Prepositions after "visible"

"visible in" or "visible to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases visible in is used

The result is visible in the U.

Also visible in the area of the U.

The LEC is visible in the TV picture.

There's not much point in it unless it could be made visible in the time of Leonardo.

Saturn reached opposition on the 15th of April and is now visible in the evening sky.

The outline of this world is only partially visible in the upheavals of the mid-l990s.

Google Chrome's Developer tools show all of the HTML markup is correct, however, nothing is visible in the browser.

This heap of stones might have been a large and compactly built one and visible in the ordinary state of the river.

Characteristics Of Inserted Content As mentioned, the content that is inserted is not visible in the page's source.

In 22% of cases visible to is used

Visible to the class only (private).

The star is visible to the naked eye.

These are not visible to the naked eye.

They are easily visible to the naked eye and are easily removed -- if you catch them.

Therefore, tobacco product vending machines must be visible to and monitored by staff.

Well, it's late April 2012 and nothing visible to me or anyone else around the planet.

ENERGY There are many things not visible to the untrained eye (like auras, the air, etc) however, we know they exist.

Have these written on a flip chart, overhead, power point, or blackboard, so that they are visible to the whole group.

In the last week of May, the thin crescent should be visible with binoculars and may even be visible to the naked eye.

The 41-megapixel sensor means details or objects not visible to the naked eye will show up in the photograph just fine.

In 13% of cases visible from is used

It must be visible from the house.

It should be visible from a coastline.

The damage will be visible from the yard.

The club was named after Saint Mary's Lighthouse clearly visible from the Rex Hotel.

Their brick building dates back to 1887 and is visible from the Williamsburg bridge.

The Lim Chu Kang Pier-House (mentioned below) is also easily visible from the jetty.

So if you're hoping to mount a drive, make sure you mount it and then format it so that it's visible from the OS.

Is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and/or Skating Rink visible from the Top of the Rock? Unfortunately, no.

It is reputed to be the only Golf Course where all the holes are visible from the Club House or accessible by car.

The sign must be displayed and clearly visible from the front and rear of the vehicle (rear only for motorcycles).

In 12% of cases visible on is used

Oval BA is visible on the left.

The Wujiang is visible on the left.

A scar is visible on the side of his neck.

Gleffe ran to his boat and headed towards the plumes of smoke visible on the horizon.

Since then, my hero's star has dwindled with no silver lining visible on the horizon.

The number of sunspots visible on the photosphere periodically varies every 11 years.

Birth date and gender: This is use to further identify your self and make your profile more visible on backtoghana.

One or 2 of the houses have frescoes still visible on the interior -- you can't really see this in Petra that much.

Upon defeating Drascua, her remains (type of remains depends upon means of death) may not be visible on the ground.

In 5% of cases visible at is used

The Lamb is visible at the top.

And it's all visible at a glance.

It has to be visible at all times).

With the redesign, the full company information is visible at the bottom of the page.

You can make the CPM metric visible at the Campaign, Ad group, Ad, and Keyword level.

Saturn is just visible at the beginning of the month, setting in the west at twilight.

In this case, information from an issuer's web site and the hyperlinked web site would be visible at the same time.

The current Anforio is the 2004 version, an elegant wine with a touch of browning visible at the edge of the glass.

Change is also visible at the South Road Properties (SRP ), which was developed in 1995 with an international loan.

It is named after a comet, visible at the time gold was discovered in the area, and in 1895 had a population of 500.

In 4% of cases visible for is used

It was visible for about 1 minute.

It was actually visible for approx.

It was visible for about 3 minutes.

The Newcastle game was even visible for non-refs and for those who wanted to see it.

It was in fact Halley? s comet, visible for a whole week from 24 April to 1 May 1066.

The Igbo issue became visible for the fact that nemesis is at play with Nigerian men.

You can be in contact with colleagues and clients past and present and keep yourself visible for future referrals.

The first step in web design is to optimize the website, so that it is visible for visitors from around the globe.

The eight wind turbines must be on top of hills, because that is where the wind blows, visible for up to 40 miles.

Among the brightest comets ever seen, Hale-Bopp had been visible for months from midtown Manhattan, of all places.

In 3% of cases visible through is used

The back wall was visible through her.

M1 is visible through a small telescope.

Two cells were visible through the eyepiece.

A full moon hung in the sky, visible through the trees and above the ground fog.

Backing and adhesives must be chosen with care, as may be visible through glass.

A masjid, visible through the gate, stood on rocky ground a little distance away.

The moon was quite bright, above and behind me, still slightly east and was visible through the broken clouds.

It also has extensions at the ends to prevent the shiny brass worms from being visible through the cab windows.

The 4 largest of Jupiters 60+ moons are easily visible through binoculars or a small telescope, ranging from 4.

Due to the window-style of the envelope, her personal information was clearly visible through the TRS envelope.

In 2% of cases visible by is used

Light in space is not visible by itself.

This is still visible by satellite today.

The results were visible by the next day.

Notes: Animation effects and sounds are not visible by watching online presentations.

We travel to Abb's Head and witness Earth Lights, made visible by the seismic sounds.

Visible By being directly in front of the cars, I force drivers to pay attention to me.

These roadblocks are highly visible by design and exposed well in advance, which is required by law in many states.

Although the hull of the vessel is surrounded by salvage craft, the debris is visible by around the 30-second mark.

The film occasionally makes them visible by labelling the screen in Cham's handwriting, like a doodle on a textbook.

With Endermologie, the results can be seen within 7-8 session, and most of the benefits are visible by 14th session.

In 1% of cases visible of is used

Now the most visible of Quebec.

It's a making visible of those tools.

The consequences were many, most visible of them being wide-spread and acute poverty.

Most people know something of autism but many know only the most visible of autistic traits.

Commander Turner was the most visible of several JAG officers who served this purpose on JAG.

Being the brightest and most visible of these planets, the Romans named Venus after their goddess of love and beauty.

Carole -- Oh, I was as real as it got! I wasn't even sure that what was visible of my shirt didn't have oatmeal on it.

In 1% of cases visible within is used

The results are visible within the first two weeks of use.

It is very important that you are visible within the business.

Sometimes the stones are visible within the back of the throat.

By stage 10B, sponge bodies are no longer visible within this densely packed ooplasm.

Best thing ever, spot turned from bright red to hardly visible within a couple hours.

Clearly visible within this Roman layer was a foot-wide slot tinged green at the edges.

The position will be highly visible within the company excellent communication skills on all levels are a must.

The IS GLOBAL clause specifies that the data item is to be visible within any subordinate contained subprograms.

Fort Several near vertical masonry joints making a blunt edge are visible within the wall on the north west side.

Making these achievements visible within the community can motivate others to increase their participation as well.

In 1% of cases visible with is used

The amount of detail visible with 99.

And joanna's not visible with LK anymore.

All the post are visible with in the page.

Fossils were starting to make this mountain more visible with every day that passed.

Seven or eight cones are clearly visible with out searching for couple of dozed more.

Another possible candidate is Hale-Bopp which was visible without a telescope in 1997.

The new Broadcasting House is the opposite - open and visible with technology taking up a much smaller footprint.

Muslims, Jews, Hare Krishnas, Catholics, New Agers, all make themselves visible with obvious religious insignias.

M31 is easily visible with binoculars, or possibly with the unaided eye on a dark, transparent night with no Moon.

When you look up at an extremely dark night sky, the Milky Way is visible with your naked eye, and looks like this.

In 1% of cases visible under is used

This current was visible under the bridge.

It is only visible under ultraviolet light.

The vessels become more visible under the skin.

At most a handful of the tiniest hairline marks might be visible under bright light.

The upper part of the cups gaped slightly and it was slightly visible under clothing.

During leptotene stage the chromosomes become gradually visible under the light microscope.

A fault line is clearly visible under water but thus far, no tangible evidence has been found to prove this legend.

So the full sleeves might not be an issue if they don't go far enough down on the wrist to be visible under dress uniform.

Condensation of the chromosomes has occurred so that the individual chromatids are now visible under the light microscope.

Prophase Early in the prophase stage the chromatin fibres shorten into chromosomes that are visible under a light microscope.

In 1% of cases visible throughout is used

Thus it is visible throughout the year.

Director is visible throughout the action part.

Muslim features are visible throughout the city.

They are visible throughout the Chartrons and the streets leading to the port.

By then it will rise about the time of sunset an be visible throughout the night.

The correlation between demography and the economy is visible throughout history.

At opposition a planet is at its closest approach to the Earth and it will be visible throughout the night.

This multicultural history is reflected in the wonderful variety of architecture visible throughout the city.

Allah must enhance Moon size bigger than the Sun and change its orbit to make it visible throughout the world.

Popular writer Anisul Hoque's presence was visible throughout the festival as he participated in different sessions.

In 1% of cases visible over is used

Freedom's illuminating ray is visible over there.

These views are only visible over short stretches of the road.

Bob and Ray's photographs can never be made visible over the radio.

The solar eclipse occurred May 20, 2012, and was visible over much of the western U.

The eclipse will also be visible over much of Europe, North Africa and central Asia.

I moved to the rail to admire the view of a wide expanse of sea visible over the tree tops.

Some are more visible over time with significant name searches showing up via a review of broad match impressions.

Motorist Clayton Bolt told RadioLIVE a massive cloud was visible over the mountain, and was drifting toward the Napier region.

This body fat level is characterized by extreme vascularity, so that veins are visible over just about every muscle in the body.

In 1% of cases visible above is used

Some were just visible above the surface.

Today almost nothing is visible above ground.

Secondary containment is visible above Reactor #1.

A man's face, only his eyes visible above his veil, looking on him with soft glances.

It surprising that the solar effect may be strong enough to be visible above the noise.

Second line: there is no line visible above nomen sacrum; the letters are very obscure.

Nor was it written in the stars, assuming there are still some visible above Las Vegas with the light pollution.

August 2012: The Japanese Knotweed is clearly visible above the pedalos on the main island in the town park lake.

There was a fair bit of cloud over the mountains, but the peak of Mount Fuji was clearly visible above those clouds.

Twitter Braving Arctic Storms in the Name of Narwhal Research A narwhal swims with its tusk visible above the water.

In 1% of cases visible during is used

It was quite visible during the movie.

Movement is clearly visible during a scan.

They are only visible during election time.

Mount Meru, Kilimanjaro's nearest neighbour, is also visible during today's trek.

The grille is not visible during high tides as the Liffey is tidal at this point.

Similar to the chromosphere, usually it is only visible during total solar eclipse.

On the contrary, in C6/36 cells, NSs nuclear filaments were visible during the entire time course of infection.

The stars became visible during the daytime, while the men presumed that the (day of) resurrection had arrived.

Of there three are visible from New Zealand, although very little change will be visible during one of the lunar.

Placement of implants is more demanding in upper jaw as it is the upper teeth which are more visible during smiling.

In 1% of cases visible as is used

I mean she was very visible as a figure.

Clearly visible as a globular and not a star.

The difference is visible as well as audible.

The beaver lodge is clearly visible as a small ' island ' near the centre of the dam.

Orion's Sword contains M42, the Orion Nebula, visible as a hazy glow through binoculars.

Agriculture is visible as a series of square plots and circular plots within square plots.

The nation's capital, Bissau, is visible as a whitish area on the second estuary up from the bottom of the picture.

Its malfunction and enlargement -- the disease known as goiter -- is visible as a swelling of the front of the neck.

Your game score is visible as part of the HUD, and at the end of the level, you are presented with a score breakdown.

There are Chinese characters still visible as the early congregation were mainly Chinese Catholics of Bukit Mertajam.

In 1% of cases visible around is used

The reasons are visible around the country.

He added that columns of smoke were visible around Gaza.

A light yellow colour was visible around the three pinds.

But it is still a niche segment in the business, largely visible around festivals.

A nerve ring is also visible around the opening from the stomach into the intestine.

Every time anyone was taking a photograph the cloud of mossies was visible around them.

Small muscles can be seen in the newly developed collar (cm) and a ring of muscle is visible around the anus (ar).

Timings and film listings have now been listed on the Brindleyplace website and listings will also be visible around the estate,.

If you've kept walking without stopping, the Don should be standing with his back to you just visible around the corner on the balcony.

The curd didn't create any more of a clean break, but the whey visible around the curd was clearer, so I do think it coagulated better.

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