Prepositions after "valuable"

"valuable to", "valuable for" or "valuable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases valuable to is used

They are more valuable to the company.

If he does then he is valuable to the squad.

Seize what is most valuable to the enemy first.

That's a huge difference than sport specific and a lot more valuable to the athlete.

ITll highlight some of the features I found particularly valuable to the way I shoot.

No pesky effort to define an outcome that would actually be valuable to the audience.

TUFs particular format is valuable to the UFC in more ways than one as it provids an ' Apprentice ' -style series.

This paper also argues that preserving arts and humanities education is valuable to the nation for several reasons.

Good luck to you and all your projects! This is an interesting discussion hopefully valuable to the film producers.

He's more valuable to the Devils than would they would get for him in a trade, so I think he's safe for that reason.

In 23% of cases valuable in is used

The ICC is valuable in and of itself.

These are valuable in the industry, yes.

These are valuable in the low price market.

This is extremely valuable in terms of tracking the reach of your brand on Facebook.

First-hand accounts of formerly enslaved people were extremely valuable in this way.

To acknowledge and support all that is valuable in terms of its ideas and practices.

During the Middle Ages, burdock was believed to be very valuable in the treatment of diseases and common ailments.

What will be valuable in personal finance blog might not be considered valuable in a blog that focuses on fashion.

Each of the three have their own forms of power and spheres of influence that make them valuable in the marketplace.

Laissez Faire Books has published some extremely important books this year -- all of them valuable in their own way.

In 22% of cases valuable for is used

Valuable for journalists? Sure.

Most valuable for this research.

The outgo is fewer valuable for you.

If it isn't financially efficient and commercially valuable for your business, you.

Possibly even, which competency will make you more valuable for your own roommates.

The experience and know-how of retired and elderly people will be valuable for you.

Self scoring questionnaires is very easy and valuable for all who want to know about themselves in order to lead.

Wide receiver Micheal Spurlock, despite being so valuable for his depth and versatility, may make the most sense.

If you come from a healthcare background, you are likely to find your previous experience valuable for midwifery.

Because it is valuable for the pores and skin, it is also helpful in taking out the acne breakouts onto the skin.

In 3% of cases valuable as is used

Stoll is valuable as a checking center.

This tester system is valuable as a simple.

Time gets incrementally more valuable as years go by.

Kallis &; Watson both are mainly batsmen, they are more valuable as a batsman than AR.

Certainly I could be more valuable as a source of funds than as another poverty lawyer.

Tyagarajan argued that these benefits are often twice as valuable as the purchase price.

But in the end it was most valuable as an exercise in how difficult cross-cultural communication can be sometimes.

There are some concerns about using field waste for briquettes, because it is sometimes also valuable as a soil improver.

In 2% of cases valuable of is used

The most valuable of the feldspar gems.

Among the most valuable of these is rational society.

It is one of the most valuable of all British brands.

Small clear, though only three short days long, but for commuters is also valuable of me.

Be free from worry and fear, trusting that you are the most valuable of all of His creation.

The most valuable of the biographies is Beckles Willson, The life and letters of James Wolfe.

The indigenous fruits alone are so innumerable, that a description of the most valuable of them would fill a chapter.

The tradeoff is that the pay is terrible at this job, but I get CPA mentoring and most valuable of all is experience.

High performers realize the need to have a holistic talent strategy in place to leverage this most valuable of assets.

Lake Tekapo is the highest and most valuable of all the hydro lakes and is critical for regional and national economies.

In 1% of cases valuable about is used

Its basically what is unique and valuable about you.

Each book teaches me something valuable about myself and my business.

But, this is exactly what is so valuable about the Jack of All Trades.

If it catches on, it may tell you something valuable about the host's immune system.

The point of history was that it taught one something valuable about the way the world worked.

One day of shadowing is good enough if you have learnt something valuable about medicine from it.

If Mr Cooper was shocked to receive such criticism then he will have learned something valuable about open debate.

Who you are what is truly worthy, Where can I get more information, lovable and valuable about you is your ability to love.

From the non-existent evolutionary perspective, there's nothing valuable about big brains, or big skulls to house big brains.

In 1% of cases valuable at is used

I think maturity is valuable at university.

The first goal is even more valuable at home.

Annie's contribution seems very valuable at this point.

All of his acts had the same concept: put something valuable at risk, such as his life.

Two banks which appear to be specially valuable at existing are the Co-Op and Barclays.

There are things more valuable at stake here, possibly things you just wouldn't understand.

North Korea and the United States are wary of giving the other side something valuable at an early stage in the process.

An MBA can be valuable at a time when government is playing a key role in several sectors, from finance to education to energy.

Sorensen has a hunch that PowerPoint -- which he finds valuable at professional conferences -- would get in the way of his teaching.

In 1% of cases valuable because is used

ESPN W is valuable because of this coverage.

Yes, gold is economically valuable because of its scarcity.

Valuable because of talent -- and value due to market and sales.

They therefore are valuable because of ultra-deep hydrating, whitening, etcetera.

Maintaining that the former is valuable because of the latter does not explain much.

In reality, he's immensely more valuable because of his ability to play that position.

A degree in this field can prove most valuable because of the many different paths one could pursue a career in.

John Hawthorne (2004) has recently argued that knowledge is valuable because of the role it plays in practical reasoning.

I find the Eruditorum valuable because of how it can provoke us to think about Doctor Who differently than we ever have before.

Like penicillin, cephalosporins are valuable because of their low toxicity and they broad spectrum action against various diseases.

In 1% of cases valuable by is used

Learning to trust myself is a valuable by side product.

You can make your home more valuable by adding a bathroom.

Both roles are valuable by themselves and inevitably interdependent.

Instead, they make themselves valuable by being as good as possible at whatever they do.

Make your visit more valuable by booking cheap international tickets from Airticketsindia.

The best option for this is to become more valuable by getting certified on Cisco systems.

Memory and orientation were judged more valuable by nurses, and nursing assistants judged independence less valuable.

Making conversations more valuable by applying psychology and collaborative principles to brand and business problems.

They contribute to making your time ' at home ' more valuable by being able to do things without generating large costs.

We determine what things are most valuable by seeing what values last the longest or are valued from the most points of view.

In 1% of cases valuable from is used

I learned something valuable from that.

The tales are more valuable from the literary standpoint.

And I have learned something valuable from all of these friends.

I think your readers enjoy coming here and take away something valuable from doing so.

Trying to tease apart anything valuable from the entire experience is really difficult.

Korea can learn something valuable from the Italian tradition of high-end craftsmanship.

We have retained what is seen as valuable from the past and blended it with what is viewed as essential for the future.

Ask yourself: how often have you genuinely learned something valuable from a comment section? If we can't have a decent.

How can you teach anyone anything valuable from your dreamlike womb of academic elitism and profesorial power trips? 306.

In 1% of cases valuable on is used

DAT is far too valuable on offense.

Her book is valuable on several levels.

The radiotelephone is especially valuable on U.

They are not making money, which is something that is very valuable on the dating scene.

You should realize that there are few things which are extremely valuable on forex market.

VigRX Plus could also be valuable on the way back to powerful erections and excellent sex.

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.

Offer something valuable on the landing pages, and give it away for free (well, make people trade their email addresses.

And it makes almost all purchases more valuable on Freedom than they are on Sapphire Preferred, except for purchases made abroad and for 2.

How about you stop waiting on the government to create jobs and make yourself valuable on your own? Romney/Ryan are honest, give me a break.

In 1% of cases valuable with is used

That land is more valuable with the oil well on it.

Your garment will be more valuable with provenance.

You make the prospect feel more valuable with your silence.

Like other fine antiques, it only gets more valuable with age.

An A+ certification will be more valuable with a degree in Computer Science.

Notes try to appear valuable with personal signatures and guarantees written on them.

It does something far more valuable with our milk and thus our farms than we could do on our own.

They are valuable with better knowledge base and experience and hence are able to be more profitable for their firms.

As if it was more valuable with water?!?!?!? I know I won't be speaking for there deeds on the day of judgement besides my own.

The regular Freedom card is already quite valuable with no annual fee and 1 point per dollar or 5 points for rotating categories.

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