Prepositions after "walk"

walk into, in, to, through or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 13% of cases walk into is used

It was like walking into a lung.

I am not walking into that trap.

Then we walked into the water too.

As he walked into the house, he immediately noticed the upheaval in the living room.

You walk into a room in your house and flick on the light switch, but nothing happens.

We would never consider dating a man who we could smell before he walks into the room.

One of the reasons they were so feared is that people would walk into them and get completely lost and not come out.

As Doctor Freedman walked into the post op he was forced to duck to avoid a flying bedpan, thankfully an empty one.

It was possible for a 15-year-old to leave school almost immediately after his/her 15th birthday and walk into a job.

Read: inexpensive phones are not in vogue! But the shops sold all variety and walking into one a shock greeted me.

In 11% of cases walk in is used

The key is to walk in the sunlight.

A patricina walked in front of me.

Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

We want to lift his name High above ours and be sure that we are walking in his will.

Walking in the North of Spain there isn't the searing heat of the South in the summer.

When you walk in nature's best gardens, you gaze at their green canvas and shaded depths.

What is the longest distance you have ever walked in one day? Was this as far as Mary and Joseph travelled daily? 3.

More than a few dignitaries here at his service say they expect him to walk in the door any minute, ready to celebrate.

The Bible lets me know that when i walk in the light, the blood of Jesus Christ automatically cleanses me from all sin.

Also Judah did not keep the commandments of the Lord their God, but walked in the customs which Israel had introduced.

In 9% of cases walk to is used

Facing the road, walk to the right.

We ate walking to the next house.

You can walk to shopping and dining.

In elementary school, my brother and I would walk to and from school together most days.

The marching people demanded they be allowed to cross the border and walk to the dam site.

I walk to the neighboring town to charge my computer, get my email and visit some friends.

After addressing the Asante chiefs, Nana Yaa Asantewaa walked to the Governor and sarcastically admired his uniform.

On 19 February a smartly dressed 19-year-old called Chen Lin left his Fuquing home and walked to the railway station.

It seemed like a joke, so he walked to the gate and since the security guard knew him well, he was allowed to come in.

I walked to the toilets to get changed and wash my face, only to see a dirt stained individual with hair full of straw.

In 9% of cases walk through is used

I've walked through their villages.

You're the one that has to walk through it.

A while later I'd walking through London.

Walking through hostel doors through a cloud of smoke is a serious danger to me).

I walked through miles and miles of magnificent buildings and towering skyscrapers.

It's a feeling of walking through a complex maze, wondering if you'll ever get out.

On the map you just run into the side of the wall on each edge and you walk through it and you can't get back out.

She walks in through the office door, her designer high-heeled shoes clanking minutes before she walks through it.

Those shopkeepers pay business rates so their customers have to walk through all that mess to get to their doorstep.

Share this quote after coming out of a field, Withnail hasn't closed the gate properly, and a bull walks through it.

In 7% of cases walk on is used

Then people started walking on them.

They're really like walking on a cloud.

It was as if we were walking on the clouds.

For instance, warts on your feet may be painful, if you are walking on them each day.

We had no modern transportation, and so mostly we walked on foot for miles to get home.

But the truth is our bodies were never originally structured to walk on two legs says Dr.

Also, female consumers care about it just the same as about having a nice bag to display while walking on the street.

Jenkins began practising by stringing a rope between two trees in his backyard and practiced rope walking on the rope.

But Dillard, lead physician in the physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic, was not ready to let him walk on his own.

They were more likely to see themselves as walking on egg shells around their adult child than those with Down syndrome.

In 6% of cases walk with is used

They walk with their legs apart.

You have always walked with us.

Doctors warned she would walk with a limp.

It's alright ma Come and talk to me I ain't trying to rush you Just come walk with me.

Was he walking with a cane because he HAD to or just because it relieved some pain.

But I didn't claim I was God; I just claimed I walked with Him and that He was in Me.

The Gentle Old Aachi The gentle old aachi, Weak and wobbly with age, Walking with her pollu, Slowly to the temple.

The Old Testament laver emphasizes the need to have clean hands as we serve Christ and clean feet as we walk with Him.

The boy walked with bare feet -- while his father's customers had solid, comfortable footwear that took them places.

We need your support on walk day and every day ---- please, please consider walking with Nate to show your support.

In 5% of cases walk away is used

I'd not walking away from this.

Walk away from the compulsive liars.

Just walk away from these nightmares.

I wouldn't expect Samsung or HTC to walk away from Android overnight -- absolutely not.

Your friend clearly wanted to walk away from her life, they take great pains to stress.

After all, it's never Him that walks away from me, it's ME that's walks away from Him.

Remember: lending to very small businesses is risky; and individuals can quite easily walk away from debt these days.

How do we take the control back in this situation? If you walk away and ignore, he gets away without the consequence.

Neither party can afford to walk away from the relationships, though Pakistan has the upper hand because of geography.

Try and get yourself on to a key project -- something that the company isn't going to walk away from in the short term.

In 5% of cases walk out is used

I walked out of that meeting MAD.

He walks out of the bank with cash.

I've walked out of less bad shows.

He walked out of the door in search of a place where he could play cricket regularly.

Hundreds of students from two local high schools walked out of classes Thursday (Sept.

I was 18, naive and embarrassed by it happening in front of me as I walked out of the pub.

Then, Franken should tell McConnell to grow a thicker skin and then flip him the bird as he walks out of his office.

When you stay at a hotel on the beach you are literally on the beach when you walk out of the beachside of your hotel.

There were three men, walking out of the lobby of Fedha Towers office block, and I really couldn't have missed them.

He walked out of the boat, just set foot on the beach, suddenly a black red body, chest raw white hair beast rushing.

In 4% of cases walk around is used

And we just walked around the school.

I like playing it walking around town.

Walking around England and any town, city I was in.

I walked around the corner and there were fifty Dana Shultz paintings on the wall.

I do find that going outside or where it's cold/quiet and walking around helps me too.

And believe me if I could ban walking around the shops in next to nothing I would as well.

Poor man's travel photography - just walking around in a new town and capturing it's essence with ambient light.

Walking around Taormina can be difficult and there are numerous stairways to access different levels of the town.

I would sneak out in the mornings and walk around the campus and it was like being in another world but it was Chicago.

No need to keep house so clean all the time, at least not until when baby turns toddler and starts to walk around house.

In 4% of cases walk up is used

We couldn't walk up to her and ask.

One woman, the other day walked up to me.

Walk up to a pizza place and ask for a Mcchicken 59.

Pulling in behind him, the trooper got out of his vehicle and walked up to the Corvette.

We walk up to the back of the restaurant, and decide we want what everyone else is eating.

After you've spent six weeks walking up to them, even climbing the Pyrenees isn't so bad.

Ramajit told reporters that when he walked up to the doctors and revealed he was the father, they all burst into laughter.

The unidentified man walked up to a cashier at the store which is open 24-hours, brandished a gun and then demanded money.

By thirty trials, the blindfolded subjects were as accurate as the blind in walking up to an obstacle without touching it.

Make her a delicious egg and bacon sandwich, wrap it very well, walk up to her and tell her you made it specifically for her.

In 4% of cases walk down is used

Walking down Regent Street at 8.

He walked down the long corridor.

A man comes walking down the path.

Where a woman can safely walk down a street at night, drunk or not, and not be attacked.

The kid could not have walked down the street, sat on a curb and then became a honor student.

The flower girl proceeds in front of the bride as they walk down the path leading to the church.

In New Delhi, where no deaths were identified, the population begins to wear surgical masks to walk down the street.

They make Beale street look bad and making tourists not want to walk down it for fear of having their purse snatched.

If you are walking down a street point out things you see and talk about them -- explain new words, colours or shapes.

He walked down the street, through traffic, and into various establishments, reciting poetry that might never be recorded.

In 3% of cases walk past is used

Schoolchildren walk past the closed up.

He walks past Mick Foley and they lock eyes.

Try looking at things instead of walking past them.

I'd always walked past it without taking a second look, but I'd glad I stopped this time.

Each kept to his own, begrudging enough if he found himself walking past the other's shop.

As we walked past a police truck came over and all of these guys got put in there and taken away.

Just outside the busy bazaar at Yuyuan, this man walked past me and I felt compelled to chase him down the street.

Then, I continued walking past the Staff Mess where Staff* eat in a canteen style like dining room, and it was dark.

Never a friendly smile or good morning for staff or fellow associates as she walked past them day after day after day.

I took the opportunity of ending my bus rides a few stops earlier so I could walk past the lookout and see what could be seen.

In 2% of cases walk along is used

I walked along the bus bay and it was not there.

I also saw a man with his pig walking along the banks.

I can just walk along the wall, balance myself on the wall.

As the two friends were walking along the road chatting, a car was following them behind.

I shall start it off: Exterior City Street, Night A woman walks along the sidewalk, carefully.

For it was here in 1892 that Edvard Munch found himself walking along the path with two friends.

This two picture comes from one afternoon when I was walking along the sea-shore where there were young fur seals.

Just walking along the Lake admiring the architecture is a great way to do a service station fill-up for the soul.

I was walking along the dockside and lay down on the railway track and tried to squeeze under the gap in the sleepers.

However, if you're a lover of the great outdoors, walking along the world famous Inca Trail is an incredible experience.

In 2% of cases walk towards is used

So I walked towards the kitchen.

I saw two rebels walking towards me.

I could hear them walking towards the room.

And Gerald rose then, walked towards her and stopped barely a foot from where she was.

From the square you walk towards the river Turia and we are in the first street to the left.

The ball then caroms towards the stands where a fan walking towards the exit gets taken out.

I could hear the shattered pieces of glass door being crushed under their boots as they walked towards my room.

Did Sreya come back so quickly with the pop corn? I slowly walked towards the door and shivered from a strange chill.

Walk towards the east (early morning this is where the sun is:) ), but you can also walk having the main road on your right side.

I don't know if the guy was deliberately being an idiot or just didn't understand but he kept laughing and walking towards us.

In 2% of cases walk from is used

About two and a half hours walk from St.

Made walking from one pool to another a breeze.

Walking from the den outside, I had let her walk in front of me.

If you have to walk from Kingston to Negril, you still have to do it one step at a time.

He often walked from the town to Mtoni even though his stables were full of Arabian horses.

Olliver: There's only little tiny pathways for one to actually walk from one area to the next.

We walked from Shanghai Centre to Xujiahui, in a very round-about route, and enjoyed it thoroughly (the walk took four hours).

We would walk from home (then Sangli apts on copernicus marg) to the museum and spend a couple of hours trying all the experiments.

I walked from my mom's house, on the east side, all the way downtown to this place called Colonial Merchandise in 1992 to get them.

Walking from Sahagun to Ponferrada in June, I never had a problem finding a bed, so I think you will be fine if you choose the Frances.

In 2% of cases walk for is used

Poor Punchinella walked for miles.

I have walked for so long, so so long.

They can stand on two legs and walk for a bit.

If it is a boy, he should do gymnastics, weightlifting or walking for a few kilometres.

I have been walking for the last ten hours or so, and the sun is setting down above me.

He walked for a long time without any destination in mind when he reached the town of Madain.

We see Almasy boldly walking for miles, jumping off trains, selling his maps - all to keep his promise to his sweetheart.

We can't put it down to boredom as she is walked for 5ks every morning and we have another dog (border collie) to play with.

Strange at it may sound, walking backward offers plenty of benefits, and is believed to burn more calories than walking forward.

In white-outs high in the mountains and in forests where no features are visible I've walked for hours with the compass in my hand.

In 2% of cases walk by is used

I avoid walking by myself at night 3.

Sometimes simply walking by kids will keep them focused.

It matters that you've walked by the sea - a river or a lake.

And the administrative staff who were all in a deep conversation as they walked by me.

You can't tell, when hundreds of people walk by your booth, what is in their pocketbook.

Hide under a big pile of clothes and throw random objects at people when they walk by 57.

Slap ' em on your closed eyelids, learn to sleep sitting up, and you'll be sure to fool everyone who walks by your desk.

We are people of faith, like Abraham, and we therefore walk by faith believing that all that God has said will be realized.

The house search party then entered the house, a guard of Sheikh Mujib was escorted out with a solider walking by his side.

I walked by the NHS hospital every day in Sheffield and wondered: Why can't the US have this? Oh yeah, because we are UHHMERICA.

In 2% of cases walk across is used

Then they see Jesus, walking across the water.

I walked across a couple of times just to enjoy the ambiance.

Maybe the cows walk across it and stir the ash down into the dirt.

I was walking across a railroad crossing, as I did every morning on my way to work.

We walked across the beautiful sunny courtyard and found Clodagh and Edel chatting away.

From Rantau Panjang you can walk across the border; it's about a kilometre from the station.

This continued all day long; each time a duck fell, the dog walked across the surface of the water to retrieve it.

She walked across a plank to the shore and was seen on her way to her boarding house in the Niagara Falls, New York.

Unlike their Symian friends, they were extremely docile and we were able to walk across the field without a second thought.

I had just walked across the city of Cicero carrying a heavy knapsack and lookin ' for all the world like a traveling hippy.

In 1% of cases walk off is used

As we walked off the plane, I wished Dwayne well.

It's as if the masons had simply walked off the job.

Teachers walked off the job for 19 days in October 1987.

I think the fifteen people following the commands were people who had walked off the street.

Rather than continue to star in a rip-off, they protected their integrity by walking off the set.

After a while we decided to visit Trinity College to walk off the excess liquid and hit a loo every block.

The members then walked off the stage one by one, but not before Taeyang grabbed TOP and asked him to dance one last time for the crowd.

The unrest at the mine began last Friday as some 3,000 workers walked off the job over pay in what management described as an illegal strike.

Police said they do not suspect foul play in Powell's disappearance and think she may have walked off the ship without being checked by security.

Pete walks off camera to the right (TV still) and then turns and comes back to the ladder (TV still ), walking very slowly, putting one foot in front of the other.

In 1% of cases walk over is used

I walked over land guarded by the UPDF.

My mum felt people walked over her at that time.

West Ham walked over Fulham a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning kick-off.

Walking over the bridge to the flower market I nearly stepped on a bundle on the path.

There is a small wooden bridge that is part of the exit and most people just walk over it.

Done! I walked over the boarding gate happily with hands- free except for 1 handbag with me.

I walked over the Colombo Street over-bridge, the railway tracks were busy with trains, freight wagons and carriages and Christchurch's main (err.

Hopefully next time some pictures for you xxx I am sure Devon misses you too! It was a beautiful weekend here in Devon, I spent it walking over Dartmoor.

He walked over the town, stuck his posters up against the sides of buildings, walls, the disused telegraph poles that stuck out of the ground like dead tree stumps.

As we got nearer the surface we used a thin metal probe and when we were within two feet of the surface we stopped and made it secure in case someone walked over it.

In 1% of cases walk like is used

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck.

If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

That's why she walks like bow-legged like a duck because of her condition.

I'd stiff and sore, walking like an old man, but it's not as bad as I thought I would be.

Featuring all their hits including Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Oh What A Night and Walk Like a Man, do.

I did nt need to walk like an old man afterwards or wait for the feeling to come back in my hands when i got off.

One story tells that the king, worried that bishop Aidan would walk like a peasant, gave him a horse but Aidan gave it away to a beggar.

If there is anything, it would be the strange lack of wild animal lives I have expected to come across after hours of walking like this.

An immediate arrest warrant will be issued for anyone with a wide permanent grin persistently telling jokes, or any person walking like a penguin and carrying an umbrella.

Take red juice Pour it on your face make streaks or stripes then layout on the floor with a flower in your hand when a crowd of people come stand up and walk like a zombie! 278.

In 1% of cases walk toward is used

But they all walked toward the beach.

She stood up, and walked toward the monster.

On his way up, he saw the senior linebacker walking toward him.

Vulpix began walking toward Misty, but glanced over at the bushes when another branch snapped.

Without saying a word I took her hand and slipped a note into it and then walked toward the door.

As she wept, a woman -- an elderly African-American janitor -- walked toward her, dragging a mop and pail.

However, when I began walking toward the fullness of my purpose (minister, comedian, writer, speaker, trainer, etc.

A Belgian police report made public Thursday said Mockford and his wife, Mary, were walking toward their car when a man threatened Mrs.

Mikey: Is that a Tron cycle? Is Rock going to enter on the Tron Cycle??? Rock enters, walks toward Tron Cycle Mikey: HE 'S GOING TO RIDE THE TRON CYCLE.

In 1% of cases walk at is used

Maybe start with walking at night.

We started walking at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The pestilence that walks at night was coming.

Um, a lot of people are now scared to walk at night because we don't know who's in town now.

Since I still did not have shoes, it was more comfortable to walk at Nkwabeng because there were no rocks.

Our oldest daughter did everything early, she was walking at 9 months, she was potty trained by 19 months.

You should walk at a swift pace for at least 30 minutes on most days to burn off around 250 calories per half hour stint.

She walked at the age of 1, she could also say a couple of words such as mum dad piggy and also some sounds of farm animals.

If you have the room you might also consider a treadmill desk, where you walk at a nice easy pace throughout the day while you work.

Some for travelers, a wilderness adventure provides a satisfying getaway and one can enjoy walking at the soft sand beaches of Canada.

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