Prepositions after "wait"

wait for, in, on, at or till?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases wait for is used

Don't wait for ideal situation.

Castiel waited for Dean to ask.

Wait for KLCI to crash and panic.

The other way is to wait for one to crop up of its own accord, and this normally works.

I think I can not move the feet, I seem to have to wait for it open the elevator doors.

As for the sales breakdown everyone's waiting for, Apple says it sold a whopping 18.

Example: I was waiting for him outside the station, but at the same time he was waiting for me inside the station.

Supporters are huddled around large overhead screens carrying the major news networks, waiting for states to fall.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were to busy so I decided to wait for my email reply over the weekend.

Have been waiting for the twenty-something kids to finish school and get out on their own, but now I wait no more.

In 6% of cases wait in is used

Waited in next day; no delivery.

Waited in on Fri 14th; no delivery.

I waited in and no delivery happened.

The message is that there is a way out and a new life waiting in recovery that is good.

But wait what do I hear OH NO!!!!!! we have another muppet from FG waiting in the wings.

With the private tour service we had little or no time waiting in lines and no wondering.

Yes, he literally called me over while I was waiting in line and flipped through my passport and immigration cards.

Poll workers were criticized by those who waited in line for their inattentiveness under the weight of the situation.

His family waited in Quetta in Pakistan, where many Hazaras have taken refuge, but they still feared for their lives.

Another thing about the small stores you don't have to wait in a long line to check out because of the lack of cashiers.

In 4% of cases wait on is used

I was waiting on her to return.

Still waiting on rations however.

We are still waiting on an answer.

Actually I do agree with what you said about other members waiting on doing an album.

I work in a posh steak place on Miami Beach, half of our best servers wait on you trashed.

Think of one thing you stop yourself from doing because you're ' waiting on the weight '.

I needed to go straight through it, so I waited on the leftmost lane (outside lane) for traffic on my right to pass.

Sadly, we lose vast swathes of our lives ' waiting on the weight ', forgetful of the fact that we can't recycle time.

Their next non-WoW game was SC2, 6 years later! Still waiting on that part 2 and who knows if we'll see part 3 before 2016.

When they stand by the side of the road waiting on their company's vehicle, every taxi that passes blows, looking for a fare.

In 2% of cases wait at is used

The alleged victim waited at the door.

Vehicles will be waiting at the lower station of.

They wait at the pier for long hours for a small fare.

I have both Light on Yoga and The Path to Holistic Health waiting at the B &N; store.

The ' Cats had several great outlet passes to a man waiting at the opposing blue line.

Taxi was waiting at the airport when we arrived and was bang on time for our departure.

I waited at the registration table with attachments and shenpa bristling like the hooks from a well-stocked tackle box.

What a picture that must have been! One of the most powerful of worldly men waiting at the door of the prophet's humble abode.

After dinner it was off to my talk and reading to an enthusiastic crowd waiting at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Centre.

When we reach home, we got the scolding of our life for trying to walk in the rain instead of waiting at school until it stopped.

In 2% of cases wait till is used

You wait till nature gives you.

Wait till the big German returns.

I say we wait till the season ends.

In order to discourage begging, ignore such behavior, and wait till the meal has concluded.

The notion that club X is waiting till 31st August to try and sign RvP makes no sense to me.

We were discussing on sexual relation one day and we both agreed to wait till our wedding night.

We waited till all other balloons were safely in the air before Kaan threw an empty gas cylinder out of the basket.

Well, time, they say, heals wounds, but not with Chidi as he waited till this moment to have his own pound of flesh.

The worst thing is Im allowing someone to buy it for me for Christmas, so it is literally waiting till then for it lol.

You really thought nobody would read this anytime soon, when guys like us desperately wait till a post being published on this blog.

In 2% of cases wait until is used

I'd wait until you know she's ready.

However, if they had waited until 11.

I waited until 7 (That's an hour and a half.

As Andy said above, wait until she is expressing some discomfort at the messy diaper.

So by waiting until the last minute you could save hundreds on your romantic getaway.

In the US, Native Americans had to wait until 1924 before they were given the right to vote.

She's been hardly working on it for 2 years! Please respect this and wait until Monday, so you have it in your hands.

She'll hold her bladder in the pool, or tub, and wait until she's out and pee on the floor, and then TELL ME she peed.

You can wait until she's ready and it will take a few weeks to complete as opposed to several months if she's not ready.

Realise also that we do not need to wait until the end of the tenure of this government to take action if the need arises.

In 1% of cases wait outside is used

Scores of the world's media had waited outside the court for Terry to arrive.

For transportation, I hardly saw any taxi waiting outside the lobby of the hotel.

This measure does not include any time spent waiting outside of the gate before entry.

Jiban Baba was waiting outside the room and, knowing where I was going, he gave me a bunch of notes.

It is advised to be waiting outside five minutes before the departure time so you do not miss the bus.

My SIL is now upset with me and says I have no right to stop her from waiting outside the delivery room.

So it turns out the two of them have to wait outside the emergency room for the status on the girl's condition.

Because the airport departure area is so small WITHOUT airconditioning, passengers have to wait outside the building.

Upon arriving at the church, have all the officers wait outside the premises of the building or outside the church gate.

Tess waited outside the door of the farmhouse till the group of workfolk had received their wages, and then Marian introduced her.

In 1% of cases wait to is used

I thought I would wait to jump in for a while.

They resumed the conversation and waited to the food.

If you waited to Day 5, you might be taking too much of a risk.

There were more than a hundred people waiting to greet the President in the dining room.

I matte as if Brian and I had been pic and from that present on we were waiting to drapery.

They can not wait to post about the next totally usuless and pointless scandal in women's rights (?).

Eisenhower put on a velvet wrap and led the way to the veranda where photographers were waiting to take our picture.

As the exercises came to a dose I saw the Governor leave quickly, without waiting to take part in the round of congratulations.

I have tried to get the experience in the hospital but due to it being a ethical issue they said wait to you get an interview with a university.

Entertaining football, saga and suprises every other week, and it is the only league where you have to wait to the last match to know the winners.

In 1% of cases wait with is used

They wait with diminishing patience.

Waiting with baited breath for my packages.

I waited with Nobody for other bikes to pass by.

Everyone was waiting with baited breath -- for some real solutions to African crises.

She should also be realistic that while he might wait with her, he might have a side chick.

I am waiting with bated breath for the finding of the Commission set up by President Zuma.

Waiting with big expectant eyes and bated breath as Dad rattled the change in his pocket to get us all Ice Cream.

I'll like to reiterate that God is waiting with open arms to forgive and cleanse sinners from all unrighteousness.

Fans all over the world will wait with baited breath for the next instalment from this remarkably astute English gentleman.

I am waiting for the day when I go to pick someone up, to have them waiting with a Starbucks Grande Americano in their hand.

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