Prepositions after "warn"

"warn of" or "warn against"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases warn of is used

Warn of serious action if people fail to comply.

A sign warns of the possible danger of landslips.

They warn of droughts and floods and extreme storms.

Indeed, human rights lawyers have already warned of litigation against the Government.

Dayan is right when he warns of systemic multiple fractionalisation of the state polity.

Some lawyers warned of the danger of equating the life of a pregnant woman and a foetus.

Scientists for years have warned of the changes posed by pumping more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Chief of military himself took upon himself to threaten the judiciary and media and warned of consequences in wrapped words.

Human rights group Amnesty International has warned of a major humanitarian disaster in the wake of the fighting in the north.

Jewish mysticism warns of the qliphoth - entropic shells of psychic muck and detritus that encrust that numinous and obscure it.

In 23% of cases warn against is used

And he warned against, as it were, becoming Darth Vader.

A sign warns against leaving a car there without authority.

A local woman warned against that place, but the soldiers set up there anyway.

In fact the Qur'an warns against delving into these issues in Surah Aali Imraan (verse #7).

This follows from the enduring adage that warns against putting all our eggs in one basket.

The church is warned against idolatry, and she is pictured as being in the wilderness, where she is nourished and fed.

Hetan Shah, executive director at the Royal Statistical Society, also warned against placing too much faith in measurements.

Destruction of necessity there was, but Admiral Struble had enjoined the utmost accuracy and had warned against unnecessary devastation.

Although Mr de Margerie warned against oil exploration he said Total would continue to explore opportunities to tap the area's gas reserves.

In 15% of cases warn about is used

The players were warned about the danger Hull could create.

Jesus spoke of it, believed in it and warned about going there.

UNCTAD had warned about speculative funds and the unregulated flow of capital.

For example - yes we are warned about the harms of smoking but yet cigs are allowed to be sold.

Final thoughts I need to warn about one thing about using some of the methods/scripts used in this series.

It's used to warn about content which may be difficult, traumatising or potentially re-traumatising to read.

It seems we can't clearly speak about the goodness of loving sex and also articulately warn about its spoiled side.

This simple Tweet resulted in him being landed with a 45,000 fine by the FA, and warned about his future conduct.

I did not ask to live this way, I had no choice in the matter, not even warned about it before I had the Injection.

Exeter Crown Court heard Mr Pinkham had not been warned about the dangers of using the chemical in a confined space.

In 7% of cases warn by is used

Look at her size!! I was warn by her doctor to watch her weight.

The fortress was captured, but McMahon was warned by his commander-in-chief that the Russians had mined it.

Mara was warned by Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana) already for not to go back to the David family and ask for Clara's help.

He wants to move to Canada, but I was warned by RCMP that if he comes here they'll arrest him straight away, I don't know why.

It was also reported that she was warned by Tee Mac to stay off his (Tee Mac 's) 21-year-old son, who the report said Shan was nursing a romantic affair for.

Information making the rounds in Tamale had it that Alhaji Mahama had been warned by one of the factions not to set foot in Tamale, because if he did, he would be attacked.

Although warned by the police not to attend the planned mass meeting, Larkin appeared in the window of the Imperial Hotel, in disguise, to address the huge crowd assembled.

In 6% of cases warn in is used


If you've got an unnatural links warning in WMT then yes, you've got to remove links.

We warned in September that Olympus is still cleaning up its act since its former CEO Michael C.

This includes el BOGEY, somebody that I tried to warn in real time as wave after wave of subsidies was being rolled out.

Be Warned In the case of gaining financing for your desired car, the car that you buy with the loan is used as the collateral.

We were warned in our VSO in-country training about safety in this area, but I didn't have any trouble so far, avoiding to take any valuables there.

Mr Mtei also warns in his book that Tanzania's political situation was worrying, and calls on leaders to rekindle the confidence and trust of the people.

When Using the Disavow Links Tool is a Bad Idea For most Webmasters, do not even consider using this tool unless you have received a unnatural links warning in your webmaster tools.

How did this happen? How can we stop this happening again? It isn't as if we weren't warned in advance about Murdoch's predilections for combining monopoly commercial power with political clout.

The Israeli government warned in 2005 that it would break-off contact between Gaza and the West Bank if the Palestinians conducted direct trade through Gaza, going around Israel's customs system.

In 3% of cases warn on is used

Edward Heath was also apparently warned on more than one occasion by the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to stop ' cottaging '.

According to the teacher, he had been warned on previous occasions that his hair style was unacceptable under the particular school's rules and policies.

World Bank president Jim Yong Kim warned on Wednesday that most regions of the world will be hurt by the debt crisis enveloping the eurozone and said it could trigger a deep global recession.

In 1% of cases warn at is used

Was your sideline warned at all before that penalty? Has your sideline been warned this year? COACH O'BRIEN: No.

A minority of lawyers warned at that time that the amendment might, in fact, make the introduction of abortion to Ireland easier.

The requirements were meant to be in place next February - but doctors groups warned at the time that it was unclear whether the system would be functional.

In 1% of cases warn for is used

The provincial agency issued a tsunami warning for the north coast and Haida Gwaii, as well as for central coast communities like Bella Coola, Bella Bella and Shearwater.

On arrival at Emancipation Park, Allwood found himself in trouble with the police and was warned for prosecution for failing to obtain the proper permit for staging the event.

Organiser of the march and rally Brandon Allwood (left ), chief advocate for Help Jamaica's Children Foundation, is warned for prosecution for failing to obtain the proper permit.

In 1% of cases warn from is used

Who should use the Disavow Links Tool? As Matt mentioned in his video, the tool is mainly aimed at webmasters who received an unnatural links warning from Google in their webmaster tools.

In 1% of cases warn to is used

Gods Warning to his people of England.

They warned to stage a hunger strike unto death if Amitabh agreed to to go to Sri Lanka.

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