Prepositions after "vocal"

"vocal about" or "vocal in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases vocal about is used

My dad was very vocal about it.

They've been really vocal about it.

Thank you for being vocal about this.

The one thing he has done is he has opened up and been a little more vocal about it.

Parents groups have been vocal about the critical condition of our education system.

But it is a problem when you have a no of members being vocal about their criticisms.

Fans have been incredibly vocal about their own casting dreams, but now Hollywood is getting in on the act as well.

A married mother of two, she has been vocal about the need to change the expectations of who does what in the home.

Not all of the major scene players -- however you might define that -- are necessarily very vocal about their work.

In 28% of cases vocal in is used

The man was vocal in his refusal.

He was very vocal in the secondary.

He was vocal in his interest in her.

The leaders, on the other hand, have been vocal in recent days vowing to fight against.

In the early days of the cochlear implant the Deaf community was vocal in its objection.

Obama has also been vocal in support of the horrific practice of partial-birth abortion.

The daughters of Zelophehad were vocal in their requests, which God not only endorsed, but made a statute of judgement.

There are some Australians who deem horse racing as a cruel sport and have been vocal in their protests over the years.

During the first thirty years they had enjoyed a certain amount of freedom and they were quite vocal in their opinions.

This is one of my favourite tracks on the album due to the excellent vocal in the chorus as well as the beat of the track.

In 11% of cases vocal on is used

I also like the vocal on this track.

The LDS Church is very vocal on this.

He's been vocal on this issue as well.

He was vocal on the need of Right to Information Act for setting up a true eGovernment.

I am not very vocal on things like social issues, politics, controversial topics, and etc.

Nan does a great vocal on the chorus to show the intensity of the relationship between the two stuck in this tragedy.

I look with disappointing unbelief at how religious leaders consistently shy away from being vocal on bad governance.

Now, Team 9 have taken that music and returned it to its roots by grafting a really nice sexy dirty soul vocal on it.

The ECB has been extremely vocal on the need for explicit conditionality attached to any future bond buying programme.

In 5% of cases vocal against is used

Media is more vocal against govt.

In fact, I've been vocal against such moves.

We were so vocal against Sugbuak; it gave Gov.

At the same time A'isha, the Prophet's widow, became highly vocal against Imam Ali (a.

They have been particularly vocal against ending the conflict, as their status could change.

Yunus was vocal against the traditional hartal/ andolon, etc; however, we never got a clear picture of the alternatives.

The other group giving honours degree to the students studying literature seem to be vocal against the spreading of CLT.

The religious right has been quite vocal against women of late and it likely was instrumental in losing them the election.

Some of those who did so are also vocal against drones and affiliated with the party organising the peace march in Waziristan.

In 4% of cases vocal of is used

Sullivan became even more vocal of Mr.

All alongside the laid back vocal of Stephanie Min.

One of the most vocal of these groups include feminists.

Generally he played worse alongside Adrian Mariappa who isn't the most vocal of players.

Ann, was the unforgettable leading vocal of the age-old gospel group, The Grace Thrillers.

But now that I realize the problem, I'd going to far more aware and vocal of my needs/wants.

In the new cabinet Hughes, attorney-general, held a key position, becoming the most active and vocal of the ministry.

I can't quite believe I'd saying this, but I actually thought Rylan gave the better vocal of the two in the sing-off.

What exactly did you see? Or what exactly did you not see? Duane Ford was very vocal of his actions right after the fight.

As an opener the soaking harmony vocal of the chorus (if you could call it that) sets the challenging tone for what follows.

In 3% of cases vocal with is used

Johannes Chou Wing Tai, and vocal with Mr.

He carried the lead vocal with his amazing voice.

She's becoming quite vocal with one-syllable words.

Gregory College Obalande Lagos, With Marvin Ukachi on lead vocal with Hit Wizzie Labo).

I recorded Kanye? s vocal with a Neumann 67 going into a Neve 1073 and then an Urei LA2A.

Most of the victors then sailed for the Connecticut, making the air vocal with sacred song.

Love God and love your church but be honest to God in your heart and if necessary, be vocal with your honesty in God.

Dominic Chilcott maintained the good tradition and was quite vocal with his cheap advice as how to solve our problems.

A choral chant-like vocal with backing choir has us in an apocryphal daze, an accompanying accordion in the background.

TJR takes a more upfront club approach fusing the vocal with cool dirty Dutch house elements, while Blende takes things.

In 2% of cases vocal at is used

We can be rather vocal at times.

It's like getting a good signal for a vocal at the start of recording.

This is also thanks to an old Neri matriarch, still vocal at 99 years old.

I made no claims as being the only one complaining, though I might have been the most vocal at the time.

Wong was known to be vocal at the grassroots level, making him a popular leader with the locals in Julau.

I have to say that from about 5pm ish the dogs start pacing - and our girl is becomes very vocal at about 6 pm.

Julien Bracht challengers the floor with broken beats and seduces the listener with a longing vocal at the same time.

This message motivates the loud students to become more vocal at directing their voice to the teacher, not the class.

Eric Pickles was very vocal at the opening of the debate, and it was interesting to hear him elaborate on the Bill's key themes.

Funny how the commentators who railed against moral hazard when we campaigned to drop the debt, are a little less vocal at the moment.

In 2% of cases vocal by is used

Also features the vocal by Will.

It will be been vocal by simply nearly 8.

She should be fair, extrovert and vocal by nature.

The vocal by itself, without the track, tells you a story, and other parts of the track enhance that.

He has just released a new track -- lyrics &; lead vocal by Tony Smith -- recorded in a train to Paris.

Chet Baker -- Live at Ronnie Scott 's, vocal by Elvis Costello -- 1986 An editorial review of the DVD at Amazon.

Here's a lullaby, a missive from the Massive Attack!, vocal by William Wilberforce, the man who saved the slave(ry) nation.

Stranger Cole happened to drop into Treasure Isle studio during the session and was enlisted immediately for the vocal by Bunny Lee.

The best track on the record, Fans, is a lovely, summery number, powered along by acoustic guitar and an emotional vocal by Followill.

I Love You is a 1934 charmer from the pens of Gordon Jenkins and Johnny Mercer, performed here by Geraldo, with vocal by Cyril Grantham.

In 2% of cases vocal from is used

Fantastic vocal from Ian, pretty good recording of some fierce improv.

Mariachi in particular has a very memorable style of vocal from Merritt.

We are already seeing MD's in our hospital far more vocal from just a few weeks ago.

I know my DDs were very vocal from the age of about 3 as to what they wanted to wear.

Featuring, significantly, a honey-dewed, drop-deal vocal from a certain Cee Lo Green.

The backing betrays the bands jazz roots but the vocal from Frankie rocks from start to finish.

It is the bands ' heaviest tune so far and features a throat-shredding vocal from guitarist Philip Tinsley who co-wrote it.

Actually right at the beginning we looked at trying to get a vocal from him for the album which would've been pretty special.

A series of big euphoric build up 's, an uplifting vocal from John Martin and the requisite four to the floor beats combine to impressive effect.

It was produced by Mickie Most, who was not interested in the group, only Beck as a solo artist (it features a rare lead vocal from Beck himself).

In 1% of cases vocal during is used

And naturally they will act in time, as they were vocal during transit issue.

He was quite vocal during the WSIS and one of the backers of the digital solidarity fund.

They are very vocal during the breeding season (March to August in South Asia ), with a range of different calls.

She was a member of Holyfire Revival Ministries ' Compassion Aflame Choir and was the lead vocal during that time.

But Sri Lanka has an enlightened political class and strong civil society which had become vocal during the election.

Some play an active role and express their opinions while other members are more timid and less vocal during discussions.

He however was non committal on the issue and it was the JD(S) which walked away with the laurels as they were very vocal during the agitation.

I also recorded an effect on the lead vocal during recording, overloading the tape machine to get distortion, as well as a distorted tape echo.

He, however, was non committal on the issue and it was the JD-S which walked away with the laurels as they were very vocal during the agitation.

ShadowLock Can you hear me now? No? Sucks for anyone who is using Verizon:) Abandonedi in SB Our elected officials need to be more visable and vocal during this crisis.

In 1% of cases vocal for is used

They are not so vocal for obvious reasons.

YES media should have been more vocal for GAZA.

She was a bit vocal for a while, but has started to settle into this strange new landscape.

Major(R)Sagheer Ahmed She herself came from a feudal background but was never vocal for it.

Wong Hei is great and I do think he's better off without TVB becuase he's too vocal for them.

Coody being Mayor again, but are just not being vocal for fear of losing their jobs if he gets elected.

I think that we do just need to be vocal for now, and keep safe guarding ourselves as best as possible.

The grand-dad is very vocal for his dislike of me and goes on to berate my being a new father to their grand child.

In fact, the Igbos were more passionate and vocal for the return of Bakassi to Nigeria than the people who owned the land.

The crowd are at their most vocal for Barb Wire, singing the oo-ee-oo mid-section before a few seconds of a tease and things erupt.

In 1% of cases vocal over is used

Belly Full is short vocal over acoustic guitar, which shines placed in the midst of the complexity that surrounds it.

The song 22 applies a strong dose of Auto-Tune to mechanize her vocal over what sounds like programmed electronic drums.

When I first heard his song ' Pyramids ' I immediately wanted to make a tune where I did that, just floated the vocal over the top.

The call against following a Madhhab is a new one, a bida that has appeared and which has grown more vocal over the last 100/150 years.

It's a great song, it's got a kind-of certain 80s sound, but it's really uplifting, with Lydon's chaos, and intelligent vocal over the top.

Juan Mata has been vocal over the past couple months about not receiving the call up to the Spanish national team that he thinks he deserves.

Tarab is the music of Zanzibar - a wailing vocal over a beat that is curiously Arabic and African at the same time, and traditionally only danced by females.

Tarab is the music of Zanzibar -- a wailing vocal over a beat that is curiously Arabic and African at the same time, and traditionally only danced by females.

You and others on here would have some credibility if you'd been vocal over Labour's terrible record on Defence during the last decade, now conveniently forgotten.

In 1% of cases vocal to is used

Boisterous characters, vocal to their colleagues.

He was very vocal to her father and me about the way he felt.

Record your vocal to cassette tape and disassemble the cassette.

Immitating some one's voice or vocal to me makes our worship leading superficial and very pretentious.

For this kinda stuff you will need to learn to switch your focus from the vocal to the guitar and back.

He is more vocal to his defenders and I have seen him blasting even our more experienced players once or twice.

First, the vocal to instrumental ratio in Smooth Jazz remained remarkably consistent throughout most of its lifespan.

I cheat, though, and do the vocal to bass heavy, dirty dancehall versions, and then act like I've just done the vocal straight out.

Recorded as mostly acoustic guitar and vocal to which were added some sparse layers -- girls singing, bits of strings and pedal steel etc.

It's not necessary to be loud and vocal to the group of 100 as a whole, but just to quietly get on with what you're doing and people will come.

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