Prepositions after "violent"

violent in, towards, with, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases violent in is used

He was bold and violent in his speech.

But Quentin's is violent in the extreme.

She was violent in sex and dominant as well.

The anti-Putin demonstrations grew violent in May, with the approaching inauguration.

Gibson, he said, had a long history of being violent in his relationships with women.

Japan's subsequent experience was economically less violent in the short term, but even costlier over the long term.

This border city was until December, 2011, the most violent in the country, with almost 11,000 homicides, that is, 13.

The Ugandan state -- both colonial and post-colonial -- is more casually violent in the way it deals with people here.

Her conduct was generally directed by virtuous principles, while at the same time, she was violent in her attachments.

In 14% of cases violent towards is used

He is not violent towards beings.

My husband was violent towards me.

He is never violent towards me ever.

Chris used to go out with Rihanna -- until he was violent towards her one night.

She was abused in childhood and her partner is occasionally violent towards her.

As a result one becomes more and more violent towards oneself and towards others.

They may be aggressive or violent towards siblings or the victim parent in ways similar to the abusive parent.

No person should be involved in a relationship, especially a marriage, with a man that is violent towards them.

What's going on with men who are violent towards their female partners? A few, I suspect, don't know any better.

In 9% of cases violent with is used

History would be violent with him.

Muhammad was never violent with them.

He became violent with me and the kids.

Frankly, I'd looking forward to someone getting violent with a TSA worker over this.

Some critics found Mo's works bloody and violent with tense plot containing copious sex.

We seem to have more violence, we have the yuppies of the City sort of violent with money.

The boss confrontation shows us Stromwell unhinged, getting violent with Thorne before realising how he is acting.

That was my crude and angry judgment and on the way to the car park after the meeting I felt violent with passion.

If some are violent with they're expression, then that is unacceptable and they are accountable for they're actions.

Unfortunately, they hid a dark secret: Ike was excessive with drink and drugs, and domineering and violent with Tina.

In 9% of cases violent to is used

He is not violent to his brother.

They didn't care who was violent to men.

I went from being violent to being calm.

It's not okay for parents to be violent to each other or to anyone else in the family.

When she woke up she was violent to the kids and to Beatie, but he caught all on tape.

Do not look at the person who was violent to you unless you are sure you can handle it.

When we are harsh or violent towards our selves it is genuinely hard (as I said) to be compassionate towards others.

Firstly, if religion ceased to exist, we humans would fine other ways to justify being cruel and violent to each other.

If they're violent towards you, they'll probably be violent to others, perhaps people at school or in the wider community.

Research into this area is continuing and we are learning more all the time about why men are violent to children and others.

In 6% of cases violent for is used

A bit too violent for some may be.

The movie is too violent for young audiences.

I personally can not stand hockey, way too violent for a game.

It's really, really violent But not violent for violent's sake, there's a good reason.

However, some critics considered his work too violent for use in libraries and schools.

This movie has some intense fighting scenes that may be too violent for younger viewers.

Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.

I stopped watching the nuBSG in the second season, I believe, when it became just too violent for me, and unfollowable.

Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.

I can see some controversy arising from this game, not as much as maybe manhunt which was pretty violent for a video game.

In 4% of cases violent at is used

It was vigorous, even violent at times.

Any human being can be violent at any moment.

Yes, it's bloodied brutal and violent at times.

I can guarantee you, though, that there has not been an event so violent at a tea party.

It is vile, anger fueled, fear invoking, and it could have turned violent at any moment.

It's frighteningly violent at times, but love and goodness continually triumph over evil.

It is generally believed he was shot for political motives, with Jamaican politics being somewhat violent at the time.

To grow and evolve into larger creatures to escape what's horribly violent at the miniature scale, miniaturized scale.

In projectiles, too, it is certain that the impact is not so violent at too small a distance as it is a little further off.

I am afraid that bioluddite Terrans may become violent at some point, and that's another reason why we should move to the stars.

In 4% of cases violent of is used

Football is to violent of a game to have an all-star game.

This risk to oneself is a real deterrent to violent offences.

I'd going to impose this view on this person in the most violent of ways.

Senate report contends the Zetas are the most violent of Mexico's cartels.

Another 10,000 people are missing from that period, the most violent of the war.

These are the most violent of solar phenomena and are associated with solar flares.

This annoyed the more violent of Liu Bei ' supporters, and they wished to kill the delinquents.

It was the most violent of all Ireland's many risings, as over 30,000 Irish men, women and children died.

Parents who permit their children to play the most violent of videogames should be slapped down by DOCS as abusive.

In 3% of cases violent against is used

Amongst the most violent against him was Mrs.

And think we should give even more threats of violent against PAP.

Elijah was violent against evil while Jezebel was violent against righteousness.

People who have epilepsy are not violent against themselves or others during a seizure.

She is violent against other people and children, against property, and against society.

There is no evidence that alcohol or mental illness causes men to be violent against women.

Usually by being violent against their families in the future or by committing violent crimes.

Police all around this country get violent against people looking out for their fellow citizens.

Now, they rally about people treating them bad and others violent against them when no one more vicious than them.

Same with the above signs, these reasons are also found on men who are violent against women: The woman is an alcoholic.

In 3% of cases violent as is used

It takes a very violent assault to cause a miscarriage.

Rain becomes persistent and winds violent as the centre of the storm draws near.

There's also a possibility the attacker gets even more violent as the attacks continue.

Victims of the disease can become angry and violent as the ability to think and remember decreases.

Yes, people latched on to a rivalry, but it's never been as thoroughly violent as the RA/Zen arguments.

These years which witnessed the birth of Northern Ireland were violent as the IRA sought to destroy the new state.

And into Satyavati? s bow he had put the ingredients for a son who would be peacefula and non-violent as a brahmana should be.

Into Satyavati? s mothers? s bowl he had put the ingredients for a son who would be brave and violent as a kshatriya should be.

Easily as brutal and violent as the original Last House on the Left is a story of pain and suffering with a final call for vengeance.

Doesn't mention the fact that the police are as corrupt and violent as the criminals and that most are in cahoots with the criminals.

In 3% of cases violent toward is used

Sometimes women are violent towards men.

He may yell or be violent toward you or your children.

They were violent toward me, and they were violent toward the media.

The two divorced in 2007 after he reportedly became violent toward her.

Additionally legalizing sex work wouldn't make it any less violent toward women.

Now you say you feel violent toward a lot of white people and think of booting their heads in.

Women, on the other hand, tend to act violent toward family members, and are more often violent in the home.

He might ve been violent toward Rehanna but she has seen beyond that past n she is still madly in love with him.

Sexual Abuse: Abusers who are physically violent toward their intimate partners are often sexually violent as well.

The truth is people with schizophrenia are far more likely to harm themselves than be violent toward the Jo Public.

In 3% of cases violent on is used

I've seen violent people get violent on weed.

He goes home and turns violent on one of his children.

I don't know any blacks, but I occasionally see blacks being violent on youtube.

Fry believed pink would have a calming effect, and make opponents less violent on the field.

We argued and argued, he got very frustrated and did become violent on a handful of occasions.

And Palmgrove, Onipanu area is always violent on Sundays because that's when Eiye boys come out to play.

The protest turned violent on Monday after the detention of Independent MP Raju Shetty, who is leading the agitation.

Drama Queen says: 03:52pm 19/07/12 If computer games are the problem than how come geeky gamers aren't turning violent on mass.

Although this was a tactic to increase ticket sales there is a report from one Desdemona confirming that he was violent on stage.

The opening days in Corsica will be stunning but violent on hard roads as a sprinter can claim the yellow jersey on the opening day.

In 2% of cases violent by is used

Do away with violent by not paying to go and see them.

The Saudi and Irani versions of Islam became more violent by the day.

I doont know what your definition of violence is but QI was not violent by any stretch of imagination.

Budhism was never threatened by Tamils!! You guys are violent by nature!!! Budhism has no influence on your mind.

Lunatics are usually restrained from going violent by chain ing them with iron or by clamping them down with wooden shackles.

Raids in Samburu County have alarmingly increased in the last three months and the rustlers are becoming more violent by the day.

But this time, they became more aggressive and violent by attacking a security personnel who, fortunately, only sustained slight injuries.

If your behavior is deemed unacceptable, offensive or violent by the project or Helping Kenya, you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

For the Red Maple award (grades 7-8 ), Penguin has Dust City by Robert Paul Weston, Fly Boy by Eric Walters, and Haunting Violent by Alyxandra Harvey.

The Lecturer further argues that the APC team has changed the perception of those who were of the view that the party is violent by rewarding good for evil.

In 2% of cases violent over is used

Many preconceived bias and perceptions set in towards each other and it can turn violent over time.

But for some reason, that spin became so violent over all axis, and it was hard to know how to get out of that spin.

He was also worried by how crews -- often the equivalent of farm teams for gangs -- were becoming more violent over time.

It still surprises me that so many who would benefit from a fairer world will rail on and on and even get violent over such an issue.

You piously declare the politically correct view -- that the three religions have been comparably violent over the last few thousand years.

A Marxist such as Dutt, advocates the violent over turning of society by the masses and the establishment of a state based on Marxist doctrine.

If I had to bet on an outcome we will see the feral children flash mob phenomenon become more common and more violent over the next several years.

Pinker argues that (contrary to common views) we have in fact become a lot less violent over the centuries, and we are living in the most peaceful time in our history.

In 1% of cases violent from is used

As Ireland became increasingly violent from c.

I had expected it to be a little funnier and less violent from what someone had told me about it, but this was still a good book.

This despite the fact that her husband had been violent from the start, lashing out whenever he was stressed or had too much to drink.

The truth is that children in radical Islamic communities all over the globe are being taught to be very violent from a very early age.

Instruments or clinicians which distinguish violent from non-violent patients with nearly perfect accuracy would have ROC-AUCs approaching 1.

This is a game that is not only violent from a visual standpoint, but in terms of pace - unremittingly aggressive, each stage unfolding like a John Woo movie on fast-forward.

In 1% of cases violent without is used

Violent without being ridiculously over the top.

I wouldn't call on anybody to be violent without a cause.

Demonstrations can take place in major cities and, while generally peaceful, can turn violent without warning.

There have been instances of demonstrations on political issues becoming violent without warning, causing loss of life and injury.

War was externally driven, and divisions and conflicts within the country would not have become violent without outside intervention.

I wonder if these lads are violent without dutch courage? We all ' lose it ' when we are drunk thats the ruddy point to alter the state of the mind.

Further incidents occurred in October 2012 in Dar es Salaam and Stone Town and more demonstrations are possible and can turn violent without warning.

A clear indication that we had struck the nerve centre was that some of the prisoners started trying to scale the walls and becoming violent without their regular supply.

Some animals, such as certain nonhuman primates including certain monkeys, pose a direct threat; their behavior can be unpredictably aggressive and violent without notice or provocation.

Some animals, such as certain nonhuman primates, including certain monkeys, pose a direct threat; their behavior can be unpredictably aggressive and violent without notice or provocation.

In 1% of cases violent like is used

At least it is not murderous and violent like Islam.

Burro Banton agrees that while in his heyday dancehall was considered slack, it was not violent like it is today.

The Czech nation is particularly drunken at present but the drinking culture is not violent like ours -- its handicaps will occur later.

Someone, even someone I know, hugging me would just impede this and make me freak out, I can get violent like that which I usually get scared of.

When expressing feelings, it is important to avoid catharsis -- venting up one's anger by doing something violent like boxing, smashing things, and the like.

Why is a poet worse than a drunk? How absurd! Poets are not violent like drunks can be, they don't smell foul and they certainly don't curse and yell at you like drunks do.

So they can be sure to take screen caps so they can protect themselves against you and your Akta Hasutan-worthy thinly veiled threats of Malay Muslims going crazy violent like the Nantrah and May13.

In 1% of cases violent about is used

Well, I suppose that had something violent about it.

People disagreed on politics, but they were not violent about it.

I trust christains not to be violent about it but see it as a cheap stunt.

Being vocal about things in heart is afar more asking task than to be violent about a vengeance.

Revy of Black Lagoon has a Hair-Trigger Temper and as such can be quite violent about being touched at times.

The reason that tims costantly bring out the offended card, is because it gives them something to become hostile and violent about.

It means we can disagree about issues, we can do so with mutual respect and understanding, without having to get into a fist fight or being violent about it.

Cis men are the most likely to get violent about it, as far as I can tell, but it should be noted that some cis lesbians have been pretty fricking transphobic to lesbian/bi trans women.

They--or some of them--may deplore our culture and what they perceive to be our immorality, but what they more likely hate badly enough to get violent about it is our interference in their lands.

In 1% of cases violent ex is used

We (and a good therapist) helped build her back up so she could decide what she was instead of her violent ex making the decision for her.

She had a protection order against her violent ex Boulter, who she was with for several months in 2010, and felt safe on the isolated island.

In 1% of cases violent during is used

The father also cross alleged that the mother was violent during the relationship.

Sleepwalkers who are not violent during waking hours, do not become violent while sleepwalking.

One concern of ours particularly is the pirates will become more violent during the negotiation.

I'd a lot stronger than her and can easily restrain her if she is getting physically violent during a fight.

While there are really provinces that are seasonally violent during elections, Pampanga can not be considered as one.

Many of these events turned violent during this period, including the infamous Haymarket Riot of 1886, in which several Chicago policemen and workers were killed.

In 1% of cases violent because is used

It is scientifically incorrect when people say that we have to be violent because of our brain.

Europe was just coming out of its dark ages which were violent because of its lack of development.

Our government compelled our youth to be violent because of its undue policies of favoring western interests.

Peaceful protest are good, I was at my share of them, but they become violent because of a handful of idiots breaking the law and causing problems.

Officer-in-Charge of Savar Police Station Asaduzzaman told the FE that the protest programme could not turn violent because of their immediate intervention.

You were really playing as a soldier in the midst of a prolonged psychotic break, turning increasingly violent because of imaginary conversations he thought he was having in his ear piece.

In 1% of cases violent after is used

In some instances, people can become abusive and violent after drinking alcohol.

But the protest became violent after being hijacked by anarchists and other militant groups.

Xu Chong carries on the back that violent after feeling blazing hot, http: **35;8393;TOOLONG.

The match was rough from the beginning but became increasingly violent after Hungary took a 4-0 lead in the second half.

An opposition rally on 6 May in Moscow turned violent after police restricted access to the square where the rally was to be held.

He became physically violent after a few weeks, throwing things, shoving me, and trying to throw me out of the house in my underwear.

The character of student politics in the country became increasingly tense and violent after General Ziaul Haq toppled the Bhutto regime in a military coup in July 1977.

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