Prepositions after "wake"

wake up, from, in, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases wake up is used

Nice job and, oh yeah, wake up.

WAKE UP! Please, wake up America.

It's a spectacular sight to wake up to.

I'd wake up to the sound of the call to prayer at the Palais Jama hotel in Fez, Morocco.

I napped for a short time, and woke up to the aroma of coffee Dom's mom prepared for us.

Think about and wake up America, your worst nightmare lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

There's a pretty good chance that we'll wake up to a little snow, and if not it's gon na be pretty bloody cold anyway.

These days it rarely takes me long to fall asleep, usually within five minutes, but it is difficult for me to wake up.

It was nice to wake up to a cool refreshing breeze whipping through our room as it raced in from the ocean in front of us.

Zip to now, and the collective adolescent is waking up to the shadow that has grown too large, and now consumes its host.

In 7% of cases wake from is used

However, ' In the Air'is like waking from the dream to find you are still dreaming.

People onboard the ' Mavi Marmara ' were woken from their sleep by the sound of gunfire.

She woke from her operation to discover that the nerves of one leg had been badly affected.

Seriously, I've taken naps that I've woken from more groggier than Oliver did from a poisoning.

By now the skipper of the boat had woken from his slumber under a canopy and was standing puffing on a very short and fat looking cigarette.

Ear plugs are essential equipment, and there's nothing quite like being woken from a deep, precious sleep at 4am with a bright light and an IV needle.

Complications can include difficulty in taking the drugs, failure of the drugs to induce unconsciousness, waking from a coma and a number of days elapsing before death occurs.

Will the Rajmata wake from her coma and put her royal seal of approval on the relationship of Manyata and Udayveer? all this we will come to know in the last few episodes of Dekha Ek Khwaab.

Before my day of healing I was well and truly riding the cold and flu train (along with everyone else on the mountain ), but after I woke from my sleep, I felt all the yuck loosen up in my throat.

Naturally after being woken from my slumber, I then proceed to lay there and cant get back to sleep! I'd all for having the kids in our bed, if they are sick or have had a bad dream, but Annabelle.

In 7% of cases wake in is used

We woke in the morning and was really pleased with the room.

We woke in the morning to find baboons and dik-diks right outside the tent.

Later, around a campfire, Rick describes the disorientation he felt waking in the hospital.

But should I wake in the blackest corners of the night and look out my window, the moon will finally be there.

I read that a period of waking in the middle of the night is a more natural way to sleep than sleeping straight through the night.

I woke in the morning, and, on looking out of the window expecting scenes straight out of The Day After Tomorrow, saw nothing -- barely a breeze ruffling the trees in the courtyard.

What boggles my mind even more is the apparently vast machinery of books and websites and normal people who are absolutely dedicated to Finnegans Wake in ways that I don't even understand.

It is not a gross human rights violation (sorry Nigel, but I find that whole association somewhat odious on a relativity scale) and mothers are not waking in fright due to nightmares about.

In 6% of cases wake at is used

Climbers are woken at about 11pm.

We went to bed and woke at around midnight to the sound of fireworks.

If you think of it, when you went to school you always woke at the same time, and it worked.

I woke at 5am on Thursday, September, 20, two days before my due date with extreme pains coming every five minutes.

I want to sleep in on the weekends until at least ten and he is programmed to wake at eight, no matter what day it is.

Keep to the same naps but not necessarily at exactly the same times -- so for example if your child usually wakes at 6.

Developing a sleep pattern is important and it looks like you are doing that already by going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time.

He was sick for so long that he developed bad sleeping habits of waking at night and us rocking him for hours or just putting him in bed to snuggle with us.

I remembered when we were still in the profession together, we would wake at 5am, leave the house at 6am and be home after 6pm, only to eat our dinner in silence.

In 4% of cases wake by is used

I'd frequently woken by early morning planes and sometimes wear ear plugs to give myself respite.

His girlfriend was woken by public security officials in the middle of the night and summoned to be questioned.

Passengers on the Ventura, which left Southampton a week ago on a 1,500-a-head voyage to the Caribbean, were woken by a huge lurch in darkness at 5.

Passengers said they were woken by a huge lurch, the sounding of the horns and the launching of lifeboats as the crew searched frantically for the man.

The parents were woken by a knock on their bedroom door at 5am on April 8, 2007, to find their son lying lifeless after suffering respiratory cardiac arrest, the panel was told.

In 4% of cases wake to is used

Slowly, generation-ally, evolution-ally, we are waking to this concept.

I wake to it because I live near to a hotel where security guards change shift about six in the morning.

Secular leadership experts are waking to the fact that the key to leadership effectiveness is self-awareness.

I fell asleep at about 1 am, but often woke to the sound of NATO aircraft on reconnaissances mission, for a half-hour period about every two hours.

Here is a place where untouched beaches lay waiting just steps from your door, where the expansive views are simply stunning, where you can wake to a glorious sunrise and the majestic Hazards.

Only in recent years have Irish intellectuals woken to the fact that the setting-up of businesses is hardly an immoral, anti-social activity, but, rather, the very essence of a republican democracy.

In 2% of cases wake for is used

Dean slept for days, waking for only fifteen or thirty minutes at a time.

It's pretty much just have a 90 min nap during one part of your day and then your regular sleep until you have to wake for your graveyard shift.

I'd pretty pissed off about this: I've had enough trouble over the last year with waking for network access not working; now my 1,000 computer can't even go to sleep reliably.

In 2% of cases wake with is used

Nothing much happened at this zoo, so Billy was surprised to be woken with a start by the telephone ringing.

You continue to perform a function during sleep episodes but you wake with no memory of performing such activities.

Advantage: You wake with a smile, instead of jumping up from bed or feeling around desperately for the snooze button.

And the stars which studded the transparent azure rolled rapidly as they shone, while the music, that again woke with a livelier and lighter sound, seemed to imitate the melody of the joyous spheres.

In 1% of cases wake as is used

I woke as the bus lurched to a halt.

That morning, I woke as a member of the White House staff.

In 1% of cases wake before is used

I didn't dream it, but I woke before the sun one morning with a fully developed story in my head.

In 1% of cases wake into is used

Yet Wiley winds up waking into just another level of his lucid dream, ending the movie.

Wiley's choice isn't too natural, for after he debarks from the boat car he gets run over and wakes into another dream.

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