be something to watch in the coming months and years.

Still, any changes at the top will be keenly watched in Cairo.

Of course, watching in IMAX helps you see all the pretty stuff.

As I waited and watched in the garden and by Grandpa's side, some quiet truths emerged.

I don't even remember now why I didn't watch in the cinemas when it came out a decade ago.

If you are wise Christian (keep watching in the past ), you must be ready for this day.

Go whale watching in the morning in Kaikoura before the winds start, then drive to Hanmer Springs (about 2 hours).

Locals to watch in the West Coast Street Stock Series at Yakima include Spokane's Kip Elliott and Okanogan's Bryon Goetz.

I don't think this is a necessarily bad thing, but it is interesting and promises to be worth watching in the new year.

Regardless, I was determined to go whale watching in Sydney and was secretly hoping to break our sea life-spotting curse.

In 11% of cases watch on is used

I guess I'll just watch on television.

People watch on the shore of Lake Louise.

Millions more watched on TV and shed tears.

In spring and summer we can be in tornado warnings or tornado watches on certain days.

Outside the courthouse a jubilant crowd watched on a big screen and cheered each sentence.

We can hook up our laptop to the TV and still watch on the larger screen if we wish to share.

My friend once called me around 1PM to tell me about the amazing 3D dinosaur movie he was watching on his new 3DTV.

Not only is Yvonne beautiful, she has the talent, a good sense of humour, down to earth and a delight to watch on screen.

TVJ is watched on the internet, by site visitors in the United States, Canada, Japan, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

David Nicholas: 14 Jul 2011 1:30:31pm Being a devotee of Media Watch, I like the fact that it does keep watch on transgressions.

In 10% of cases watch from is used

Joe was watching from the stands.

For me definitely watches from big names.

The mother watched from the side and cried.

BUT WE HAVE TO VOTE WISELY! I have loved this series (I have watched from the diaspora).

At the same time, those of us watching from home should try not to judge the housemates.

They came from weeping members of the dead boy's family, watching from the public gallery.

You may also suddenly feel that the trees are looking at you -- you feel you are being watched from all sides too.

Anyway, it's none of my business to tell people how to run their politics, but I find it interesting to watch from outside.

This work is important, not only to Africans in Sierra Leone, but also to Africans who are watching from around the world.

Like most people watching from afar, I imagine, I had the television on for pictures, but I was also following social media.

In 9% of cases watch with is used

Israel is watching with some satisfaction.

Clifton watched with no expression on his face.

Foreign parties may well be watching with covetous eyes.

So that is the most significant part, and people are watching with immense interest.

When we watch television we may think of ourselves as watching with a broader audience.

I have watched with great interest what happened with Osho and the results of his efforts.

It was hardly the behaviour anyone would expect of a G20 summit host, and the American President watched with growing disbelief.

Since then, her fashion choices have been watched with a sharp eye, with each look dissected right down to the brand of jewellery.

As the greetings and curtsies took place everyone watched with undisguised interest, wondering if perhaps she would come their way.

The UMP's opponents on both the left and far-right have watched with glee as the party implodes, with some already writing its obituary.

In 7% of cases watch as is used

I watched as the sun turned blood red and dip below the horizon.

I watched as a small group of women did things that scared them.

I watch as the little grey kitten sits on the grass, looking around.

In 1991 Karua was recognized and awarded by Human Rights Watch as a human rights monitor.

A man watched as the boy picked up individual creatures and took them back into the water.

A stunned Standard reporter watched as the 21 bodies were collected for the flight to Nairobi.

Now, we sit and watch as the real world continues to give up the climate data that shows CO2 has little to do with it.

On the very first time he touched the ball, Garcia crossed his man over and watched as the defense collapsed around him.

His passing range and guile on the ball have offered Arsenal another dimension whilst being exciting to watch as a nuetral.

And then one day, I watched as a big, bald eagle sat in a tree, just watching the world, doing nothing to threaten or torment.

In 7% of cases watch by is used

Hilda Ogden's death was watched by 26.

Watched by the intent audience, the proceedings began.

The station is watched by millions of people across Africa.

Agyemang is a notorious goal poacher and he was closely watched by Akuoko and Adomah.

They told me all the roads, even the rivers and creeks were being watched by security.

And this scene would be shown in movie theaters and watched by patrons in movie theaters.

Episode video children examples of buyers who might have manufactured money we have there're able to watch by which avenue.

The BBC Children in Need Appeal telethon continues to be a major televised event watched by viewers of all ages every November.

All this depended on TV, and not merely on television but a particular form: broadcast TV, watched by millions at the same time.

Question Time, hosted by David Dimbleby, is broadcast each week from a different part of the country and watched by an average of 2.

In 4% of cases watch at is used

Restrict what you watch at night.

I watched at NASA TV when was on duty in the Met.

Watching at basketball courts, watching at ovals.

I first watched at a regional premiere and was blown away by his performance as Bond.

To be didactic and to lecture, it starts to feel like a movie you had to watch at school.

Why do we get so over-excited? Because those two have clear talent and they're fun to watch at their best.

For sure, the choice of the movies that can be watched at home is really great, but some of them are better than the other.

I regret it and I retract it and I apologize to anyone watching at home -- particularly my father (!) -- who may have heard me say it.

Throughout the next episodes of the show both Heidi and Spencer's became more and more strange and slightly uncomfortable to watch at times.

Unlike the Super Bowl, most people watch World Cup matches in public venues, whereas the SB is watched at home in private party atmospheres.

In 4% of cases watch over is used

It'll be like watching over weight kanto boys play.

So please watch over me and help me to get through this stop sign safely.

We must continually watch over ourselves so we do not do anything that may displease Him.

They are not all-powerful, or all-knowing, and certainly do not watch over us constantly.

If you can't let your children play without supervision, try to watch over them from a distance.

Panning down from the CCTV camera, we see another bird of prey, behind Winslow, watching over Swan's estate.

She will watch over the egg case until her death, then next spring the baby spiders, called spiderlings, will emerge.

To minimise theft it makes no sense to leave your belongings unlocked while raising a huge police force to watch over them.

A posse of students was formed to watch over Marcuse's house and to protect him from the wrathful recriminations of the capitalists.

You think he's not up there? You think he's not watching over this country? How else can you explain it? He tested us, but we came through.

In 1% of cases watch about is used

I watched about 75-80% of Chelsea's games, tbh.

Whenever I work in my home office I am reminded of a television programme I once watched about life on a submarine.

We watched about eight people come up, find out the situation, and wait for a bit, then leave for places that would let them in.

Before we start believing the video we all watched about Kony AND before we agree/disagree with the person who wrote this article, take a step back.

In 1% of cases watch after is used

Teerasil Dangda is a man to watch after scoring a hat-trick in their 5-0 rout of Bangladesh.

I'd sad that my child will never know their grandma, but I know you'll watch after me and them for always.

I started watching Arsenal in 1997-98, when I was 9, but I wouldn't pretend to know more than someone who is actually playing the sport currently, or even someone who started watching after me.

In 1% of cases watch around is used

Activities Guests can take nature walks or go bird watching around the flowered gardens.

There is a 24-hour police watch around Reshma's house -- but the rest of the Dalit community also seek police protection.

The Pact manages to do exactly what it should, it's tense and has its scary moments and will definitely be a fun film to watch around Halloween.

In 1% of cases watch during is used

After exciting many with the quality of its video, Joost doesn't seem to have signed up any shows worth watching during its months of development.

Courtesy of Colleen Doran Aaron, left, and Andrew Harrison will be two to watch during the early signing period, as they are intended to sign with Kentucky.

All of the rooms also have flat panel plasma televisions along with DVD players so you will always have something to watch during your down time in your room.

In 1% of cases watch out is used

You won't even watch out of the window.

Watch out the way you open and develop conversations to the direction that you wish to.

In 1% of cases watch to is used

I think I'd going to watch To The Beautiful You next but I don't have high expectations for it.

She said her favourite part was watching to their children, grandchildren, families and friends enjoy their day in the beauty of Crom.

Although a tourist trap it is well worth the visit and if you can grab a seat on the terrace, you can people watch to your hearts content.

The uncensored version of ' Unfinished Sweet ' is cool to have as are the silent outtalks, but not really the sort of thing you would watch to often.

In 1% of cases watch without is used

Euphanie, normally fastidious about everything they ate, watched without protest.

Although, not all of the Budweiser commercials were humorous that were supposed to be, most of them were and are for the most part still good enough to watch without being too disappointed in them.

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