Prepositions after "visual"

"visual of", "visual for" or "visual in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases visual of is used

See Figure 3 for visual of descriptions below.

Just look at the visual of the CHILD in the snap.

The visual of Kristen chucking me around is great.

So, hockey fan, that's what you get this fall: A mental visual of a swinging pendulum.

The bridge could be visual of between the vein the needle (aka the bridge) and the drugs.

It really does help to write them down to give you that visual of actually achieving them.

As we approached the river and got our first visual of the pools, I was astounded to see the sheer size of the herd.

When you are sufficiently relaxed, ask your subconscious mind to present you with a visual of your ideal profession.

This emotional rollercoaster prompted me to make the graph below as a visual of just how crazy the whole thing felt.

If you think that this visual of the anatomy of a smart city worth sharing, why don't you share it with your friends.

In 13% of cases visual in is used

There was no corresponding visual in my mind.

There was no endogenous EPO visual in the gel.

This one is a little more visual in some sense.

The first being visual in web design and the second being functional in web development.

We shall argue that subjectivity is increasingly tangible and visual in late modern societies.

The Arab Spring, in particular, has highlighted the importance of the visual in the politics of this turbulent region.

Mental rehearsal is the ultimate key, imagery is not merely visual in nature it can include all the senses, you can feel it, see.

Since screening of produce is mainly visual in the latter case, export of such crops is restricted to the less stringent markets.

As Damiani makes visual in a dinner sequence early in the film, this house is simply mirroring the family's true selves back at them.

In 11% of cases visual for is used

Here's a nice visual for you circa 2010.

I read it w/two sets of eyes (there's a visual for you).

As a believer, we thought this may be a great visual for him.

The annoying/catchy ' ' Scream and Shout ' ' has a futuristic visual for you to enjoy.

Go home in a broad stream holding your candles -- another great visual for the cameras.

When you include a real photo you give a powerful visual for the reader to connect too.

And Behind the Veil is about lifting the curtain creating a waking life visual for what exists within the invisible.

If you're looking for a simple way to walk parents through these five areas, feel free to utilize my visual for WIPUL.

It's not meant to be figurative in any way per se, it's just how I interpret a visual for the lyric and musical content.

The visual for this party record is minimalist -- backup dancers, a few jeeps, a couple guys, all in the middle of a desert.

In 8% of cases visual on is used

He had already lost visual on him once.

The cookie visual on the proposed packaging was also problematic.

Developing audio/audio visual on improved agricultural technology 3.

For a visual on how you can benefit from a BI strategy, check out this cool infographic.

Your goal is to create boards to give your audience a visual on your product and business.

Minutes passed before Mr Panetta came on air again to say: ' We have a visual on Geronimo.

Put Down Your Mexican Coke This infographic is a visual on how our body processes sugar and how it affects our health.

Aug 7: We have a visual on Liberty Ross who's surfaced without her wedding ring looking chic wearing a navy suit in L.

You'll have a visual on everything that you have coming up, and you can plan when you will do the necessary preparations.

A friend and colleague recently captured such a visual on camera while on the road (at least he wasn't driving and texting).

In 6% of cases visual with is used

It needed to be visual with an alluring introductory page.

Send us a visual with a quick description by fax or e-mail.

It helps that the menu is very visual with amble descriptions.

As you would imagine the students were very interactive and visual with their ideas.

Turn your music video into a creative visual with embroidered personalised clothing.

These books have vivid photos and are very visual with a real-world story, poem and recipe.

I think that a visual with less information but more expressive lasts longer in the minds than a series of statements.

What about anatomy of a smart city? A friend at work today shared with me a website that shared visual with information.

Adverts are same format as what your saying, visual with music played over the top, and they all seem to go for the cheesy obvious approach.

This exhibition seeks to link the visual with Japanese music to highlight the tragedy that took place in Japan so recently and the hope of the future.

In 6% of cases visual to is used

Ensure the visual to word ratio is around 80:20 or 70:30.

One, convert the water glass visual to a physical body visual.

Again its highly critical you present something Visual to your client.

If the key word search leaves more than requested, we do a visual to down select on the rest.

In very simple terms, when flying VFR, we must maintain visual to the ground or water features.

The only source of music came from their headphones, creating an interesting visual to onlookers.

I guarantee you, it will not disappointed but will only provide an entertaining visual to an equally entertaining song.

B-Boardwork: Even if you have Powerpoint slides, what you write on the board is still the most direct and visual to your students.

What I'd curious about is that is that shift from visual to verbal thinking that occurs in most people when the start to develop language.

Since the web has the ability to be visual to the extreme, this 3d environment step is a great idea as well as your embedded YouTube video.

In 5% of cases visual as is used

These bands are really visual as from their dressing.

All alarm systems should now be visual as well as audible.

The poster format features the visual as a conversation starter.

Fleming seems to write the visual as an experience that's essential yet unreliable and aberrant.

She's also really entertaining with her visual as well as her lyrics and she has a great melody.

She's also really entertaining with her visual as well as her lyrics, and she has a great melody.

On joining the band in 1985 he was a flamboyant whirling dervish of a performer, Scott's visual as well as musical foil.

All learning should be visual as well as aural and written, particularly if the student enjoys and responds well to visuals.

The ubiquity of tropes in visual as well as verbal forms can be seen as reflecting our fundamentally relational understanding of reality.

One only needs to think back to Gamal Abdel Nasser's use of film and posters to see the early, quick embrace of the visual as a political tool.

In 3% of cases visual rather is used

I seem to have a bias towards the visual rather than the aural.

This will just be visual rather than informative show and tell.

Girl with a Pearl Earring was particularly fun to research because it was visual rather than text-based.

The home page is bright and visual rather than having screeds of text and the search function does exactly what it should.

First, clinical studies have long reported that most dyslexics make errors that follow visual rather than strictly phonetic laws, e.

The above argument is visual rather than formal, and the review article Visual explanations by Bill Casselman has some discussion on the nature of visual proof.

I have a degree in journalism which has helped me daily in my work as a graphic designer because my job is still about communication, albeit visual rather than textual.

If the book was visual rather than in print would more people object? I believe so - there is good reason why Playboys and Penthouses are not sold at everyday department stores.

As Korzybski declared, ' the word is not the thing ' (the signifier is not the referent ), a reminder which is particularly apposite with reference to visual rather than linguistic signs.

In 2% of cases visual at is used

From a quick visual at your PDF file it looks as if something electrical is switching on which is dropping the margin from 3 to 1.

What point is it that you are making (other than just trying to annoy folks )? At a visual at 320 ppi, I'd not sure theres much point.

Too many supposedly serious films -- and The Master comes to us wreathed in garlands -- fetishise the visual at the expense of clarity and narrative.

Source: The book Te Whakarewarewa by Don Stafford To experience this Rotorua story ' first-hand ', go see the Rotorua stories audio visual at the Rotorua Museum.

Within the game is Ecotopia TV (visual at left) where players can view videos, including GPI's Glass Recycling PSA, and others uploaded by players for eco-friendly contests.

Has perhaps interleaving depth been increased? From a quick visual at your PDF file it looks as if something electrical is switching on which is dropping the margin from 3 to 1.

In 2% of cases visual from is used

Raw diamond visual from Tiffany &; Co.

I have seen photos taken that allow a visual from Rt.

An interesting visual from Virtual Kenya is one allowing county searches that yields a mashup of governor aspirants and county population statistics.

The designer, more often than not, discociates the visual from the communicational aspect of an infographic and it results into beautiful, yet not verry understandable graphics.

In 1% of cases visual without is used

Remove all the words See if you can do the whole job in the visual without a headline.

It is possible to create music for a beat-heavy visual without using beats, but then it's up to the foley and sound designers to pick up your slack.

One is pictorial and visual without any specific verbal linkage while the other is the written form of language and is therefore, linguistic, which means readable and pronounceable.

In 1% of cases visual about is used

With practice you can do this quite subconsciously but as you're learning your trade you may need to be more visual about it.

In 1% of cases visual through is used

Our mission is to change audio and visual through radio and television by providing quality multi-cultured media worldwide.

Logo Design This is usually the first and the most important visual through which you introduce yourself to the world with.

In 1% of cases visual such is used

Some people will experience auras which is they see visual such as spots, flickering lights or lines.

But if you have a product that is very visual such as pottery or artwork you should consider joining Pinterest.

It was because of Visual-K that I got interested in anything that was visual such as costumes, make up and so on.

In 1% of cases visual like is used

I want to see something explosive or bodly visual like Broken Embraces or The White Ribbon.

If you're a visual like me, using colours as references is a good way to organise your diary.

But when you've got an eye for the visual like Ridley Scott does you'd be amazed at anything less.

It sounds like yours may also be ADHD with his most sensitive aspect being visual like my husband.

Even things that aren't visual like the fake camera shutter sound when taking a photo in Camera or Photo Booth give you that reassuring confirmation that you've taken your photo.

In 1% of cases visual into is used

So for me it wasn't tough because again I am putting the visual into the script.

In 1% of cases visual by is used

We are visual by nature, like a blog post, we like to look at a picture first before reading the article.

Or something as simple as sharing a file between two devices could be made overly visual by dragging a file into a folder.

The sense of energy suggested by the layers of rhythm within the music is recreated in the visual by a number of complex filmic techniques.

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