Prepositions after "vague"

"vague about", "vague in" or "vague on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases vague about is used

Experts have been vague about that.

MATT Cos he's very vague about that.

He was not vague about what he meant.

Murray is normally vague about his preparation, but he did reveal one recent change.

Vague about his plans for the next four years, he can hardly claim a ringing mandate.

He apologises for appearing vague about the latest of his franchised eateries to open.

She's vague about her past, and when she does talk about it, you are never quite sure if she is telling the truth.

The memories of those who made the trip to Pitumpe had become vague about details by the time we interviewed them.

Why are you being so vague about it? I've been reading BA for years, and I have no idea what you are referring to.

I find it curious that our generation is so preoccupied with the real when it is in fact so vague about the truth.

In 21% of cases vague on is used

They're vague on a Budget Plan.

They're vague on their Health Care Plan.

Of course, most of the demonstrators were no doubt a little vague on the nuances as well.

It goes from being something vague on the horizon to being something I can actually reach.

He was vague on the details, but gleefully offered a run-down of his boss ' dietary quirks.

There are numerous questions that Hobsbawm is still vague on or treads hesitantly, but the change in mood is evident.

He said he had previously been vague on the timing because of the technological challenges and pointed out that China.

Manufacturers are vague on exactly how this figure is determined and it would be unwise to take this figure literally.

Well, everything is so vague on the influence peddling angle that I'll just leave it alone until actual facts come out.

In 15% of cases vague in is used

Nouvelle Vague in concert at Le Carg.

First: I am too vague in the above post.

Don't be vague in your profile description.

I was deliberately vague in spite of the plea from one collector to release the detail.

I want safety mode to detect and censor vague in videos, especially in those by nigahiga.

He indicated a landscape of bulky structures, metal glinting yet vague in the meagre light.

Since both words are vague in meaning each requires its own definition, but does not get it from the official quarters.

Vague in the sense that casual games can encompass advergames, online games, downloadable games and even handheld games.

He sends me an address but no details of what it is (a bar? A cafe, a restaurant?) so I ask him and he is vague in response.

The European Union's presentation was vaguer in tone than the previous ones but with reference to human rights and evaluation.

In 6% of cases vague to is used

It seems a bit vague to me right now.

Presidents speech is vague to me and unreal.

These are pretty vague to the general public.

What happened in between -- to her family and to China -- was a little vague to her as a girl.

The whole concept of being an idea person and working on the big picture seems too vague to me.

In fact, it's vague to the point of being a problem, which is what's driving concern over the bill.

Abstract Background Arrhythmias can appear with a variety of symptoms, all from vague to pronounced and handicapping symptoms.

It is in short, the re-instatement of the vague to its proper place in our mental life which I am so anxious to press on the attention.

Some are innocuous and vague to the point where you simply end up admiring their fabulous American teeth, while others are unintentionally hilarious.

Zeus's ulti description was a bit vague to me, so I didn't know that it affected all the enemy heroes on the entire map, regardless of where they are.

In 5% of cases vague as is used

I'd a bit vague as to other nations.

Records are vague as to his parachute jump.

That's a bit vague as a definition of infringement.

The Toronto Police Department remains vague as to the nature of the assaults themselves.

For the time being it is deliberately vague as to its organisation, structure and message.

Historical accounts are vague as to when and if the Bini (Edo ), migrated from the Nile valley.

The familiar words of the opening scene rolled over the footlights as cold and vague as a fog that rolls in from the sea.

BMW has confirmed that Zanardi is interested in the series, but it was vague as to the possibilities of him joining the team.

AT &T; was vague as to when its cloud would be available, saying that it would be turned on sometime in the next few weeks, reports Ars Technica.

Finally, I would like to point that most terms used in the article were somewhat vague as the authors did not provide a clear-cut definition of these terms.

In 5% of cases vague for is used

Obama is being vague for a reason.

If its vague its vague for a reason.

A main element would be too vague for me.

C: I had a brilliant English Literature teacher, but it was always a bit vague for me.

And as the Demon of Wounds, the line between living and dead appears to be vague for him.

Neubauer, 84, suggests Sukneh near Jaffa, but the statement that Kefar-Signa was in the valley is too vague for definition.

Problems often arise with relevancy when your content is either too specific or too vague for the keywords you are targeting.

That's why I think the question of influence or inspiration can be a bit touchy because it's very vague for a lot of artists.

This is so vague for many of us - it is hard to distinguish which health issues really are a problem and which aren't going to be affected.

In 4% of cases vague of is used

Any good thoughts? Sorry bit vague of me.

Plait (other than in the vaguest of terms).

She writes: This nouvelle vague of MOOC hoopla.

Saverin is special: a billionaire with only the vaguest of causes.

I recall squelching mud, gates, tractor ruts and the vaguest of paths.

Which tribe do you think deserves to win? to vague of a question to be answered.

We moved in together and only ever had the vaguest of discussions about marriage.

I only recall the incident via the vaguest of shadows as I was essentially asleep when it happened.

Nor is there any such evidence in the Egyptian texts, which generally refer to ancient events in the vaguest of terms.

In 3% of cases vague at is used

It's all very vague at the moment.

It is basically correct and vague at the same time.

The story line is kind of really specific but really vague at the same time.

Dd is scatty and vague at the best of times and can be prone to exaggerating.

Come back when you have spent the time refining it, it is far to complex and vague at this point.

It was still very vague at that point, but then we departed for our first couple of community, service and action hours.

And the lady who was really, really vague at the front desk, the Front Desk Manager she made a phone call and she hung up.

While the details of what happened are vague at the current time, it appears the suspect left the scene and drove off with April.

Being too vague at the get-go in terms of what you want can result in confusion and result in delays in costing and the project getting going.

It's not that Obama did not have command of foreign policy issues or did not make some telling points against an opponent who was vague at times and occasionally uncertain.

In 3% of cases vague with is used

Things were still vague with Natalie.

He seemed vague with some word-finding difficulties.

I think many times SEOs are too vague with this recommendation.

Nizkor replies: Wait a minute! The story gets more and more vague with each revision.

Note how English itself is more vague with the present-future distinction: I go tomorrow).

The Brazilian Arbitration Act, enacted in 1996, is vague with respect to interim measures.

Lesson learned: don't be flippant and vague with immigration -- something I had never really considered before as an American.

October 1, 2012 at 3:55 pm Hi Metsie, Sorry to see you become so very general with little detail and vague with your information.

Peter Delany spoke of how his father, Alf (who was aged 11) had travelled down to Coosan Lough from Longford in La Vague with Vincent S.

I was deliberately vague with my answer because I really have no idea what might come of this and I don't want to fix any outcome in my mind.

In 1% of cases vague by is used

We're getting vaguer by the statement, but so far so good for the Marlins.

And there are other elements which were deliberately left vague by Allah and his prophet (pbuh).

Those who carefully tried to trace the earlier events tend to be vague by the time they come to Friday.

And since Barron is vague about what goes on inside, I'll leave it even more vague by telling you nothing.

Obviously, all the above-mentioned chief social actors have left this essential point quite vague by putting an equal blame on every human.

In 1% of cases vague from is used

If I don't return somebody will grace the HAGUE and I'd not vague from my safe den.

Many MPs, we are told, feel excluded (David Davis?) All rather vague from down here in the Fens.

The exceptions include France Gall and Nouvelle Vague from France, although the latter sings in English, as do Emiliana Torrini and Ane Brun.

In 1% of cases vague like is used

Try to keep it vague like something green, something squishy or something smaller than a 2p.

In 1% of cases vague regarding is used

The second sentence is vague regarding alliances.

Firstly Crakar, NASA were a little vague regarding the extent of the 1889 melt.

Significantly, the RTE Act is vague regarding this most vital aspect of education.

Despite his unwavering stance on remaining vague regarding his personal life, Justin Bieber's existence begs for explanation, even when he has nothing to say for himself.

Sir Humphrey explains to him that the Chief Whip is bound to be vague regarding any suspicion of a plot, to protect his position in case the plot later on turns out to be real.

Apart from the evidence being vague regarding the precise nature of harassment caused to the victim, it is difficult to perceive that the same can be construed as cruelty within.

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