Prepositions after "wary"

wary of, about or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases wary of is used

Be wary of the quality and price.

I'd always wary of the big numbers.

He warns her to be wary of the idea.

Just be wary of the slower delivery, as well as stray balls scattered across the wicket.

China, meanwhile, is warier of external influences, and remains about 90% Han Chinese.

Miranda is wary of the Browns, but Olivia has an all-together different reaction to Greg.

He also reminded them to be wary of the danger associated with having home-made shotguns locally known as ' bakakok '.

Although many Burmese remain wary of the junta's interntions there is a new cautious note of optimisim in the country.

Yet, users like Shivangi Karanjikar, a second-year engineering student in Pune remains wary of the ultra-cheap tablet.

I would like to ask you why you don't mention this in your comment? And we should also be wary of Chinese nationalism.

In 7% of cases wary about is used

They don't wary about Tamil people.

He's obviously wary about the ankle.

Only they wary about what they gain.

Supermarkets are also wary about being seen to be prying into their customers ' lives.

Would definitely make me more wary about discussing anything with them If I owned a club.

You have to be very wary about picking out a particular trough as being due to a C-O bond.

Other people also would be wary about you or about what happened, so in turn they informed another group of people.

All prospective investors in finance companies should be very wary about putting their hard earned dollars at risk.

After the Balili land anomaly, members of the Cebu Provincial Board are wary about rushing through any land project.

Chinese officials are wary about cutting off a major source of supply, as are their counterparts in Tokyo, which Mr.

In 1% of cases wary in is used

We were both wary in the beginning.

Customers are usually wary in taking up ' special offers '.

Despite their captive origins they are now both elusive and wary in the wild.

And be wary in future of lonely men who want to do work for you; not really the norm for men.

There aren't many rocks under the water, and so fish are wary in their movements of catching their baits.

I was just wary in this case as it was a large and busy production table and I didn't want to hog it while the query ran.

With a variety of choices in the design of the turbines they wary in means of purpose, production capacity and of course size.

What I would prefer when we talk about culture is that given its very complex nature and requirements, we be wary in making negative comments.

Just as similar to my Reading good feelings, I am trying to be wary in my season preview that I don't confuse what I'd LIKE to happen with what is likely to happen.

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