Prepositions after "viable"

"viable for" or "viable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases viable for is used

CMS is not viable for all projects.

Viability: remains viable for months.

Sperm remain viable for up to 72 hours.

SV has always been my fav spec but BM has never been viable for all of my WoW career.

Hence it is not viable for a company to continue operating at a loss in the long run.

Thoroughly dried seeds stored in air-tight containers remain viable for several years.

New manufacturing processes also means that costs are falling, making solar power more viable for a wider audience.

However, this way of thinking is no longer viable for businesses that want to cut costs and expand their operations.

Between retailers, partners and infrastructure, NFC has years to go before it will be viable for all parties involved.

Alas Mark Richmond informed me the Artifex Parer is still quite a few months off -- so won't be viable for this order.

In 28% of cases viable in is used

Poultry business is viable in Nigeria.

But will he still be viable in 2 years.

It is however only viable in desert regions.

Such versatility also makes this age-old material completely viable in a modern context.

But I'll incorporate those media if they still seem viable in the coming months and years.

To be viable in a globalized trading environment, a full costing approach must be based on international agreements.

Publication charges are unlikely to be viable in a subject that still conducts most research without research grants.

The Ibis on Hereford St has proven more than viable in the two months since opening, hotel manager Tim Dearsley says.

In 6% of cases viable as is used

Pro-gaming then becomes viable as a whole.

Whilst managing to remain viable as a society.

To be viable as a political party, Kejriwal and co.

The government had lost its leader, but was nonetheless viable as a continuing ministry.

We realised that this game was not viable as a published product because it is too simple.

I still want my idea/ideal love but I no longer feel like I need that to be more viable as a human.

A 10% saving is a very significant cost saving and would help to make more cabinets viable as well as improving ROI.

By increasing the size of the smaller pack this helps to make it more viable as a unit for raising puppies successfully.

The city, its citizens, and the corporate investment that follows, all support the club and make it viable as a business.

A woman has to be very beautiful if she hopes to remain viable as a movie actress if she does not want to get big breasts.

In 4% of cases viable at is used

Foetus considered viable at 24 weeks.

Your baby is considered viable at 24 weeks.

However, this is only viable at reduced scale.

By 2014 when you expect that the gas output to go up from D6, will that be viable at $4.

My oldest daughter was told that her pregnancy was no longer viable at the four-month mark.

Incremental capacity in Saudi Arabia looks to be viable at around $40 bn for 1 mbpd of capacity.

Is this league even viable at this very moment In time? The future can not and should not be used for unrealistic long term statement.

It might be more humane (?!?) if you have to kill babies, that the baby is killed months before it is fully formed and viable at 26 weeks.

That means a very long time until they become commercially viable at the scale needed to make a significant contribution to electrcity supply.

Although this would be subject to change if Wii U dropped in price, which doesn't look viable at the moment considering they are already selling at a loss.

In 4% of cases viable on is used

I will say if you can add more magix nerfs and viable ones.

Lack of ownership also means that Linux is viable on its own.

Manta style is viable on Magina for the health, and illusions that gain your Mana break.

Indigenous shale has a very low hurdle to climb to be economically viable on that basis.

I think we are seriously at risk as state because very few states are viable on their own.

Poultry may be viable on the edges of farmland but there will simply be no room to graze cattle.

He said he doubted whether the general freight line would ever prove viable on a standalone basis.

Those secret smiles and special phrases you shared with your Dad are no longer viable on this planet.

The only way a third party will ever be viable on a national stage, for a prolonged period of time (i.

Maybe that's because learned societies are no longer viable on their own -- which would be a great pity.

In 3% of cases viable without is used

Suburbs require oil, and lots of it, they are not viable without it.

Bully for the graziers whose activity is not viable without live exports.

The baby is indeed viable without the mother at 24 weeks and even earlier.

An exchange can not be viable without an underlying transparent cash merchandising market.

For windswept areas near major cities, wind energy is already viable without the tax credit.

Indeed, I wonder how any commercial P2P network can be viable without some centralized functions.

But the company has spoken of a near term project 75 MW project Hawaii, which they say is viable without the PTC.

The amount of risk involved with being a publisher is now low enough for it to be economically viable without copyright.

The company has also claims that other projects in the pipeline will be viable without the PTC, but has given few details.

In 3% of cases viable with is used

Such a strategy isn't viable with atheists.

The first experience was remaining viable with $60M on the DL.

And it really did get as corrected as viable with our current political system.

He said construction of the Padma Bridge would be viable with the funding of the WB.

Parts of china for example are viable with some upheaval same for Europe, Africa etc etc.

Animation opens the door for character and concepts that just aren't viable with actors and sets.

Therefore, in the Islamic economy, threats and gains from a business are more commonly dealt out than is viable with capitalism.

The ZCA plan had a few holes as well, mainly because of some built in assumptions, but I saw it as being viable with proper investment.

It has only ever been viable with governments indemnifying the risk and ignoring the costs of long term watse storage and decommisioning.

In 3% of cases viable by is used

That's not economically viable by a long shot.

I wonder whether the service will be operationally viable by then.

Nissan is aiming to make this automated vehicle technology viable by 2015.

He made Islam viable by dint of the supreme sacrifices which he made for it.

Even if they get the wrong answer they may still be viable by these criteria.

Investor confidence is extremely low and mining is becoming less viable by the day.

RSS has made blogging viable by freeing readers of the requirement of visiting each site they are interested in.

In fact, MeeGo is still considered viable by Jolla, a startup of former Nokians who are trying to build it into a fully-featured OS.

But GSL won't be viable by then as The Gadget Show viewing figures will have dropped so far that the TV show won't be on air any more, I suspect.

In 2% of cases viable to is used

Is it economically viable to you? No.

Activities of the village people around the river are always viable to me.

Bulk lots make it viable to not only afford the products but make a profit.

Not to say that it doesn't have valid points that might still be viable to the current Kony2012 campaign.

Many thanks to AOL which makes it viable to all the internet people to find whatever they choose to take.

Only about a 1000 of these contain diamonds but only about 50 of these pipes are economical viable to mine.

I wanted to share an opposing view, and both views seem viable to me, which is why I am staying out of a gold trade at this time.

Images or Graphics viable to the topic is also another way to entice the reader to read further and even share socially on the web.

While Rune's work indicates newer Bakken wells may not be quite as productive as previous efforts they still appear viable to a degree.

When you have high home equity, you are in strong financial standing because your home is actually worth something viable to the banks.

In 1% of cases viable due is used

He has said before that 3G is not viable due to the high prices paid.

It's viable due to the low off peak electricity costs due to nuclear power.

For many, sport is not viable due to a lack of adequate and appropriate facilities, training, equipment and financing.

When everything goes broke, and the cities are no longer viable due to shortages of food/water/heat, then there will be an exodus.

Though it had good transit connections, the idea of a stadium here wasn't considered viable due to its potential impact on local traffic.

If neither option is viable due to physical illness or physical disability, the application form must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

I do take note that conversation from shale oil has become financely viable due to the price increase, and technology is coming that will reduce oil consumption further like hybrid cars.

In 1% of cases viable from is used

Otherwise, the acceptance of the new technology may not be viable from the standpoint of the consumer.

Both programs need to be economically viable from the outset in order to be sustained effectively at the community level.

Since then, local prices have also risen in tandem with export shipments, though private exports are not viable from the domestic market.

But it's all merged code, and the game is a multi-platform release -- which makes it viable from a commercial sense -- even if it is niche.

Uranium is present in low concentrations in many rocks and bodies of water, but extraction is only economically viable from richer deposits.

The most profitable strategy requires accurately distinguishing viable from non-viable users, and balancing the relative costs of true and false positives.

On the basis of such an assessment, a judgement is reached as to whether the project is technically sound, financially justified and viable from the point of view of the economy as a whole.

In 1% of cases viable despite is used

The PakGLOCs will remain viable despite occasional losses by militants.

Pacific Fibre's proposition remained viable despite the Southern Cross price cuts.

I suppose these are the odd paradoxes which make Pakistan vibrant and viable despite its huge sea of problems.

John Withers, owner and managing director, insisted the business was still viable despite the continued concerns associated with smoking.

John Malone We were able to keep TCI independent and viable despite the fact there was no external financing available for an extended period of time.

But they bought into the law in the first place because it also guarantees them millions of new patients -- enough to keep them economically viable despite the payment reforms.

In 1% of cases viable of is used

There are a lot of ' ifs ' in there that will determine how viable of an ecosystem MS can make.

The Heinkel P1077 Julia, the most viable of all proposed designs, involved an awkward vertical take-off and required the pilot to lie on his stomach while flying.

As much as I believe e-mail will outlast social networks like Twitter, in my experience it is the least viable of all social media channels for my current cohort of students.

The most viable of the scenarios involve a potential team in the OHL or WHL, both Major Junior leagues under the CHL's umbrella system, and two of the top producers of NHL talent in the world.

In 1% of cases viable outside is used

One is that a foetus might be viable outside the womb.

For me it's as soon as a child is viable outside the womb.

The fetus was 17weeks old- non viable outside the womb, and an unpreventable miscarriage was in process.

A fetus at 20 weeks looks an awful lot like a human, and to be honest, might be viable outside the womb.

It could successfully negotiate cost-cutting concessions with unions and bondholders so it can become viable outside of bankruptcy.

The baby may not be viable outside the womb for too long, but a natural death is preferred to the violent, intentional killing of an innocent life.

Heartbroken when they discovered that their fetuses were not viable outside of the womb, they were shocked to find that they had to leave Ireland in order to terminate their much-wanted pregnancies.

In 1% of cases viable over is used

Nevertheless, a Jewish apartheid state is not politically viable over the long term.

Geothermal energy could be viable over most of the continents on Earth, but is definitely viable in the Western U.

Just remember each model will pose its own challenges to you, which you must face and solve to survive and be viable over a long period of time.

Ley farming depends on the ability of Mediterranean annual legumes to produce large amounts of dormant seeds which become viable over several years.

The reason that they fade away so quickly is that they are not viable over the long-term, even if they do result in weight loss over the short-term.

However, it is very questionable whether this solution is viable over the very long run, because there are two contrary views of nature present here.

To stay viable over the longer run, Chinese enterprises will need to think more about moving up the value chain and relying less on competing on cost.

Nor is there any durable structural arrangement that could make national standards viable over the long term, since almost nobody wants the federal government itself to run this enterprise.

In 1% of cases viable through is used

You can usually tell whether the information is viable through the details.

This opportunity has been made viable through advances in technology such as cloud computing.

Mkurabita seeks to help formalise property to make it commercially viable through improving land tenure systems.

A further challenge was to ensure that the service could stay financially viable through a PbR commissioning process.

As you see on the map segment above and in the video, there are far more viable through routes by bike than by car, and cyclists frequently avoid traffic lights by using cycle-paths.

We also know that alternative energy is a fraud -- only viable through enormous government (ie taxpayer subsidy) and utterly incapable of answering anything more than a fraction of our energy needs.

In 1% of cases viable under is used

In order to be financially viable under the new ' Contracts for Difference ', generators must achieve the ' reference price ' for their power sales.

Indeed, modelling 2 suggests star formation (a necessary precursor to our form of biology) may be viable under a number of different universal conditions.

The defense department did not come up with the budget cuts first, they came up with the strategy that they thought, barely, could be viable under those cuts.

Thus, for example, a financially distressed firm may not be able to obtain working capital necessary to expand production, or to fund a project that would be viable under better financial conditions.

In 1% of cases viable because is used

GPS is only just viable because of the audio instructions.

Ironically this new rival had only become viable because of the Wapping revolution.

For those concerned with the Economics: The project WAS economically viable because of a very unique situation.

SMEs who are only viable because of cheap foreign workers should either relocate overseas or go out of business.

People like this author say wind and solar will become viable because of the cost of fossils due to a carbon tax.

Take for example, Lagos/ Ibadan Expressway is a project that is adjudged to be viable because of the traffic on it.

If I knew that the fetus was not viable because of miscarriage, I would have given the option to the woman to terminate it.

Alternative sources such as wind and solar-based solutions are often not viable because of the very high initial investment costs.

For the past ten years, wind power is the only renewable whose output has grown substantially, and it is only viable because of a federal production tax credit.

The Portmore toll plaza is the most financially viable because of the high per-capita distribution of motor vehicles owned by Portmore residents with other communities.

In 1% of cases viable within is used

I don't think it is any longer viable within the context of global capitalism.

Personally, I'd not sure this is commercially viable within the stated five years.

Peter recounted his efforts to make his farm viable within the constraints of the NV laws.

Would he make UK viable within the next few years, well my money is on him more than joker thats for damn sure.

All of this is viable within the constraints of **28;8984;TOOLONG -- but apparently not within the constraints of the BNSF contract.

His problem was that in order to be viable within the Republican party he had to sound like an extremist and run away from his record.

Conversation I still don't understand how HTML5 will become viable within the next three to five years, and so I find it really hard to care about it at the moment.

It's got nothing to do with oxygenation of the blood, but it's interesting; an approach to heart replacement that's likely to become viable within the next few years! Now you just.

However, I'd sure that, if the number of users increases substantially to be viable within a traditional cold marketing model, marketers will find a way to operate on the platform.

The pro-European, reformist coalition realises that Greece is not viable within the euro unless the country confronts the structural problems that led to the crisis in the first place.

In 1% of cases viable after is used

Not all that viable after all, it would seem.

If an event is not viable after 5 years why bother? Events have a basic problem.

What makes birth special? A baby is not much more viable after birth than before.

He wrote his cryonics manifesto after being inspired by a French scientist who found that frog sperm was viable after being frozen.

Bringing coffee beans to Russia has become more economically viable after the lifting of import duties on green beans several years ago.

When the well is no longer viable after the oil or gas is no longer coming to surface of its own accord, the well is plugged and abandoned.

But because I'd good at an obscure software program that happens to still be around and viable after all this time, I can be financially independent.

These are children who remain viable after intensive treatment, but whose condition is one of hopeless suffering without the prospects of any sort of independent life.

The plan had only become viable after George Osborne, chancellor of the Exchequer, introduced a 20 per cent tax break for such ventures that Autumn, governors noted last year.

Burdened by a weak economy and the use of electronic communications, the Postal Service is studying options to keep itself viable after its request for a 2 cent increase in rates was denied.

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