Prepositions after "wash"

"wash with", "wash in" or "wash over"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases wash with is used

James ' Park name does not wash with Lavery.

I only wash with water and I've never had an infection.

I like to wash with water and let the body clean itself.

Next, the beads are washed with buffer containing increasing concentrations of salt.

After returning indoors, skin that was treated with DEET should be washed with soap and water.

The moss is then washed with fresh water and again put in the sun, this time to dry for two days.

For me, i do nt remove and wash my panties immediately, i first soak in hot water fr some hours then wash with Dettol.

I would feel weird not washing with soap, but I use un-scented, mild soap and wash gently with my hand in the shower.

When you're ready, you can remove the colour by washing with your usual shampoo, but it may require two or three washes to get it out completely.

In fact, explaining to the wife that I'd going on all-dayer in Huddersfield probably will not wash with her unless I've got the men in gold and black conveniently attached to it.

In 15% of cases wash over is used

It let them wash over me, unconnected to the past.

In the sea the wave movement would possibly wash over them thus keeping them cool.

Like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2, I staggered as the mind-numbing pain washed over me.

I remember sitting in the dark for half an hour with such joy and relief washing over me.

But sitting there holding his acceptance letter, another wave of realization washed over him.

I'd a grunt DBA, so a lot of this washed over me as I'll probably never get to use any of it.

And when she was in my arms, a flood of love washed over me, bonding me to this precious child.

He was male (of course) and I braced myself as the fear of being examined by him washed over me.

The sense of failure still fresh in his mind; the smell of blood began to flood his nose as the memories washed over him.

As the two grow closer, Dong- hyeon suddenly begins to lose his lifelong insensitivity to pain and the hurt of a lifetime washes over him.

In 15% of cases wash in is used

There was no way you could wash in there.

The rest get's washed in London and New York.

Shakti's and yours and my private linen is being washed in the public.

The robes are washed in a dye made from boiling wood chips of the Jackfruit tree.

Women stood naked at the side of the track, washing in cupfuls of water taken from British Army trucks.

Washing in the downpour we noticed the water sluicing off the roof of a nearby school and ran, laughing, beneath it.

Christianity is a butcher shop religion in that you must be washed in the Bood of Jesus to have your sins washed away.

Xenahelios, are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb? Accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

How could anyone be in a bad mood when there's so many hues and washes in this world? Even in grey London, a city without a sea.

Are not Abana and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus, better than any of the waters of Israel? Couldn't I wash in them and be cleansed.

In 5% of cases wash at is used

There is a way to handle the involuntary windshield washes at the stoplight.

They drop everywhere (ha!) and we seem to end up with 20 million dishes to wash at the end.

This semester, the clothes will be collected from the students and washed at the contractor's base.

The saying ' dirt cloths should be washed at home ' does apply here- isn't just a principle with moral connotation it has also its own practical dilemma.

You need the sports fundraising to maintain a good public location the place where a lot of folks are going to see you and decide if they should get their car washed at a moment's notice.

On customers, Unilever has partnered with Asda to set up ' sustainability kitchens ' in-store, demonstrating to customers how small changes, such as washing at 30 degrees, can make a real difference.

In 5% of cases wash by is used

What are the laundry arrangements? In most cases, laundry will be washed by hand.

After cooling, crystals are collected by vacuum filtration and washed by rinsing with ice-cold solvent.

In 5% of cases wash from is used

The F***king problem with Singapore Guys are being brain washed from don't know where.

Eggs were washed from the soil using a screen with 250 m openings and then placed atop moistened sieved soil held in a 10 cm Petri dish.

In 5% of cases wash into is used

It is important for everyone to be aware that stormwater drains empty into waterways and to be careful what we wash into them.

For example, nutrients and sediment from farm land are washed into waterways by rainfall runoff or leach through the soil into ground water.

They have all been brainwashed into believing that their own particular brand of false idol likes them to dress up like a complete twat in public.

In 4% of cases wash out is used

So that money just sort of washed out the door.

This glue is not waterproof and can be washed out of clothing.

The coating has applications beyond putting car washes out of business.

Transfers that old may not wash out of your material after you are finished embroidering them.

For the most part tho, the people who took liar and no doc loans washed out of the system in 2006 and 2007.

In 4% of cases wash on is used

Washed on a board in a big tub.

When I wash on that shide, they shaid it wash thish shide.

He pointed to a piece of washing on a line to indicate the colour of its hair -- a mid-tan.

This double-jig set-up allows us to continue washing on one half while hand-sorting on the other.

These products of children winter clothing are fine lined and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

In 3% of cases wash to is used

Many more raise money through anything from car washes to quizzes.

Here live a number of small hippo which may have crossed from the mainland or were washed to the island by floods of the Rufiji River system.

I tried everything from drugstore face washes to $100+ crazy serums promising answers but the thing that finally worked for me was one of those step-by-step acne systems.

In 3% of cases wash off is used

It keeps forever, and can be washed off clothing, and I always have some around.

The seaside community was almost washed off the map by storm surges, some as high as 50 feet.

Once I reached home, I wanted to use soap to wash off the clorox &; detergents on my hands &; feet but Doggie barked at another dog passing by at the street outside.

In 2% of cases wash after is used

Hands must be washed after removing the gloves.

An old tshirt- often ones like old work tshirts that I wouldn't wear elsewhere so it's not inconvenient for them to need washed after a short wear.

In 2% of cases wash onto is used

With these consistent winds of course, I have noticed many of these organisms being washed onto the beach- more often then not at the same time.

He and a few other survivors had been washed onto on a small sandbank in the middle of the South China Sea where they lived for a few years before being spotted and rescued.

In 2% of cases wash before is used

Meanwhile wash before hand with just water NO SOAP.

Often, a wash basin and towel are left out so that the spirit can wash before indulging in the feast.

In 2% of cases wash away is used

Police and rescue personnel are still searching for Connor and Brandon Moore, ages 2 and 4 who were washed away from their mothers arms when their suv was swept away into wetlands off of Fr.

In 1% of cases wash without is used

A superwash wool can be machine washed without shrinking or felting because the process used to treat the wool flattens out the wool's scales, keeping the wool from felting.

In 1% of cases wash for is used

My daughter, she washes for Mr.

In 1% of cases wash during is used

Everyone should up the hand washing during cold and flu season.

In 1% of cases wash as is used

How should the clothes of Ihraam be washed as all detergents used for clothes washing has a fragrance? A.

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