Prepositions after "waste"

"waste on" or "waste in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases waste on is used

They throw bodily waste on you.

Wellbeck was wasted on the left wing, Valencia wasted at right back.

The reference to being a dour Scott will not be wasted on a dour Scott.

The BAD MONEY is the money wasted on interest payments, hire purchase and bank charges.

Dunedin could have funded the Pacific Cable with the money we have just wasted on a stadium.

Lets stop this nonsense of making news and time wasting on funerals centralised in Ghana here.

Research by Computing magazine in 2001 found that over 1bn had been wasted on large government IT project failures since 1997.

No time should be wasted on wrangling with the customer about expertise, superior solutions, credentials, interference, or whatnot.

Such influences and auspicious connections were not wasted on the young Karan, and she was admitted to the prestigious Parson's School of Design in 1968.

Think about all the time you will waste on one bad/needy client when you could be working on 3 other successfully smooth projects in the same amount of time.

In 23% of cases waste in is used

An hour wasted in a constraint is an hour.

Time is often wasted in changing between activities.

An hour wasted in a non-constraint is no time wasted at all.

A judicious booking for time wasting in the first half might convince them not to do it.

Talk of him being a holding midfielder is nonsense in my view and he? ll be wasted in that position.

Nothing goes to waste in his studio; he has enough recycled ' skins ' of dried oil paint to make a wedding dress.

Instead they are wasted in interest on the self-inflicted debt or, worse, they go straight into the Glazers ' pockets.

Big corporates are promoting an unhealthy food consumption model, with more than 35% food being wasted in the northern countries.

In fact, during most of their time in power, their energies were wasted in undoing some of the good projects of the previous governments.

Sadly, with all the time he wasted in India, the author never grasped the spirit of the Nation! Neither did he grasp Hinduism as propounded by Aurobindo.

In 8% of cases waste by is used

There is no time or energy wasted by having to open or close hands.

Mascherano was widely known to be a exceptional talent, and was wasted by West Ham.

Warner is great talent and i hope like Umer Akmal he will not be wasted by performance pressure.

Whenever a story is published about money wasted by the government on IT there is a public backlash.

I was lied to, misled and had my time and more importantly, my money wasted by this deplorable firm.

Took a chance on a proven head case Mascherano was widely known to be a exceptional talent, and was wasted by West Ham.

More than 15 years of effort just wasted by a small group of close minded and ignorant management to ruin whole kingdom.

Do not cut or slice the roots or the valuable milky juice on which their medicinal value depends will be wasted by bleeding.

In 6% of cases waste from is used

Waste from the mining areas have damaged the surrounding environment along the rivers.

Many industrial facilities use freshwater to carry away waste from the plant and into rivers, lakes and oceans.

How can we remove the plastic wastes from our urban environment and keep our drainage system clear of plastics?

There are advantages and disadvantages to the treatment of waste from electric and electronic equipment by incineration.

What happens to waste from electric and electronic equipment produced in Ireland? Landfill sites Space at landfill sites is becoming scarce.

The Australian miner maintains that waste from the Gebeng plant will not be hazardous and can be easily recycled for commercial applications.

Otherwise, anybody who collects plastic wastes from the floor and takes back to the collection point would enjoy the corresponding cash back.

Also, if items of waste from electric and electronic equipment contain a high percentage of plastic, they are very suitable for the incineration process.

Examples of components arising from waste from electric and electronic equipment Printed circuit boards Cathode ray tubes Wires and cables Mercury switches Batteries Light generators (e.

Window openings should be on the northern and eastern sides of the buildings Waste storage - Daily wastes from the kitchen should be kept covered in the south- west corner of the kitchen.

In 4% of cases waste with is used

For a lady, The mean wasting with reference to 1,500 energy from fat morning, And males, In the region of 1,800, By simply your actual age and so task area.

In 3% of cases waste as is used

Alonso is not wasted as a deep player because that is his position.

I think it will involve a bit of downsizing as I never really needed or used the full power of the Sprint and it is certainly wasted as an everyday bike.

I never said he was being wasted as a deep player, I said he would be wasted as the main defensive midfielder, as he is better suited staying on his feet, and thread great passes.

Verdict: Given that kids and parents can get iPhone 4 for free with a 2-year agreement, and iPhone might be wasted as a 911-only phone, we're going with the trade-in for a new shiny.

In 3% of cases waste at is used

IT is not a free resource that end users can use and waste at will.

I would imagine there is a huge amount of money wasted at Christmas.

Wellbeck was wasted on the left wing, Valencia wasted at right back.

A player like him is wasted at CB, He could be the midfield general we need.

According to her, the valuable natural resources should not be wasted at any cost.

In 3% of cases waste for is used

I felt cheated, my years of efforts wasted for all the wrong reasons.

As a result, potential computing resource lies wasted for the majority of the time.

The only thing different about spectrum is that if you don't use it, it is wasted for the period it is not used.

As for RVP is he worth 24 mil? One injury for him is money wasted for Man utd i believe as he will undoubtly be out long term.

In 3% of cases waste of is used

If the Somali intellectuals don't get along then that is the true waste of energy.

Thanks I sincerely believe that including Somaliland in the London Somali conference is a waste of your precious time and energy.

Do not give the child any money to purchase fireworks, musical instruments or any other similar unnecessary items which amount to wasting of money.

It's a time David Carmon and his collegues to come in realization and stop wasting of the hard-earned tax payers money in this current difficult econimic down turn.

In 1% of cases waste because is used

All the resources put into this show continue to be wasted because of the, quite frankly, bad source material.

In 1% of cases waste due is used

Nonetheless, the kids were complaining about waking them up too early, not to mention the extra hour wasted due to the alarm clock's mischief.

In 1% of cases waste to is used

So far a lot of newsprint has been wasted to no avail.

This should give plastic consumers or thrash pickers an opportunity to be given cash back when they return plastic wastes to any of these points.

In 1% of cases waste upon is used

I am saddened that if you are representative of our youth then the energies that youth represent will be wasted upon the rocks of life's practicalities.

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