Prepositions after "wade"

"wade through" or "wade into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases wade through is used

There is no way you can forget that if you have waded through it.

Wading through Katharine Murphy's turgid metaphors this morning is a bit of a chore.

As I then waded through the many stages of grief, I did more drowning than I did swimming.

I encourage people to wade through the 130 pages or so of the Morgentaler decision for themselves.

I have to wade through several pairs of black jeans and tops to get to one of my two blacks skirts.

It makes it difficult to wade through your baggage to identify what's really scare worthy and what's not.

Schoolgirls waded through the water, holding their dresses high to not become dirty from the murky water.

This is specially true when I'd new to a game and have to wade through all of the mudflation that has happened.

Since I'd not a developer, wading through workarounds and hacks like this sometimes makes my head want to explode.

First, when I went to the gents, the whole place was flooded and I had to roll up my trousers to wade through the flood.

In 26% of cases wade into is used

He gets out of the car and wades into the lake.

Rather, people are often afraid of wading into the unknown.

Using baseball bats and billy clubs, the police waded into the crowd.

Farmer Fleming tied a rope around his own waist and the other end to a tree, and waded into the bog.

I waded into your culture for much-needed information, and ended up losing my own culture in the process.

Interestingly, besides the boy? s action, the two families and some close friends have waded into the matter.

She has singularly waded into the fray and challenged existing out-dated establishmentarian concepts and societal customs.

This time 12 months ago I waded into Phil Taylor at 5/4 for the Grand Slam of Darts and reaped the (albeit moderate) rewards.

If we did, we could potentially wade into a morass of ethical issues dealing with the mental health of the frontrunner for the presidency.

In 11% of cases wade in is used

So wade in the water, little children.

Some in fields, some in trees, some on, in or by the sea, wading in mud flats or some on buildings.

One must take a diving course, another must swim or wade in the water, and the remaining two must go snorkelling.

The teenager was part of a church group on the beach who were wading in the water together when a powerful wave hit them.

In 2000, Perth businessman Ken Crew was killed in front of hundreds of horrified beachgoers while wading in knee-deep water off Cottesloe.

There isn't any question that fishing in this fashion (wading in tiny streams and / or streams) has long been my own personal favorite sort of fishing.

Especially when it entails a half-day trudge up rugged mountains through tropical jungles where often the only path is wading in a fast running mountain stream.

In 2% of cases wade across is used

The guards later determined that this is where Chen waded across the river.

Chen later told his family that he walked the whole night, fell hundreds of times, and waded across a river, but at the end, he reached Xishigu Village by crossing a footbridge.

In 1% of cases wade along is used

He waded along the partially submerged jetty and crouched down into the water.

In 1% of cases wade on is used

This performance is followed by a fire torch wade on Weymouth Beach with 2,012 community members carrying flaming torches.

In 1% of cases wade to is used

I managed to wade to other parts of the estate where the water was even higher.

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