Prepositions after "victorious"

"victorious in" or "victorious over"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases victorious in is used

Raziel was victorious in their fight.

Make me victorious in the human world.

You will come out victorious in Jesus ' Name.

Although he was victorious in the combat, he received a mortal wound and perished.

The forces of evil, no matter how malevolent, are never victorious in any Western.

Plus, Rollins and his club have come up victorious in the last 2 NLCS of the decade.

Another cyclist, Paul Duboc, was in a good position to win and had been victorious in four stages, but fell ill.

Similarly when Bradley Wiggins was victorious in the cycling time trial, the positivity reading was 82-per-cent.

But I did not give up and took up all challenges and emerged victorious in everything that I planned to achieve.

Coach Franz had gone through this scenario many times already and yet we still emerged to be victorious in the end.

In 18% of cases victorious over is used

Jesus comes to be victorious over it.

He will always be victorious over his enemy.

God will be victorious over evil in the end.

Our great and final victory is when we rise from the dead, victorious over death.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov stood victorious over China's Fang Bo after seven close games.

Viktoria Pavlovich stood victorious over Yuan Tian by 3:1 and leveled for Belarus.

The feast of Christ the King is celebrated on Sunday, November 25th as he stands victorious over all creation.

Liberty, victorious over slavery on the battlefield, had now more powerful enemies to encounter at Washington.

GOOD should be victorious over BAD, but terrible crimes like mass murders, rapes, burning people, children etc.

The islamofascists represent real islam and this real islam is making them victorious over the muslim liberals.

In 7% of cases victorious at is used

We will be victorious at the end.

The will always be victorious at the.

The will always be victorious at the end.

And Allah has already made you victorious at Badr, when you were a weak little force.

They were also victorious at Yarmuk, where the Romans outnumbered the Muslims seventy to one.

However, Awami League will be happy if either Osman or Ivy emerges victorious at the election.

We felt that winning might compromise our Bad reputation and so gracefully declined to be victorious at this time.

A man who was indeed victorious at every stage of his life, and having become immortal has now won a victory over death itself.

Pierre be victorious at the Bell Centre, White said he wouldn't be shocked if Silva challenges the Montreal native in the octagon.

In 7% of cases victorious from is used

Let's hope a saner lot emerges victorious from this tussle.

The Bobcats came away victorious from the first encounter 5-2.

Two independent candidates also emerged victorious from zone 1.

Scant reassurances I know but a time when victorious from combat against did but.

And if Grant Robertson emerges victorious from the debris he won't have it easy either.

It did emerge victorious from over a century of wars with France, but at a staggering cost.

Our national doctrine can only be strengthened if the responsible narrative emerges victorious from that clash.

He's emerged victorious from decades of court battles as a local folk hero and champion of the First Amendment.

United emerged victorious from a match comprised of feisty tackles, excessive celebrations and tunnel bust-ups.

In 6% of cases victorious on is used

George the Victorious on one side.

That would be victorious on November 17.

Envision Barack victorious on election night.

On the men's side, Brock, Alberta, Waterloo and Manitoba were all victorious on opening night.

They also proved that we can not count on an ultimate victory at sea unless we are victorious on land.

I am going to do the best I can to win this fight, to put on a great show and be victorious on that night.

The two teams had already met twice in the regular season, with the Blues coming away victorious on both occasions.

I am setting aside Noon (eastern) tomorrow for my own prayer that Mitt Romney, and America, be victorious on Tuesday.

Mr Sarkozy, disliked by many voters for his handling of the economy, promised he could come out victorious on Sunday.

There are cases when a candidate having prominence by popular vote has not been victorious on one or the other account.

In 4% of cases victorious against is used

Akbar Khan victorious against the British.

Again, the Soviets were highly victorious against German forces.

They should have enough to emerge victorious against a Southampton.

In the battle of Basra, the Muslims emerged victorious against the Byzantines.

After a long battle, Gawain was victorious against Seguarades, and he freed the Lady's lands.

Bopanna and Bhuppati were victorious against Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski 6-7 (5) 6-3 10-4.

During his voyage, he played chess to kill his boredom and always came out victorious against his opponents.

They maintained the same set of personnel and formation last weekend and came out victorious against Arsenal.

Archimedes home town city of Syracuse was victorious against the greatest Kingdoms Armies on earth many times.

When Allah made him victorious against all these people, the people of Koreish knew that Muhammad will take his revenge.

In 4% of cases victorious with is used

He came out victorious with full illumination.

We intend to emerge victorious with God on our side.

Speakasians we will emerge victorious with success and.

The visitors came away victorious with Scott Huey spinning the hosts out for 94.

He had been victorious with Well To Do in 1972 and American import Ben Nevis in 1980.

But it's Gary who comes out victorious with an all-kill and walks away like a cool cat.

Despite dominating and putting pressure on Reading, they emerged victorious with only a single goal to show for.

If there is a free and fair elections, definitely you will be victorious with a greater majority than anyone else.

Quite a bit of individuals happen to be victorious with this special eating plan method as being the stratagem does function.

A win is a win, of course, but the PQ is likely to emerge victorious with less of the vote than they earned in their 2008 defeat (35.

In 3% of cases victorious by is used

We too can be victorious by using his methods.

In the end Dungarvan were victorious by two points.

The Nelson Football Club was victorious by two goals to none.

Finally, Steger stood victorious by 11:8 and gave the second point to Saarbrucken.

Once again they were victorious by a large margin, scoring 34 points without reply.

In the deciding game Vacenovska stood victorious by 11:9 and gave victory to Froschberg.

The Glendon ' Admiral ' Bailey-coached Tivoli were victorious by two goals to one in the opening-round encounter.

He sued his detractor last year for libel, and in January of this year was declared victorious by the French courts.

If it had been this easy in the movie, the Rebel Alliance would have been victorious by about half way through episode 4.

This struggle can only be completed and be victorious by the creation of a voluntary socialist federation of the Middle East.

In 2% of cases victorious after is used

He is walking through the grasslands, victorious after the hunt.

Nadal was victorious after 4:48 hrs, winning 6-4 6-4 6-7(5) 6-7(8) 9-7.

Victorious after a long hard game, they were able to smile through the bruises.

In the 8km junior men, Moses Mkono of Cheblberek emerged victorious after clocking 24.

Hamilton was victorious after a tense battle with Sebastian Vettel from lights to flag.

Undoubtedly it has to be the ability to come out victorious after insulting their rivals.

A Wisconsin woman who filed an age discrimination lawsuit has come out victorious after a U.

The five members of the United Nations Security Council were countries that emerged victorious after WWII.

The Azkals were victorious after racking up nine points from victories over Guam, Macau, and Chinese Taipei.

In the ensuing battle the Gurus forces emerged victorious after the Guru killed Mukhlis Khan in single combat with his sword.

In 2% of cases victorious for is used

Again faith was victorious for His one Church.

Rookie Jake Smith ended up victorious for the Battalion, as he stopped 18 of 19 shots in net.

George has successful trading strategies that have made him victorious for about two decades.

Nobody could deny that God kept his promise that He would make us victorious for His name's sake.

That Game Studio emerged victorious for their colourful racing multiplayer aimed at all ages, Twang!

Most recently it was held in Poland-Ukraine where Spain emerged victorious for the second successive time.

Even in defeat to Spain, the former Fiorentina boss emerged victorious for staying the course till the end.

Athletic Bilbao 3-0 Levante Griezmann, Herrera, Inigo Martinez Our final game in hand and it was victorious for us.

The recent years have been victorious for the Dragons, who have never occupied a place lower than the 3 rd in the domestic league since 1976.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Thomas Hall Thomas and Andre emerge victorious for the JA4 class and 2WD overall with a best time of 1:47:07.

In 1% of cases victorious as is used

Memories of the past are long and history necessarily informs the psyche of the victorious as well as the dispossessed.

We will be victorious as the Maccabees of old, for our own sake and the sake of all who follow us to build a new land and a new life.

The SAARC has emerged victorious as a vehicle for development, prosperity and the ingegration of the peoples of the area in line with the EU which has now transformed in to a near super state.

The pair met in the Masters final at the start of the year and the Australian enjoyed much the better time, emerging victorious as a 10-6 champion, so Murphy will be keen to reverse the score this.

In 1% of cases victorious through is used

He will be victorious through the entire earth.

We are victorious through the blood the prayers you sent me (he is a.

Just when all he seems lost he emerges victorious through his own efforts or a major epiphany.

In Indra, yea in him victorious through his strength, the Gods have joyed at feast, and when the Soma flowed.

Your walls are about to come tumbling down! I want to let you know that no matter what you are going through you can live victorious through your praise.

According to our version, and the Vulgate reading, the woman herself will win the victory; according to the Hebrew text, she will be victorious through her seed.

In Revelation chapters 4 and 5 John reveals to us the power that lies within a worshipper to receive the will of God and stand victorious through whatever these days hold for the believer.

Slightly later in the same century, the learned Alfric Abbot of Eynesham called Alfred ' wise ' for his work of translation and singled out Alfred as an English king ' often victorious through God '.

In 1% of cases victorious under is used

Well-balanced Units set a real franchise capture for is victorious under fresh manager Ralph Roenicke.

This changed in 2008 when Ebor Handicap winner All The Good emerged victorious under a gun ride from Kerrin McEvoy.

In 1% of cases victorious without is used

No nation's movement can be victorious without discipline.

The Prophet (Sm) entered Makkah victorious without having to fight anyone.

It desires to be victorious without betraying even the name of the victor.

You will see that people are supporting only those who are powerful and those who are victorious without any thought of whether he had been on the right or wrong.

It's inconceivable that the struggle for national liberation and socialism in Ireland could be victorious without a massive political-social crisis in Britain that crippled the British ruling class.

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